Video Interview: Joel Makower on VERGE

vergeThe convergence of technology is transforming business and society by helping us achieve what sustainability is all about – radical efficiency on a moment-by-moment basis. In this video interview, Joel Makower, executive editor of GreenBiz, talks about how data plays a vital role in our systems to map predictive behaviors that enable us to create “clean, green and smart” holistic systems.

Traditionally, Makower’s work has focused on how companies integrate environmental thinking in alignment with core business strategies. Connecting the dots of data, technology and sustainability, GreenBiz is in its next evolution as a series of conferences called VERGE.

Reflecting this convergence, GreenBiz has branched out to explore how effectively data allows businesses and society to track and streamline the highest level of efficiency even better than before–to achieve radical efficiency. The needs of a system change moment by moment, and these changes can be reflected by tens of thousands of data points on an hourly basis when looking at transportation, energy and urban infrastructure.

While technology is fundamental to what we do and is a vital tool, it is not the solution. By analyzing these data points, our application of technology and innovation can result in optimizing these solutions. As Makower states, “There is not a techno fix to depletion, biodiversity and injustices. Technology is a tool that allows us to do better what we are already doing “right.”

The acceleration of clean tech adoption in the sustainable business landscape has marked the point where clean tech is no longer an investor’s game, but is a part of the mainstream. VERGE addresses the points of access where information technology combined with new inventions are changing our orientation and empowering opportunities for everyone.



Joel Makower is chairman and executive editor of GreenBiz Group Inc., producer of, and hosts VERGE, a conference where technology meets sustainability. The next VERGE is in San Francisco this fall. To attend, visit

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