Top 25 Responsible Brands on Twitter


Today, we salute you, responsible businesses of the present who keep an eye on the planet’s future. On Wednesday, we ran a similar post titled Top 20 Environmental NGOs on Twitter, and now today’s list features 25 for-profit businesses who are using Twitter to support their advocacy of the triple bottom line of people, planet, profits.

This list is both subjective and non-exhaustive. Please let us know if you agree with these, or share what you would’ve included!

  1. @SCJgreenchoices: Daily tweets from SC Johnson’s Global Corporate Affairs, Communication & Sustainability team on environmental topics, tips & green choices.
  2. @Unilever: Sharing new content and engaging topics like marketing, business strategy, results, and sustainable living.
  3. @SustainableSAP: Tweeting general sustainability and CSR info, and news about SAP’s sustainability solutions/efforts.
  4. @CiscoCSR: Sharing resources for nonprofits & NGOs as well as global corporate social responsibility news & updates from Cisco.
  5. @WalMartGreen: WalMart believes that together, we will create a more sustainable world to help people live better.
  6. @Ecomagination: GE’s forum for fresh thinking and conversation about clean technology and sustainable infrastructure.
  7. @WasteManagement: Waste Management Inc. is the leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions in North America.
  8. @eBayGreen: Join eBayGreen to help the world buy, sell and think green every day!
  9. @Stonyfield: Everything you want, and nothing you don’t! Fresh, organic tweets from the world’s leading organic yogurt maker.
  10. @TerraCycle: Global leader in collecting hard-to-recycle waste to be recycled or upcycled. TerraCycle turns waste into new items.
  11. @BASF: BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. About 113,000 employees worldwide create chemistry for a sustainable future.
  12. @SeventhGen: Seventh Generation is committed to being the most trusted brand of household and personal-care products for your living home.
  13. @JNJNews: The Johnson and Johnson company, partners and communities are caring for the world, one person at a time.
  14. @Recyclebank: Recyclebank rewards you for taking every-day green actions with discounts and deals from local and national businesses.
  15. @REI: Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) is a member-owned coop, circa 1938, providing gear, guidance, and inspiration to get outdoors and explore nature.
  16. @NativeEnergy: An expert provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software.
  17. @DardenSustains: Darden is the world’s largest full-service restaurant company; investing in our culture, restaurants and supply chain. Their focus is People, Planet, Plate.
  18. @DuPont_ability: DuPont sustainability news: clean energy, solar, wind, biofuels, climate change, green chemistry and renewably sourced products to help people and the planet.
  19. @AnniesHomegrown: Annie’s Foods says… We make good food, but that’s just the beginning. Let’s watch good grow.
  20. @OATshoes: OAT Shoes are Shoes that Bloom: bury them after they wear down and flowers bloom, while the shoes decompose!
  21. @Sainsburys: This grocery chain believes its values give real competitive advantage, and looks to differentiate on this basis for customers, colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders.
  22. @AirBnB: Airbnb connects travelers seeking authentic experiences with hosts offering unique, inspiring spaces around the world.
  23. @Interface_NA: Setting the pace for development of quality modular carpet tile using materials and processes that take less from the environment.
  24. @SouthwestAir: Environmental Stewardship is a responsibility Southwest Airlines takes seriously, and efficient operations are the hallmark of the company.
  25. @Zipcar: A community of folks who’ve found out that car sharing beats the heck outta car ownership.

Think about giving these sustainability-minded business a follow, or a Happy #EcoMonday or #FollowFriday shout!

Image Credit: Rosaura Ochoa, Flickr

Marissa Rosen

Marissa is the Owner of Climate Social, LLC. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications from Mizzou and a master's in environmental studies from UPenn. Connect with her to discuss TriplePundit's popular Twitter Chats or anything else sustainability + digital marketing!

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  1. Any brand that promotes greenwashing by the timber industry’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is risking it’s brand’s reputation and all the hard work to meet sustainability goals.

  2. This is a horrific and offensive compilation. It’s as if the author searched “sustainability” and jotted down the first 25 results. A single mote of research will lead you to find that half of these brands compose the most prolific greenwashers in the world. This article is such a disappointment, and its publishing is in itself a crime against the environment.

  3. I agree. Especially when Walmart has a long standing reputation for being non-sustainable in their labour & supply chain practices! And how is AirBNB sustainable in their practices? It isn’t just the big names that deserve a mention – org like Better World Books is genuinely doing good sustainable work via recycling of books & raising literacy rates AND is on Twitter – they ain’t here. Not very representative.

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