Noble Profit Moment with Ryan Wartena: Water as Fuel

Did we ever think that the stuff of life could be the stuff we run cars on? Think again! Water can be transformed into fuel, as presented by scientist and inventor of Growing Energy Lab, Inc., Dr. Ryan Wartena. Watch this video as Wartena explains how the water electrolysis process can generate oxygen and hydrogen, which in turn can be utilized as a fossil fuel replacement within our already existing combustion engine vehicle fleet. Implementation could occur at the global scale and would demonstrate a significant technological bridge beyond reliance on our current energy sources.

Wartena highlights a resurgence in the interest for newly developed technologies that can manifest a tenfold magnitude shift in society’s relationship to energy.

Ryan Wartena, Ph.D. is a chemical engineer and postdoctorate at MIT in the Department of Material Science and Engineering. He is developing small and distributed energy systems and applications for social autonomy with a concentration in electrochemical devices and assembly of energy systems for nanotechnology. Artistic endeavors include painting, growing architecture, light art and the applied convergence and integration of all things.

Poster child for the Clean Tech Open, Ryan was a semi-finalist of the annual competition to identify and nurture promising startups in this space.

Learn more about the work of Dr. Ryan Wartena at GELI

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  1. You mean “water plus electricity makes fuel”. Water is not the more expensive component of the two. Electrolysis is one way to convert electricity to a chemical fuel, which like all energy conversions, comes at a thermodynamic loss.

  2. There is substantial loss of energy in the conversion, but that’s not the point. Our existing fleet of IC engine vehicles can be converted easily and cheaply from fossil fuels to H2. H2 is a fuel, a portable storage medium for excess solar and wind energy, just like gasoline.

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