A Conversation with Climate Cycle’s Joey Feinstein

Every Wednesday at 4pm Pacific (and every once in a while at other times) TriplePundit founder Nick Aster will takes 45 minutes or so to chat with an interesting leader in the sustainable business movement.  This week Nick is on the road, so 3p Editor in Chief Jen Boynton will be filling in! These chats are broadcast on our Google+ channel and embedded via YouTube right here on 3p.

joey-feinsteinPlease join us this Wednesday at 4pm Pacific as Jen Boynton (and hopefully I) chat with Joey Feinstein, a long-time friend, MBA colleague, and founder of Climate Cycle, a non-profit organization, which was founded in 2008 out of a concern that today’s youth lacked the tools necessary to respond to global warming or benefit from the emerging green economy. Today, Climate Cycle leads the charge in catalyzing environmental education in the classroom and in our communities by developing young leaders in sustainability.

Joey’s been working closely with Chicago schools and the Chicago business community and will be here to share some of his stories and successes with us.

The only thing you need to do is pop over to this page at 4pm PST and click “play”.  No need to log into anything.  However, if you want to ask questions, we’ll be taking Q&A via Twitter from the audience – just tweet to @triplepundit and we’ll incorporate your questions.   If you miss the conversation you’ll still be able to watch it later on YouTube.

Joey’s Bio:

Joey had given little thought to climate change until he met a small town North Dakota farmer during a cross-country bicycle trip in 2000. This farmer shared his deep concerns about the shifts he was seeing in weather and this conversation changed Joey’s life. The following spring, Joey graduated from the University of Illinois in Chicago with a BA in Sociology and began teaching in his hometown of Evanston, IL at Rice Children’s Center. More than 80% of all children attending this school were wards of the state and lived in a residential facility attached to the school. Despite the severe personal challenges these children faced, Joey could never shake the nagging feeling that these kids were learning little about the global challenges that would ultimately affect them in the future. After graduating from the Presidio School of Management with an MBA in Sustainable Management in 2007, he founded Climate Cycle to raise funds for green school projects.


Check out more of Joey’s rapping here.

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