Scotland Embraces Natural Capital

Hosting the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital, Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond launched the Scottish Forum on Natural Capital, an all-inclusive, public-private partnership that aims to employ the emerging natural capital framework in protecting, conserving and making sustainable use of Scotland’s ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources.

Coal Industry Rallies Against Proposed EPA Power Plant Regulations

Nearly 3,000 miners and workers from across the coal industry descended on Capitol Hill late last month to protest President Obama’s alleged “War on Coal” — more specifically the carbon emission rules the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released for new power plants, and will release for existing plants in 2014.

The rules, pursuant of the Clean Air Act, cap carbon emissions at future coal-fired power plants at 1,100 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour and 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour for new natural gas power plants. With the average coal-fired power plant emitting around 1,800 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour, naturally the Coal Lobby was displeased.

Hawaii Council Passes Bill to Ban GMO Cultivation

The Hawaii County Council, the governing council for Hawaii Island, voted 6 to 3 for a bill that bans genetically modified organisms (GMO) from being grown on the island.


  It’s not even my turn to blog, but breaking news waits for no-one. Quick! To the batcave! KA-POW! As I am sure most, if not all, of you all know by now, last Friday saw San Francisco transformed into Gotham City by the Bay so that the Make-a-Wish Foundation could help 5 year old … Continued

What is Natural Capital? WBCSD Video Explains

The concept: The best way to save the planet is to put a price tag on it. Doing so is the only way to get business to take stewardship of the environment seriously, and only business can save the planet (after all, business is currently using it up!).

Mexico to Follow Carbon Tax with Region’s First Carbon Offset Market

Launched by Bolsa Mexicana de Valores and wholesale financial markets broker SIF ICAP, the MEXICO2 platform seeks to promote and foster private and public sector investment and collaboration in climate change mitigation initiatives that reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable forestry and agricultural projects.