Atlanta’s Power to Change Program Shows That Building Retrofits Mean Business

Atlanta’s involvement in the Better Buildings Challenge and its partnership with the DOE gives the city’s building owners the tools to reduce operating costs, make their property more attractive to potential tenants, and demonstrate leadership not only in Atlanta but throughout the nation.

DOE Funds Clean Energy Projects on Native American Tribal Lands

The DOE is investing over $7 million in clean energy/energy efficiency projects spanning nine Native American Tribes. From Alaska to Arizona and east to New York, the projects are not only expected to enhance energy efficiency, security and environmental quality, but generate green job and business opportunities and save tribal communities money.

Imagine If Harvard Took on Climate Change

The most likely reason for Harvard to reject pleas from 72 percent of its student body and millions of climate change advocates? The fossil fuel industry and its owners give big, and their influence is pervasive.

Sprint Will Buy Any Old Cell Phone on America Recycles Day

In honor of America Recycles Day, Sprint has announced that it will buy back used cell phones today. But keep in mind the buy -back program only takes place Nov. 15. For those who aren’t Sprint customers or who miss that date, we have a list of other places you can surrender your retired but faithful friend. And yes, it will be appreciated.

Nintendo’s CSR Opportunity

The year 2013 has been difficult for Nintendo and it’s CSR efforts. With the right steps, Nintendo can be playing with power. Ecological power.

10 Corporate Engagement Tips for Activists

By Danna Pfahl and Erik Wohlgemuth Activists provide the critical checks and balances on the corporate sector, serving as one of the core drivers of progress across the globe.  Holding companies  accountable for their social and environmental footprint is critical in addressing some of the greatest challenges affecting our society. Companies quickly come to the table … Continued

Humane Investing: How to Get Animals Out of Your Portfolio

By Brenda A. Morris If you choose not to eat animal products or are trying to limit your meat consumption for ethical reasons, you owe it to yourself and to the animals to take a look at the holdings in your investment portfolio.  Even folks who are die hard carnivores would, all else being equal, … Continued

GravityLight: Lighting the Way for Many Without Electricity

As the premier media partner for the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open London (SBIOL) which will take place at the SB London conference, we would like to introduce each of our four finalists. This week, meet GravityLight. By Candice McLeod Deciwatt, a UK-based social enterprise, has found inspiration for their current innovation in an unexpected place, by capitalizing on the … Continued

Book Review: Jonathon Porritt Sends Us Postcards from 2050

Jonathon Porritt’s new book ‘The World We Made’ provides us a detailed look not just into what the world could look in 2050, but also on the journey there. The good news is that if we play our cards right, we can find ourselves in 2050 in “a world that works well for the vast majority of people.” The bad news is that the way there is going to be messy and not very pleasant for many.

Climate Crisis: Grassroot Movements Will Bring Change Says IPCC Chair

Typhoon Haiyan is being called the latest example of the effects of extreme climate change. The Chair of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Rajendra Pachauri wasted no time in bringing attention to that fact hours after Haiyan made landfall in the Philippines. His prediction of what will ultimately change the tide on climate change, however, may not be what you would expect from the leader of a government-appointed panel.