5 Lessons in Sustainability and Innovation from Those Long CVS Receipts

The latest example that more is not necessarily better came from CVS, where its absurdly long receipts generated a public outcry on social media. This episode, which seems to be over now, provided not just with an opportunity to make fun of CVS, but also some important lessons in innovation, sustainability and responsibility.

Climate Change Action as a Conservative Issue

While some may cry “deja vu,” there’s another growing movement of Republicans urging cooperation on climate change action. And it makes complete sense. “Conservative” and “Conservation” share the same root. Conserve: to preserve and manage responsibly. By all accounting, environmental conservation should be right up the Republican alley. Russell Kirk, author of American conservatism said,”conservatism is … Continued

Should Climate Risks Be Included in Sustainability Reports?

Historically, sustainability reporting has been largely about the firm’s impact on society and the environment. Recently though, stakeholders have also been asking for disclosure on risks and opportunities related to climate change.

Shampoo Manufacturers Sued for Use of Toxic Substance Without Label Warning

Earlier this week, California’s Center for Environmental Health filed lawsuits against 98 personal care product manufacturers after it found products containing cocamide DEA in shampoos, soaps and lotions did not carry warnings that are now required under California’s Prop 65.

Women in CSR: Alex Liftman, Bank of America

Alex Liftman, Global Environmental Executive for Bank of America talks about her career, inspiration and recent accomplishments in our Women in CSR series.

Starbucks CEO: Affordable Care Act No Excuse to Cut Benefits

Howard Schultz, who has often been depicted as a bit of a maverick for his staunch refusal to cut employee benefits – even in the face of revenue loss or criticism from shareholders, has stood up again, this time with regard to the Affordable Care Act.

CH2M Hill’s Run as a Top Environmental Firm Dates to Rocky Flats

There are good reasons that CH2M Hill is consistently ranked as the top U.S. environmental firm, but for those with long memories the company’s innovative and ground-breaking involvement in the Rocky Flats nuclear waste site cleanup and closure is a great place to start.

GMO Activists Take Labeling Battle to Washington State

After the narrow defeat of California’s genetically modified (GMO) labeling ballot initiative, Prop 37, supporters vowed to fight on. They shifted their focus to other states, including Washington, where residents will decide the fate of a similar ballot initiative called I-522 on November 5.

Women in CSR: Liz Maw, Net Impact

Liz Maw, CEO of Net Impact, talks about her career, inspiration and recent accomplishments in our Women in CSR series.