What is a Smart Meter?

Smart meters can benefit the bottom line by motivating energy efficiency, and by providing businesses with an incentive to adopt renewable energy and EV-to-grid technology.

A Dose of Reality at the New York GreenBiz Forum

When Jeff Rice, Senior Director of Sustainability at Walmart, confesses that consumer response to their progressive environmental strategy is virtually non-existent, the reality becomes clear that, more than 10 years into the modern sustainability movement, we are pedaling uphill, against the wind.

ALEC Now Looking to Teach Climate Denial in Schools

Just when it seemed that ALEC could go no lower than trying to do away with clean energy, they have turned their attention to our children. Three states are considering bills that call for a “balanced” approach to the teaching of climate science in schools, meaning, of course, that there are equal parts doubt and fact and lots of repetition of the notion that it is “only a theory.”

SEC Allows Shareholders to Challenge Banks’ Climate Policies

Earlier this month the SEC allowed a climate change proposal to remain on PNC’s proxy ballots. This decision reversed an earlier approach the SEC had, where it allowed financial services and insurance companies to exclude similar climate change resolutions from their shareholder because they concerned what the SEC called “ordinary business.”

Saving Shower Water Became Easy with New Solution Made By Students

Winters always lead to a peak in wasted water, as people let their shower water run for minutes on end as they wait for it to become warm. But not anymore, thanks to an invention by Israeli students that conserves and reroutes cold water.

Ambre Energy’s PNW Coal Export Plans Face Financial Problems

Australia’s Ambre Energy has big plans to open two coal train export terminals in Washington and Oregon, but a number of financial woes for the company, including money-losing coal mines, large write-offs for failed overseas ventures, major liabilities for mine cleanup and pensions, troubled assets, high borrowing costs, and a need for $1 billion in new capital to make its coal projects financially viable, might cause it to grind to a halt.

How Using Life Cycle Assessment Is Like Trying To Eat Healthy

Companies often face trade-offs when evaluating the environmental impacts of a product. Whereas a nutritional label reports calories, fat content, and the like, LCA reports deal in climate change impacts, acidification, ozone depletion, and so on. Trade-offs are inherent, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Fledge Hatches a Second Clutch of Fledglings

Fledge’s second round of “fledglings” gather at HUB Seattle and take their first steps in a ten-week journey that will take them from the the concept stage to functioning businesses.

Video Interview: Jennifer Scholze, SAP

Jennifer Scholze, Senior Director, Sustainability Solutions Product Safety and Stewardship for SAP, explains how SAP is working with women in Ghana as part of the Ghana Shea Value Chain Initiative.

The Energy Agenda of the 2013 Proxy Season

It is proxy season again. This is the time of the year when shareholder activism gets public attention with investors trying to help companies connect the dots between sustainability, growth opportunities, risk management and better performance overall.