Senators’ Positions on Climate Change Reflect Their Donors’ Wishes

President Obama followed up on the promise he made in his State of the Union Address to take action on climate change even if Congress wouldn’t. Specifically, he said, “if Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.” So why would Congress be so recalcitrant on an issue of such vital importance as taking action to minimize (it’s too late to avoid) the impact of a crisis that could threaten the existence of civilization as we know it?

Flourishing in a Not-For-Profit World by 2050

There is massive potential for innovative not-for-profit enterprises to take the center stage in the 21st century, creating a more socially just, ecologically sustainable world economy. A process is underway in which the maximization of private profit as the number one priority of business is being replaced by a deeper motivation of purpose and, accordingly, better ways of doing business.

Fighting the Desert, One Farmer at a Time

Around the world, small-scale, bottom-up efforts to fight desertification are having an outsized impact. World Vision Australia has trained thousands of farmers to work around the trees, capture scarce rainwater, and improve pruning and harvesting of branches and leaves. These practices have improved levels of groundwater, increased crop yields, produced more fertile soil and fodder for livestock, and had an impact on policy.

How Can Businesses Rebuild Trust?

Once lost, can businesses ever recover trust in their brands? The days when companies could control their products’ and brands’ messaging are long gone. Thanks to social media, the opposite is now often true, and in fact, consumers are exacting their feelings and attitudes about brands with a vengeance.

After Years of Battle, Acer Settles Lawsuit for 1GB of RAM

If you are one of the many who bought an Acer laptop computer in the last five or so years and have been dealing with computer freezes, shut downs and general computer malaise, there may be good news – but you’ll have to decide if the offer is enough.

Wendy’s and White Castle Oppose Renewable Fuel Standard

Fast food chains Wendy’s and White Castle, together with the National Council of Chain Restaurants, lobbied to repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard. They contend that fuel manufactured from corn, soy, and other agricultural crops pushes food and commodity prices up.

Nickelodeon Declares It Won’t Restrict Ads for Unhealthy Food

Last week, Nickelodeon said it won’t restrict ads for unhealthy food. “As an entertainment company, Nickelodeon’s primary mission is to make the highest quality entertainment content in the world for kids. That is our expertise. We believe strongly that we must leave the science of nutrition to the experts,” the company said.

Women in CSR: Robin Connell, Del Monte Foods

Robin Connell, Manager, Sustainability Programs at Del Monte Foods, talks about her career, inspiration and recent accomplishments in our Women in CSR series.

Boston Summit Unites Green Business Engagement Programs

Representatives from 21 green business engagement programs from across the country recently met in Boston for an unprecedented national summit that laid the groundwork for a national association charged with growing the role of green business programs nationwide.

Water, Coca-Cola, and the Strategic Power of Collaboration

Water binds us together. Yet only a select few companies realize that collaboration with the public and civil sectors is the only way to ensure water security. In this excerpt from Eric Lowitt’s new book, The Collaboration Economy, Coca-Cola is highlighted as one of the few companies that understands the interest of the commons is now in the common interest. Here is why and how.