Entergy: Utilities Should Focus on Climate Change Risk Mitigation

At the 2013 Climate Leadership Conference in DC, Rod West, Executive Vice President at Entergy Corporation urged the 450 attendees to stop focusing on converting people to climate change believers and start focusing on the cost of doing nothing. “I could give a rat’s cheek whether you’re a true believer – as a business people … Continued

AFL-CIO Lends Its Support to the Keystone Pipeline

Earlier this week, the American Petroleum Institute, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Koch brothers and other Keystone pipeline proponents received support from a somewhat surprising ally – the AFL-CIO.

GreenBiz: Sustainability is Missing a Good Story and the Right Metrics

At GreenBiz Forum NY, I heard two main messages. First, facts don’t matter as much as storytelling – to achieve change we need better stories. Second, facts can make the difference – to move the needle we need better data, metrics and standardization. Confused? So was I.

Better World Books Continues to Innovate

Imagine a company that takes a product from a waste stream, resells it and matches each sale with a donation to a person in need, all while raising money for literacy initiatives. This is Better World Books, an online bookseller offering print and eBooks.

Single Mums Lead in Global Green Spending

Women control nearly two-thirds of consumer spending, causing one marketing agency to identify mums as “the most powerful audience on the planet.”

Does Materiality Serve Regulators or Stakeholders?

A panel of experts disagreed about exactly how materiality should be used in sustainability reporting. One camp felt that sustainability reporting should be centered around a legal/regulatory view of materiality. The other group felt that sustainability reporting should focus on what matters to a company’s stakeholder groups.

How to Set Organizational Values and Guiding Principles

Here’s a look at some of the strategic questions that will help you to build your team, bring in investment, and ensure that the triple bottom lines of environmental, social, and financial well-being are in balance.

Rounding up the Yahoos: Why Marissa Mayer is Right

By Lawrence Axil Comras (for SFGate) (For an alternate perspective, read Andrea Newell’s response) I have now read several Facebook posts from people I respect, hundreds of tweets, and two strident editorials, all attacking Marissa Mayer for making people come in to work at Yahoo. They call her move “backward,” “bad business,” and worst of … Continued