Eden Foods Endures Customer Backlash for Birth Control Stance

Eden_Foods_Seth_AndersonUntil June 30 of this year, Hobby Lobby was best known for its arts and craft supplies and do-it-yourself home decor options. But on July 1, that all changed.

As a result of a Supreme Court decision that its owners – and those of other “closely held” companies – did not have to provide insurance coverage for birth control, Hobby Lobby was catapulted into the partisan spotlight. A name that was once synonymous with candle-making supplies is now the poster child for businesses that object to Affordable Care Act regulations on what a company must provide for its workers.

But it isn’t the only business fighting this battle. Hobby Lobby’s unexpected court win gained the most attention, but the ACA was actually being challenged by approximately 100 small, privately-owned businesses. These companies, largely because of religious views, took exception to the idea that the insurance they provide might make it easier for women to access birth control.

And what many have been surprised to hear is that one of the largest proponents of this view (and a litigant in a battle against ACA) is the owner of an organic foods label. He’s well known for his sustainability outlooks and wholesome focus on principles that are often assumed go with, well, more liberal values.

But Michael Potter, owner of Eden Foods, makes no apology for the dichotomy between his objection to being required to pay for his workers’ birth control and his progressive stance on back-to-basics farm food.

He’s used flippant comparisons to get his point across (“I’ve got more interest in good quality long underwear than I have in birth control pills.”) and has no compunctions against railing to female journalists about issues that are normally between a patient and her doctor.

Still, now that Hobby Lobby has won its case, Potter may have another chance to make his point before a judge.

His suit, in response to the Obama administration’s denial of his right to refrain from paying for health insurance that included contraception coverage, was filed in March 2013 — and subsequently turned down by the Court of Appeals.

Hobby Lobby’s win may now give him another crack at winning this argument. That would mean his company would hold a similar status to churches and other religious nonprofits, in that it would not be expected to pay for contraception for its employees.

But the question that remains now is: At what price? As Sarah Ventiera, writer for the Broward Beach New Times notes, demographics are often an important consideration in the food industry, and Potter, and his company Eden Foods, appear to have forgotten that progressive food concepts like organic, non-GMO products often garner support from consumers who are exceedingly progressive in other perspectives as well, like healthcare and birth control.

What’s surprising is that no one has raised the fact that birth control is often prescribed for medical reasons other than contraception, and that some women would be at risk if they became pregnant. Does this mean that religious values trump the value of a human life? And what does a woman – or an employee whose wife requires birth control – do if the employer has the right to exercise his or her religious values at work over the health concerns at home?

Eden Foods customers aren’t happy with the debate, either. The angry comments and threats of boycott that the company endured in 2013 have started reappearing on Eden’s Facebook page, accompanied now by tweets of selfies from disgruntled customers who say they intend to stop buying the company’s products. Some are also returning Eden products “until the company stops its attack on birth control.”

Potter may win this one in the courts, but it’s debatable whether his company will win from the loss of business.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats have heard the call and are working quickly to pass a bill that could ensure women can still be covered for contraception. The bill might pass the Senate, but it has less likelihood of making it past House Republicans. Many, after all, answer to constituents with the same conservative values that the Supreme Court’s landmark decision just backed.

Image credit: Seth Anderson

Jan Lee

Jan Lee is a former news editor and award-winning editorial writer whose non-fiction and fiction have been published in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K. and Australia. Her articles and posts can be found on TriplePundit, JustMeans, and her blog, The Multicultural Jew, as well as other publications. She currently splits her residence between the city of Vancouver, British Columbia and the rural farmlands of Idaho.

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  1. Two people go to work everyday at Eden Foods. One owns the company. The other is a hard-working employee. The Constitution grants them both freedom of religious choice. Or used to, anyways. The Supreme Court just decided that one’s freedom of religious choice, the owner’s, outweighs the employee’s. As a result the Supreme Court has ruled that the owner can impose his religious beliefs on the employee.

    We consumers are free to choose which products we buy in the marketplace. Many of us are now choosing to not buy Eden Foods.

      1. No sweetie.. the decision is much broader than that. First of all birth control pills are not only used by some for contraception, but are used by others for: Endometriosis, POCS, ovarian cysts, migraines, amenorrhea, anemia, etc… Not only does this ruling effectively allow the company to decide what medications they will cover, but it will also allow a company to decide what medical procedures such as blood transfusions, operations, MRI, chemo-therapy, etc.. are allowed based on a corporation’s “religious belief’s” (aka financial bottom line). Pandora’s box has now been opened. Are you ready?

        1. Your argument has been debunked by congress.
          It’s easy enough to look up on the internet.
          Of course, if you only want to look at the sites that provide the same kind of misinformation, you’re not going to get far.

        2. They only seem to know what they are talking about at certain times JB.
          For instance; when they agree with you.

        3. Congress gave us the ACA. They did not read it beforehand, but no matter.
          Admitting it is bad law, and oversteps Constitutional protections seems to be out of the question.

        4. Don’t forget pig heart valves, stem cell research (even though they are no longer used by passed infants) cord blood banking and treatments…. I use an iud for severe mensa that causes anemia and bleeding 3 weeks out of a month. My body rejects artificial hormones and mare progesterone so the pill is not an option for me! I am a married mother of 2 so do not call it my lifestyle either! I have to work full time to support my family and I need my Myrena to function and keep my job. I do not have $1000 laying around to pay for a new one! Our insurance is expensive and full of holes as far as coverage is concerned, this added expense would very difficult for our family to burden!

        5. ?????????
          Most of what you mention is to restore the natural process of the body. As for the rest, I’ve gone over most of the debates in my other posts, and don’t care to keep repeating myself.
          Have a good day.

        6. Thanks for even thinking we keep endless files of your “other posts”.Makes my day.

        7. I think the point is, I am not going to repeat myself, when all the info is available.
          And especially, it is pointless when a person has already made up their mind. Get it?
          Glad I could make your day.

        8. My comment;
          WhiteDove> Lovenia Johnson • 13 hours ago

          I think the point is, I am not going to repeat myself, when all the info is available.
          And especially, it is pointless when a person has already made up their mind. Get it?
          Glad I could make your day.
          Your comment;

          David > WhiteDove • 36 minutes ago

          You can repeat it all you want. Doesn’t make it fact.
          Mull it over David, it’ll come to you.

        9. Heart attacks, arthritis and ED are “the natural process of the body” as we age. In fact, ALL medicine interferes with what nature wants for the body. Without modern medicine, our life span should be about 45 years. Maybe Mr Potter’s employee insurance shouldn’t cover ANY medical conditions.

        10. I think you meant to respond to whitedove, not HPotter in your reply since if you look you’ll see HPotter was responding to whitedove.

        11. Yeah you can’t debate what LV said, so typical right wing, religious coward, you hide behind words that aren’t readily available for others to view. What a wuss. You RRW fanatics make me sick. Please do us all a favor and secede to a 3rd world country whose dark ages ideals mirror yours.

        12. Why are you out working/taking jobs away from men who need to support their families instead of staying home and caring for your children?

        13. Taking jobs away from men?? REALLY? FYI jackass; some women have to work, have a RIGHT to work, and not every man wants to do the jobs that women have. If men had to do the jobs of women, the human race wouldn’t survive! Seriously, your an asshole.

        14. and that is what the SCOTUS ruling is all about. Women go home so the men can be back in control

        15. Why are you working at all and taking jobs away from women. Women are more educated and more organized then men which is why women make more money then men today. Men should be home with the babies and caring for the children.

        16. Sorry, women don’t make more money than men today. Ask any nurse. We still haven’t convinced all the Neanderthals.

        17. I freaking beg your pardon?!? Sensible women do not rely on some male to provide for tem and their children. We’ve ALL seen the Taliban control women by not allowing them to work, or even be outside the house without an authoritarian male family member to be sure the women behave like good little slaves.
          So you just stop right there, buddy.

        18. Until the ACA no one had an entitlement to birth control and no one complained. Now everyone is up in arms about it. Ridiculous!

        19. Great Post Cathi – Until the ACA the package your got from your employer was one of the things people looked at when deciding to apply with any company. I’ve stayed in jobs I didn’t care for because the package was great. It’s called competition and it’s good for America. Mandates are a sure path to failure.

        20. You stayed at a job you hated because you needed the good insurance? Aren’t you glad that the ACA passed and you don’t have to do that anymore? Sounds like you just hate the freedom you were given to choose your own job instead of letting an insurance company scrip sheet decide for you where you should work. I love how Tea Partiers hate freedom unless it is the freedom of the wealth to overcharge.

        21. Yes, I agree. And now, I’m removing coverage for heart disease treatment (including high blood pressure medication) for fat old white conservative men from my company’s health insurance plan. I have a firmly held conscientious belief that fat old white conservative men are destroying this country and their continued existence shouldn’t be encouraged. Hope they get over their “entitlement complex” regarding their right to treatment for heart disease. After all, I’m not saying that they can’t get treatment for their heart disease. I’m just saying they’ll have to pay for it themselves.

        22. If you HAD a company you might get an argument & the courts would tell you to piss off. You don’t have a company or a pot to piss in.

        23. I agree with JCNow. Fat white rich people are destroying our country and the truth of the matter is we just can’t afford to carry them anymore. We need to eliminate the rich as they are just too expensive to keep around and they don’t contribute a darn thing to society.

        24. Hey, watch that fat talk–it may be one of the last socially acceptable ways to be hateful, but it’s still hateful.
          Signed, Plump and Proud.

        25. And skinny black people like Obozo are making it great? HA !! Treatment for heart disease saves lives, taking the 4 birth control types that hobby lobby doesn’t cover kills .

        26. It saves lives. Or don’t you remember that before Roe v. Wade, the #1 cause of death for pregnant women was suicide?

        27. Best post JCNow. Yep heart disease is natural let’s not waste money on those bypasses.

        28. Cathi, FYI, PRIOR to the ACA, there were similar mandates in place and no one bitched about “religious freedom” Hobby Lobby has made no secret that they hate the ACA and this is simply a way to circumvent the law. Do some research.

        29. Absolutely. I’ve said all along, this whole issue is just exploiting religion for political purposes. It’s disgusting, and it’s immoral.

        30. BS. Before the ACA, birth control was mandated to be included in medical insurance in multiple states by their state government.

        31. Just saw your post and there was no mandate for birth control before ACA. Best you catch up on when al this took place. Most women had to pay full price, even the poorest with no money to get birth control pills or shots.

        32. This isn’t about birth control. It is about my compensation being changed because of a corporate entity being given religious rights and having those rights outweigh mine. I have never in my life seen a corporate entity in church and why the hell is their rights any more important than mine! They are paying me compensation when they pay for healthcare. And what else is Corporate America gonna stop paying for under this ridicules reason? You just watch…it won’t end here. It is just the beginning.

        33. Get a job somewhere else if you don’t like their insurance plan. THAT is your “right.” Or buy your own…

        34. With 13% of the country still unemployed, the economy still flopping around and employers still making everyone do 3x the work for ½ the pay???? That’s an option but not an easy one!

        35. Cathi, you are absolutely right. My pap smear and mammograms are fee because they are considered preventative. Why are people not all upset about that. If more people could prevent unwanted pregnancies there would be less abortions. If you think about it all of these issue are about Pres Obama telling companies what they have to cover and people so against abortions and even BC they do not want those covered either.

        36. then you might consider having your tubes tied, your husband getting a vasectomy, etc etc .

        37. So it’s either no access to birth control or go have your tubes tied? And what of the women who need contraception for medical reasons? Tubal ligation won’t fix those things.

        38. Hobby Lobby’s insurance covers 16 birth control products. Use one of those and stop worrying about the other 4.

        39. Because of a previous battle with cancer, I am UNABLE to use any of the other 16 forms this company agrees to cover. The ONLY save firm for me is the copper IUD. I have to be on birth control because the pregnancy hormones are just as dangerous for me. Why should I have to pay out of pocket for this when I’m already having money deducted from my paycheck?

        40. You can save up for it, or get a loan. I have had to spend thousands of dollars on dental and optical care that I needed and my employer did not cover. And BTW, back then, no employer plan covered contraceptives. You can always change jobs too.

        41. You are wrong catwan. BC has always been covered it’s been mandated in my state for years. Wasn’t ever a problem before this. I shouldn’t have to pay twice. I don’t get my insurance through the exchange I get it directly from work. I pay $402 per paycheck for the coverage, in addition to copays and deductibles. It’s BS that I should have to take out a loan.

        42. And on top of that, insurance without birth control would have to require a higher premium, because the underwriters would have to figure in a higher probability of more maternity claims.

        43. Interesting response considering a story just came out that Hobby Lobby fired a woman for being pregnant.

        44. You have all of the access you want to birth control. You just don’t have all of the access you want for FREE birth control.

        45. No one was demanding “free” birth control — everyone who has health insurance pays a premium and no religion should not be a consideration regarding the various plans and coverages! Additionally, if the right to lifers really wanted to reduce or eliminate the necessity of abortion, they should gladly support “free” birth control of any type!

        46. They won’t make individuals pay they will make the taxpayers pay for it. How do you feel about that?

        47. If it’s part of your compensation for working, it’s not free. You’re paying for it, just as you pay for (earn} your salary.

        48. The Company decides on the compensation package. You can either accept it or reject it. Your call.

        49. True, but the point is, compensation for work is not a gift from the employer. It belongs to the employee.

        50. No. The point is that this company does not include certain types of birth control in their compensation package. And the employees and government are whining.

        51. Good grief! Is there no end to ignorance? The ruling does not apply to THERAPEUTIC uses of the drugs involved. And you still have the same access you’ve always had to birth control. you pay for it.

        52. Hobby Lobby covers all those birth control items. If you read the actual decision they only complained about the 4 specific ones. None of these are required for other health reasons. It was not until after the decision that the Supreme Court came back and amended the decision to include all birth control.

        53. Thanks Rick – keep posting. The Democrats need your posts if they are going to win in November.

        54. will you use the same arguments on all health insurers when they don’t cover the med you want ?

        55. the argument is already being used by many other companies claiming “religious freedom.” Congress doesn’t have the ability to “debunk” anything. The ruling by the SCOTUS can be interpreted for any issue, not just contraception. Congress doesn’t control how the laws are interpreted, sweetie.

        56. You would have to read the ruling in it’s entirety to understand.
          There are limits.
          Also, you have the choice of working for the employer that will provide what you want them to provide. No one is forcing you to work for a company that won’t give you the benefits you want.
          Hsa Cartxe took the examples to the extreme.

        57. The problem is that that ruling is already been expanded as other company sue to not provide ANY form of contraception using the same precedent. This is further reaching than you realize.

        58. Death Panels are scary, aren’t they?
          Keep healthy, and work for the company that provides what you, as an employee, wants.
          It’s kind of like that ‘prog’ argument of if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one.
          Well, if you don’t like the benefits a company provides, don’t work there.

        59. And never mind the slippery slope this creates for all religious entities coming out of the wood work. That’s right, ignore the significance and maybe it will go away………..

        60. “Keep healthy”? Really? You can do everything right and STILL get cancer – or any other disease, not to mention an injury of some kind. What a dumb thing to say.

        61. God ignorant people like you need to be removed from society. The gene pool has really taken a dive when it allowed people like you into it. Go spew your ignorance on the RRW sites whose views mirror your own. You people make me sick.

        62. No, but I will walk out after giving a piece of my mind if I find out that’s their stand. I will not work for bigots!

        63. So I have to have a discussion with a stranger about which birth control the company offers before accepting a job? I should not have to have such a personal discussion with an employer in the first place. It is none of anyone’s business!

        64. Hey Rhonda, do you think the government is setting up some kind of DEATH PANELS?
          How absurd, huh?

        65. I’ve never bought into the idea of death panels from either side of the isle. Both arguments are absurd.

        66. Have you read some of the arguments against this ruling?
          Everyone is flipping out and proclaiming the end of the world.

        67. Actually I have read the dissenting opinions and I agree with the dissent. Thanks for asking.

        68. It’s a death panel Rhonda.
          Run! Hide!
          Nice that you read the dissenting, and not the rfra, or the assenting.
          I read all.

        69. I’m waiting until one person has a slip-and-fall in the store, and sues the company AND every member of the family that owns it, personally. The decision specifically states that the company and the owners are the same. No more limited liabilty for them! That was the reason I didn’t think HL would win the case, so I read the decision carefully, to see if there were any language preserving the “corporate veil.” Nope.

        70. You are letting your bigotry blind you. I bet you don’t believe in climate change either.

        71. Really? Isn’t that odd as I am one of those who uses birth control for non-contraceptive measures and it has been a god send. My pain has been reduced by 75% thanks to these ‘lifestyle’ drugs. Perhaps Congress should review their medical analysis…… OH.. oops.. they don’t have any medical degrees you say….hmmm… May I suggest you do your research before making obnoxiously wild accusations ?

        72. To borrow a phrase that many liberals have used over the past couple of years or so…. “your side lost. get over it.”

        73. No, the country lost. Only an idiot would think granting religious liberties to corporations is a “win” for his “side”

        74. It was only 4 out of 20 methods that were cited here. Not a blanket over all birth control. You’re either very stupid or you are lying to push your agenda. Which is it?

        75. What agenda would that be? I don’t care if hobby lobby objected to covering dialysis. My objection is to the idea of Scalia continuing to extend liberties to corporations which were clearly intended by our founding fathers to apply to natural persons.
          I’ll be charitable and assume you were replying to HSA Cartxe and not merely “stupid or lying”

        76. “My objection is to the idea of Scalia continuing to extend liberties to
          corporations which were clearly intended by our founding fathers to
          apply to natural persons”.
          Then why did one of the very first laws passed by Congress in 1796 explicitly state that for purposes of federal law corporations, companies etc. are to be treated as individuals?

        77. No, dear,
          The 4 of 20 only applies to Hobby Lobby. Eden foods would ban any and all forms of contraception.

        78. Maybe not Hobby Lobby or Eden but there is a few companies (under the 100 stated in article) that will not allow any birth control under their health insurance. It’s not about paying for it but making it affordable under the companies insurance.

        79. What has happened in America the home of the free? Oh that’s right SCOTUS allowed Companies to be recognized as people. As with all companies it usually comes to the bottom line.

        80. So don’t work for those companies.Go to a larger company which is not covered under this SCOTUS ruling or to a smaller company who will cover birth control.

        81. You must have stopped looking at any news about this topic after the initial Hobby Lobby decision. You need to look at why Eden is being discussed here. There lawsuit was originally declined but now has new life by order of SCOTUS. And they want to block ALL contraception coverage.

        82. The ruling also states that a woman is not permitted to talk about birth control with her Dr…..if she does, that visit will then be paid out of pocket. Sorry, I don’t want my boss in the room when I am having a check up. When does it stop? Corporations are not a person and Bill is probably kicking himself right now for that.

        83. And you got that information where? Do not trust Huffington Post as an authoritative source.

        84. …..when clearly Fux News would be a MUCH more objective source of information.

        85. Actually all news is owned by 6 corporations. All news is slanted and they do not give all facts only the ones that support the story. If you want good informative news pic a public supported station like PBS.

        86. I did read the ruling. That’s why I knew that Dee Moo was not relying on the ruling but rather on someone else’s (such as Huffington Post) ‘interpretation.’

        87. How will the company know what you discussed with your doctor? Does he publish your medical records?

        88. To me the real worrisome part is that anyone expects to tell an employer what he must cover in a medical policy, or that he must even provide medical insurance at all. He should have the right to offer a prospective employee a compensation package which the employee can accept or reject. At that point there might be some negotiation between them. If they can’t come to an agreement, the job searcher goes elsewhere until he/she finds a suitable package. You can’t allow the inmates to run the asylum.

        89. Jim, within 24 hours, the five conservative male Catholics of the Supreme court, declared that ALL methods of birth control were included. Where have you been?

        90. Happy to oblige…
          “On Tuesday, the Court said the ruling covered all 20 forms of contraception protected through the Affordable Care Act, despite the fact that Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit only covered 4 of the 20.”
          In addition to this, the argument that conservatives keep making that an employee can still get the contraceptives for little to no cost directly through the insurance company (one of the SCOTUS’ arguments for making the decision they made in the original Hobby Lobby case) is now being tried in court as well with the employers claiming that signing the form to let the insurance company pay for the contraceptives is akin to them supporting abortions. In fact, the SCOTUS has already granted an emergency request from an Illinois University asking for permission to deny filling out the form, meaning their employees have NO means to get any of the more expensive contraceptives at an affordable price…
          “But on late Thursday, the Supreme Court returned to the same issue again, this time granting an emergency request from an evangelical school in Illinois called Wheaton College. Irin Camron explained: At issue is the “accommodation” the Obama administration worked out for religiously-identified non-profits: Sign a form certifying your objection, and the insurer will provide the coverage directly, without the objecting organization having to pay. As of now, 122 non-profits have sued, claiming that signing the opt-out form for someone to get contraception violates their religious liberty. (An attorney for the plaintiffs has repeatedly referred to it as a “permission slip for abortion,” even though it does not actually cover abortion.) In fact, that accommodation was one of the reasons Justice Samuel Alito cited to justify his Hobby Lobby decision – words [Justice Sonia Sotomayor] threw back at him in the dissent.”

          Any thing else you refuse to learn about on your own that you need me to spoon-feed to you ignoramus?

        91. Typical liberal approach. Since the facts don’t fit, resort to the fifth grade approach of calling someone names. Only one comment: different (but admittedly related) issue. I learned that; you apparently did not.

        92. for Hobby Lobby this is correct, but not necessarily for Eden Foods. Many companies with ‘deeply held religious beliefs’ are looking to deny ALL birth control. So you’re only partially wrong.

        93. Well Jim since you are a man! I am sure you know all about the other medical conditions these forms of medications are used for. Who’s agenda?

        94. It’s already been applied to all forms of birth control in other cases such as the Wheaton case. Pandora’s box is open…

        95. And yet there are already other companies coming forward that don’t want to offer ANY type of contraception coverage at all. If you think Hobby Lobby was the only lawsuit, then YOU are the one who is stupid!

        96. If you don’t think that the Hobby Lobby decision will be used as the basis for eliminating coverages of all sorts of types based on religious convictions, you’re apparently more stupid and ignorant than even the average conservative. And that’s pretty stupid. LMAO.

        97. They invest female retirement money,in drug companies,that make the four they are against.

        98. Eden food does not cover ANY birth control …either you are not reading the same article as this or are trying to subterfuge the facts

        99. And IUD is 1,000 why should I have to pay that now? Why has my compensation decreased? So Jim you’d be OK paying for something you worked for that was part of your compensation previously all because you have a penis?

        100. No religious liberties were granted. They were already there…..SCOTUS agreed to that. And women did not lose any rights.. that’s called a win win…

        101. SCOTUS didn’t grant any rights. They upheld the Religious Freedom Reform Act of 1993.

        102. My guess is when the same SCOTUS upheld the ACA; you were the first one to whine.

        103. SCOTUS upheld the ability to tax, in the ACA
          You just saw how “constitutional” one part of the ACA was deemed to be… Next time get some cheese for your libation.

        104. The law is still constitutional dumb ass; it simply expands the religious exception for religious FOR PROFIT companies.

        105. Introduced by Chuck Shumer D NY on Oct 1 passed the Senate 97-3 passed the House unanimously signed by Pres Slick Willie Clinton so where is it unconstitutional ?

        106. That is Scalia, Roberts, Alito and Thomas, all members of the extreme Federalist Society; the Judaical arm of the conservative movement like ALEC .

        107. What then would you call the other side? they are the liberal version of their parties views.

        108. The left has NO equivalent to the rights Federalist Society or to ALEC which is corporate backed. Corporations are inherently conservative, including the media. Notice the rush to put Cheney on ALL the networks; the same networks that helped Bush and Cheney lie about the Iraq war.

        109. Dude – you are really stupid. You need to actually read up on this subject – not just espouse what you’ve heard somewhere. You don’t know and/or understand facts. Go to school.

        110. Now there’s a fact filled post…Dude…..
          Talk is cheap, Gia Monroe, yours is free…and worthless.

        111. Actually he’s correct, the ruling was based on the RFRA, which desperately needs an overhaul or repeal.

        112. Actually, I do. But then again you’re a MAN and I’m guessing a self proclaimed expert on women’s health, so forgive me while I take my medical and health law background back into the kitchen with me. NOT

        113. “Religious Restoration Act” signed by Bill Clinton. Companies who are family owned and not publicly traded have the right to religious beliefs/practices. This is why Hobby Lobby won. If they want their 4 forms that are not provided for…buy it yourself.

        114. Not sure how many people have to point out that eden foods (the actual subject of the article) does not want to cover ANY contraception before the teahadists move away from their faux news talking points, but let me know when we get there.

        115. Teahadists – LOVE it. hahaha so true and befitting. They are religious zealots – if they lived in the middle east we would HATE them and declare war on them. Just ask Cheney.

        116. I am a tea partier – and I am a rather proud Agnostic Gia –
          You do know tea party stands for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY don’t you? nothing more, nothing less.

        117. It is within their rights. If you are too dumb to pay your own $9.00 per month, then you have no business in the work force !

        118. Dustin my iud is medically necessary as I menstrate 3 weeks out of the month and my body rejects the mare progesterone used in the pill. Our insurance expenses went up and coverage went down. $1000 for a new iud is not financially doable. Many women have medical needs that are treated by a relation of their hormones (birth control) How many of them are low wage workers? How will they get the medical help they need but can not afford?

        119. A medically necessary device is and will be covered under all health insurance plans, as are birth control pills prescribed for purposes other than contraception. I speak from personal knowledge.

        120. Most public health clinics give it out free to those who cannot pay for it . Planned Parenthood gives it out free for those who cannot afford it. It has been posted on this comment section by a supposed pharmacist that it is sort of expensive. I, however, contacted Walgreen , WalMart , Kroger , Safeway, and Rite Aid pharmacies and was advised that at least half of the contraceptive (not abortifacients ) are available for under $15.00 . Even the “morning after pill is available for $50.00 for brand name and $25.00 for generic in case any of the other female contraceptive pills fail. I have also talked to two gynecologists about the IUD . The two that I talked to advised me that most if not all insurances will and do make an exception in cases such as yours and provide coverage. So either you have Obamacare, you are misinformed, you are a liberal koolaid drinker, or a paid shill for the Secular Progressive movement .

        121. As a registered pharmacist,, I can assure you that the package of oral contraceptives costs WAY more than $9 per month. At cost. And that doesn’t even begin to address any medical issues, which might require oral or injectible estrogen/progesterone substances or procedures which would quickly escalate in cost algebraicly.

        122. Therapeutic uses of those items are NOT at issue. They are still covered under whatever the ground rules are in the mandated insurance coverage.

          HHS can (and was directed to by SCOTUS) to find a less restrictive way to provide contraception/drug-induced abortion just as they did for corporations already given exceptions – and there are hundreds of them out there. Those may involve a co-pay; I don’t know all the plan ground rules. For that, the $9 per month seems reasonable, if not even a bit high.

        123. I do not believe that you are a pharmacist , unless “weed” and meth is what you dispense. I have researched this topic and every pharmacy I contacted (Safeway, Kroger, Walgreen, and Rite Aid) told me something absolutely different. That there are several that retail for $9.00 .

        124. You are just FLAT OUT WRONG. My prescription was $45 a month and that’s WITH my insurance discount. Not everyone can take the drug offered at $9. Check out the link. http://health.costhelper.com/birth-control-pills.html. Corporation can not hold religious values. Hobby Lobby picks and chooses what portions of their religion they enforce. If they were so religious they would not be doing business in China.

        125. kwitcherbitchin and pay your own goddam bills ! Nobody owes you dooley squat, unless it is the guy that knocks you up ! And BTW just who do you work for ? Stinkin’ liberal leech !

        126. I am a recently retired engineer with a masters in Computer Engineering. So, not a exactly a leech. Worked for 2 large companies and one small in for a total of 27 years. I still consult when I can. I was on the pill for 25 years and every year the SAME prescription cost more and more.

          Corporations can’t not have religious views. Birth Control is necessary and helped my husband and I limit our family’s size so we could take care of our needs. Denying BC coverage is ignorant. Denying it because of YOUR beliefs in God is repulsive. If you were diabetic, needed blood pressure medication, or Viagra you would scream at the top of your lungs if your company all of a sudden objected to it and stopped paying for it.

          I hope you’re making comments for attention’s sake as otherwise you sound that and belligerent, ignorant troll.

        127. “Birth control is necessary and helped my husband and I limit our family’s size so we could take care of our needs.”
          You and your family. Personal decision. You and your husband limited your family’s size. Also personal. Why do I have to fund your “personal decisions” ?. Give up your vacations to Mazatlan, your summer home in the Poconos, and whatever other “perks” you grant yourselves and quit relying on “other peoples money ” to fund your lifestyle . Troll? Moi? Seems that every time a secular progressives have a losing argument or the facts are against them they go to the liberal “lie, deny, and vilify”. Congratulations ! You have now hit the vilify stage !!

        128. Compensation for labor performed is not “other people’s money.” How long would you work for an employer who said it was against his religion to pay you?

        129. BTW, I am making comments because I do not believe that I should have to work to support other people’s lifestyles, such as those you bragged about. We need to stop all “entitlements” as son as possible. Stand up and be solely responsible for yourselves for once in your life ! Quit “demanding” the largess of others for “your wants” !

        130. What wants? Woman fought long and hard to have birth control covered in insurance policies. Pregnancy is risky and women die from it everyday. Birth control is used for many reasons beyond family planning. It has helped millions of woman live normal lives that would otherwise be hindered due to hormonal imbalance, excruciating cramps, etc. We DESERVE to have this vital medication paid for just like any other vital, life saving drug covered by insurance. We paid the premiums. Why is that a want? What lifestyle are you talking about? Explain yourself.

        131. “We deserve” ? You “deserve to have anything personal you pay for yourself. All you “deserve” is to breathe . You deserve dooley squat when you demand others pay for it. I shoulda known better than try to reason with a liberal as they believe life owes them everything. Good bye, have a good life trying to mooch others paychecks so you can have what you “deserve”.

        132. OMG – These woman PAID for their portion of health coverage. The company then took BC away from the health plan and did not reimburse them for the difference. That is stealing. BC is a drug like any other and must be covered. That was the LAW. This ruling (giving corporations rights) will be overturned just like all the other laws that allowed prejudicial treatment of a portion of the population, e.g. segregation.

        133. Once more and that will be it. These companies are NOT REQUIRED to include any birth control in their policies. Therefore the small portion of the insurance premium you pay DOES NOT PAY FOR ANY BIRTH CONTROL ! Please pull your socialist skull out of your rectum and realize that birth control is a personal responsibility . And I doubt you work for either Hobby Lobby or Eden Foods so you have no right to comment or as the courts would say “you have no standing to comment” . I on the other hand, since I am “required by law to pay for birth control ” as part of my policy , I do have standing !! So go push your socialist ” I deserve ” cow pies somewhere else !

        134. They WERE required to cover birth control. They fought to change that with Corporate Personhood and by stating corporations have religious views. The law will be changed again and Hobby Lobby and Eden Foods will be judged harshly. Why is only birth control a personal responsibility and not other drugs? You logic is flawed. By your reasoning all medications should be an individual’s responsibility. I bet there are some you take and want covered. Are you a socialist?

        135. Nope, I am not a socialist, just a John Kennedy Democrat . I believe in giving a person a hand up not a handout. If you choose to live the life of a slattern, all the more power to you. But I do not feel obligated to subsidize you or anyone in any way, fashion, or form . I take care of my own wants and desires. I expect you to do the same. Originally you stated that you and your husband chose birth control for your convenience and so you could have a certain life style. Then you complained about the price of your birth control and wanted the insurance to pay for it. Insurance is a group of people pooling their money for a cause of good health. If you get pneumonia or need surgery it can be covered and the rates of the pool will fluctuate according to what is covered. So if we are in the same pool and you get your birth control free, that means my rates might necessarily go up to pay your way for your convenience. Kiss off and wake up ! Your writings brand you as an “I-me-my, I want I deserve” jerk that would be more than happy to have yours and mine too !

        136. Pregnancy affects EVERYONE. I have a kid and everyone’s taxes go up to make sure the child has a school to go to and in the worst case welfare to take care of them for an entire life. I can die from pregnancy complications or childbirth. Men don’t face these problems.

          Birth control is not an option for a civilized society. It is a NECESSITY. Would you want your wife to get pregnant every year? Have 20+ kids in her lifetime? If you don’t have children at all are you against ANY form of government intervention to support a child? BC keeps your rates DOWN. Every pregnancy has risks. Just look at how much money is spent keeping a premature baby alive. The cost of BC for a lifetime is far less than the medial cost associated with having a child. From a fiscal standpoint your argument is simply wrong.

          The government was on my side till they granted corporations the rights of individuals. What do you not see? It was the LAW that BC be covered. For all the reasons I stated now and before. BC is not a subsidy any more then me having to cover your bout of pneumonia is a subsidy. It is a medical necessity for some woman and it’s uses go beyond contraception.

          Not a me-mine philosophy at all. If I wanted that I would say no health care for people that smoked or drank too much, or didn’t exercise enough. EVERYONE deserves heath care at a reasonable cost. I think that a human right. If that makes me a socialist then so be it. I have a heart and a conscience, Do you?

        137. Any time you want me to help pay your personal expenses like you do (birth control or whatever else) you are liberal trash . I do not know you and I do not wish to . I am not wanting to sway your opinion but I can tell you that I consider your statements the unschooled whinings of a liberal utopian that believes they are “entitled”. Please kiss off and leave me alone. This is the last response I will make to you as I consider you a hateful fool.

        138. Again – Do you take utilize any medication or medical services? If so, that is a personal expense. At this point i see you are simply ranting and can’t support your opinion with any facts based in reality.

        139. @Dustin-Damn shame your mama didn’t use birth control. When a worker is paying part of their insurance premium and a co-pay, then birth control should be covered. Would you rather women have dozens of kids and live on welfare? They would have to because they sure couldn’t afford childcare.

        140. Apparently yours should have . Why the hate because I do not want to have to pay for your birth control ? MSNBC is now pushing the idea that the federal government should pay for all feminine hygiene products . How utterly stupid ! I have a better idea . You are personally responsible for your own life and needs. Pay your own Goddam way and I will pay mine ! And if you didn’t spread at the drop of a zipper, you probably wouldn’t need so much birth control !! Yep, the good old fashioned s–t word seems to apply here !

        141. If she is paying for her insurance premium, she IS paying her own bills. You’re saying she has to pay them twice.

        142. Do you actually TAKE birth control bills are will you leave the expertise to those who actually DO and how actually DISPENSE it? I pay $35 per month per female in my household. Not covered by insurance. And yes, it adds up. My daughter and I both use it for medical reasons. NOT covered by insurance. None of our office visits where contraception is even DISCUSSED is covered either. Since you aren’t an expert and I am, all your research means shit.

        143. Cry me a river. I do not believe you. I have made the effort to read as many of your postings as I can stand. You are NOT allowed to make someone else responsible for your private life ! Give up your i-Pad, i-Pod, i-Phone, Starbucks, dining out or whatever you have to but pay your own damn way !!

        144. Most of us who can read realized that was the salient point of the article. It will be interesting to see reasoning of the ‘Supreme Scrotals’ when these additional cases reach the SCOTUS. I was disappointed but not surprised when less than 24 hours after the HobbyLobby disaster they began prying the lid off Pandora’s Box.

        145. And none of his employees has to work for him either – which fox constantly points out bone head.

        146. The five conservative male Catholics on the court said science and FACTS did not matter, the only thing that mattered is that the CORPORATIONS believe it. What we saw was the sheer stupidity of those five men to actual facts.

        147. That’s correct – they do not sell stock. It is NOT a publicly traded company. It’s a ‘closely held company.’

        148. Well Guest – first thing to remember is this is a ‘closely held’ corporation and this was a narrow ruling favoring that type of company. You get that right? If not, I’ll spell it out PLAINLY – a Family corporation or one with extremely limited ownership can impose their religious views to the degree the SCOTUS said. GM, APPLE, Microsoft, Kraft, Proctor and Gamble, etc are not closely held and do not get to do this. Make sense to you? On the other hand, Is the news full of Hobby Lobby employee quitting in droves? NO, because they took the job KNOWING the terms and were fine with it. Stop trying to impose one size fits all rules – it’s a recipe for failure –

        149. Only very small corporations were granted religious exemptions. Check with your doctor. I will bet that he/she is a “corporation”. Most are. Corporation is simply a legal “fix” which keeps your doctor from losing the family home if you sue him because your birth control didn’t work.

        150. Amen. Good luck to them when their company doesn’t want to offer something on religious grounds. It is coming…

        151. Exactly. Which is why I put it in quotes – because it was also a stupid comment when it was coming from liberals.

        152. I don’t use any nor do I work for any of these companies but I know how dangerous this is. Something doesn’t have to affect me directly for me to understand the repercussions. Had you’d read the article you’d know that’s exactly what they’re saying- it isn’t so much a win if many stop buying your products.

        153. I’m glad that the other half of the country now realizes what this feels like. The rest of us realize we’ve been gradually losing our great country over the past several years (over different issues, perhaps, but it still sucks). Things can’t change if only half of us are hurting over the way things are being run. To your last sentence: if people stop buying their products, that’s how the free market works and that’s the company’s problem. If you want to create jobs, go start a company yourself instead of expecting others to do it, while thinking you can tell them HOW to do it.

        154. BS, but it wouldn’t matter anyway. We’ve been hearing it come out of everyone else’s mouth for the past several years. The point is it’s a stupid remark and it needs to stop – from everyone.

        155. It is not over till the fat lady sings. How about the religious freedoms of the employee? Apparently they don’t have enough money to buy Congress and the Supreme Court so they may exercise their religious freedoms!

        156. world – that is something we need to take from their playbook. Just because they lost they never get over it or quit. We have to copy that.

        157. Yes, I agree. And now, I’m removing all coverage from my health plans for fat old white conservative men, because according to my firmly held conscientious beliefs, the earlier these disgusting morons die, the better.

        158. I don’t know about Eden Foods, but I do know that some insurance policies had riders that birth control pills would be covered for medical needs other than contraception. It would be interest to know if Eden Foods has such a policy.

        159. I have not seen a health plan that reflects Catholic values that doesn’t cover contraceptives if they are being used to treat a medical condition.

          Your argument about other conditions is a non-issue.

        160. Everyone is forgetting that Eden Foods, unlike HL, is objecting to not just 4 types of birth control, but to ALL forms of birth control.

          That, I am sorry to say, is a deal-breaker and a game-changer. I will never buy any of their products again.

        161. They have never provided contraceptives, because they are not organic, and feel that the body should not ingest anything that is chemical or synthetically based, the word ORGANIC on all of their products, and ingrained in their philosophy.

        162. That is not why he doesn’t provide contraceptives, he is very Catholic and the Catholic Church prohibits all contraceptives including condoms, sterilization, everything. Has nothing at all to do with being organic.

        163. Tina is not wrong. The understanding of organic that she is noting fits perfectly hand-in-glove with a Catholic rejecting artificial additions to sex.

        164. Cancer treatments aren’t “organic.” Will they reject cancer treatments if they have a brain tumor? Your argument is just plain stupid.

        165. The Catholic Church rejects contraception primarily because it interferes with “God’s plan for the nurturing of a Christian family consisting of mother, father, and as many children as God wants them to have.” And I speak as a Catholic.

        166. And what does the Catholic Church say about masturbation? Bet your husband and sons do this. Such hypocrisy — you want to base your support of a company saying their religious beliefs should be imposed on everyone and yet all of you don’t even totally adhere to your own religious beliefs. Do you get to pick and choose what the church tells you? Do you really think that any one particular religion should be able to dictate what others think is appropriate for their family? By the way, when was the last time God told you his plan was for you and all other women should have umpteen children? The only reason the Church ever put this into their tenants was because labor (bodies) was needed to run the farms and industry as well as making sure they made money off the efforts of their members through tithing!

        167. Jazabelz, don’t know why you directed your comment at me. I’m sort of…errrr…on your side. My comment was directed at Dan.

        168. Regardless of what Catholic church believe, more than 80% of women still take birth control.

        169. Yeah Terry! The Catholic women who plan their families with out artificial birth control need to speak out! I think that young women are looking for healthier ways to plan their families. My mother, my self, and now my daughter have lived our lives without artificial methods – and I am amazed at how many of my daughter’s friends are also turning to natural methods to plan their families. Check out NaPro technology at Creighton school of medicine. Youth today are looking for healthier, natural means to plan their families.

        170. People are saying things that the court did not say if they try to ban all BC it wont happen, and HL is not forcing any Reg. on any one .

        171. There are none so blind as those that refuse to see, LV.
          Unfortunately, that encompasses all those on the far-right.

        172. And do you approve of having to have as many children as you can pop out? I, too, speak as a Catholic, just one that doesn’t think it’s right to deny parents a choice–a friend of mine died giving birth to her fourth child–her doctor had warned her the she had inherited her father’s heart problem.

        173. I think you have me pegged woefully wrong, Caitlin. I was merely explaining the Catholic church’s stance on birth control. I didn’t say I approved. I don’t, never did. I disagree with many of the Church’s anti-woman edicts. Which is why I haven’t been to Church in many a moon. When they start having as much respect for women as they have for the mother of Jesus, then I’ll reconsider.

        174. Sorry about that. I couldn’t tell from your post whether you approved of the Catholic stand on b.c or not.. Funny thing, I was raised but became a lapsed C, for pretty much the same reason. The Church is still stuck in the Middle (Dark?) Ages where women (and a lot of other things) are woefully still dogma. We don’t have to be “fruitful and multiply” anymore; and , like you said, they need to learn and practice respect for us. I had hopes for Pope Francis, but I guess where women are concerned, he’ll never change his attitude. You’d think people (of any faith) who are against abortion, would welcome birth control. Anyway, thanks for your reply so I could answer.

        175. Catholic Church also believes that masturbation kills potential babies because a man is wasting his sperm. Don’t for one minute tell me this is about birth control, it is about controlling women pure and simple.

        176. And, you’re warped. If you love Obama and “women’s rights” so much, sterilize yourself. That’s what Obama ultimately wants for you (if you’re in the middle or lower class, which I’m just assuming you are). If you’ve been on these things, you know or should know the heavy risks they carry. I was 18, underweight and healthy, and got pressure in my chest that I highly suspect was caused by the pill. Yeah, so good to basically push them on women. Women drop dead from them daily.

        177. Oh for chrissakes, such ignorance must be embassrassing for you. Every medication carries “heavy risks”. Even aspirin can cause you to bleed to freaking death.

          No one is “pushing” BC pills on women. And many women must take BC pills for medical conditions such as endometriosis. Contraceptives should be a paid-for medical option should a woman’s DOCTOR decide she should have it. Not a woman’s EMPLOYER.

          Stop believing all the far-right talking heads who are obviously your heroes.

        178. Great comment, Nora. NO ONE seems to want to hear anything about the dangers of these contraceptions – just push them on women as if they are candy. In my job, I hear many young girls (14 years old) tell how their doctor or their mom put them on BC for various reasons ( never for BC) and the medication fools their body into thinking they are pregnant for all the years that they take them. The hormones affect how they gain weight during a crucial growing time of their lives. Never seems to healthy to me.

        179. No . . .Catholic church doesn’t “want ” to control women. In my experience, living my life according to Catholic teachings and values gives me great freedom and happiness. A few rules and guidelines creates a great path to happiness and purpose in life. Just sayin . . .it is not what they tell me that I cant do, it is the guidance they give me to be the best person that I can be.

        180. Being ‘organic’ is very modern-day, the Catholic church opposes birth control because they believe every sex act should be open to the possibility of pregnancy/life, etc. and has for thousands of years, long before ‘organic’ marketing of food.

        181. “Because they are not organic?” LOL. Well, that was original if nothing else, Tina.

          Potter is a practicing Catholic and believes paying even partly for his employees’ insurance policies’ contraceptive availability is violating his “Catholic beliefs”. He has said as much in past interviews.

          Never mind that his employees may disagree 100% with Catholic dogma. He holds that dogma over his employees’ heads whether they want it or not and forces them to adhere to it.

          Somebody said that HL’s win is going to open a Pandora’s Box. The box is now wide open. The Christian right are now celebrating. But when a ruling comes down favoring, for example, a Muslim business owner’s religious practice over their Christian employees, as it inevitably will at some point, they will be the first ones to yell “discrimination!”.

        182. Can you name any common prescription medicines that are “organic”? that don’t contain chemical or synthetics? Just curious.

        183. Then Tina, by that remark they should be refusing to pay for coverage of ALL types of pharmaceutical product that is chemical or synthetically based. No pain killers, no radiation treatment for cancer patients, no anesthesia, no……, no…., no……

        184. Chemo Therapy drugs aren’t organic, so will Eden have their insurance company no cover cancer treatment?

        185. Great point. The people who buy the healthy, organic products that Eden Foods sells would probably not want to use the birth control products for health reasons, not necessarily religious reasons.

        186. *shrugs* Go for it, Tom. Hope you have lots of disposable income to do it, you’ll need it.

        187. So I am assuming that you as well as your buddy Tom would like to see ALL forms of BC taken off health care providers’ lists, correct? Because that is what Eden Foods seeks to do. Not just the 4 forms as HL objected to. ALL forms of BC Eden Foods objects to. In essence, Eden Foods wants to tell its employees that since its owner is a Catholic, that its employees must abide by Catholic dogma, even though the business makes…or used to make…money hand over fist. I suppose you’d next support the firing of any EF employee suspected of being gay, or the firing of any EF employee suspected of cohabitating without benefit of marriage, both also against Catholic dogma.

          For every one of you fools who supports Eden Foods in its mission to turn back the clock to the Middle Ages, there are 10 people who absolutely do not. So, LOL, good luck with your quest.

        188. Are you saying that this decision applies to CATHOLIC companies only?

          Other religions have restrictions on other medical procedures. When they don’t want to cover something that matters to you, you can eat your “non-issue” statement.

        189. I replied to the argument at hand.

          I won’t have this problem because like all compensations issues like benefits I only agree to a compensation package I am willing to accept.

          I don’t need or want the nanny state to negotiate for me. Sorry if you are too weak minded to do the same for yourself.

        190. No sugar, corporations have always been allowed to choose what benefits their employees received, it has only been recently that big government has been trying to force businesses to bend to the whim of big government’s choices, since when did that become big government’s job? THAT, sweetie, should be the bigger ‘pandora’s box’ we all should be concerned about…

        191. I have had employer-offered health insurance since 1975. Corporations typically offered two or three plans that their employees could choose from, each costing more in out-of-pocket costs for the employee, and thus costing the employee less of a weekly or biweekly kick-in toward the cost of the plan, than the one prior to it. Corporations typically could not choose what individual items each plan would or would not cover.

        192. Leigh – this is just a little off topic, but I wanted to share some info regarding your statement about plans that employers offer. I have been in the HR/Benefits field for almost 20 years and what you are describing is true for all “fully insured” plans. And up until the last 5+ years ago, most companies utilized “fully insured” plans. Now, many are opting for what is called “self funded” plans. In these types of plans an employer can absolutely choose what individual items they wish to cover. My current employer offers health insurance as a “self funded” plan and each year we go over the entire plan and decide what we are going to allow as covered. For example, at the onset of this plan year I decided that chiropractic care was no longer going to be covered. You can google the term “self funded health insurance plans” for more info on this, but you should keep this in mind in the future when deciding to accept a job from a new employer. Remember to ask if their health care plan is fully insured or self funded.

        193. That’s why my post was in the past tense. Things have changed radically.

          My current employer, however, still uses the old model and has done so since I’ve been here (16 years).

        194. SO pay double for a plan you choose yourself w/o your employers participation? Have you researched the cost of these plans? The affordable ones have huge holes in coverage! I did when my insurance costs doubled in Jan and were still getting a better deal thru employment! Ridiculous!

        195. What??? Apparently you have not read the entire decision as it still covers most contraceptives. What they granted was limited in scope to four items that can terminate pregnancies either at conception or shortly thereafter. It is a lie that it prohibits all contraceptives and people like you need to start reading for yourself rather then espousing what your masters tell you to. Justice Alito was very specific in his writing for the majority on what this decision can and can not do.

          This is part of the ruling;

          This decision concerns only the contraceptive mandate and should not be understood to hold that all insurance-coverage mandates, e.g., for vaccinations or blood transfusions, must necessarily fall if they conflict with an employer’s religious beliefs. Nor does it provide a shield for employers who might cloak illegal discriminationas a religious practice. United States v. Lee, 455 U. S. 252, which upheld the payment of Social Security taxes despite an employer’s religious objection, is not analogous. It turned primarily on the special problems associated with a national system of taxation; and if Lee were a RFRA case, the fundamental point would still be that there isno less restrictive alternative to the categorical requirement to pay taxes. Here, there is an alternative to the contraceptive mandate.

          So please stop spreading the lie that it does away with all contraceptives and other related health care options.

        196. Do tell us where anyone lost any rights by the SCOTUS, Hobby Lobby ruling. The decision was very specific.

        197. As long as it is a ‘christian’ based company, right?
          When it is not then you will be mad as well. This ruling works for other religions as well. It is wrong. Period. Let an employee use their religious freedom to pay the premiums for the insurance plan that they feel is right for them. Not what the boss feels is right for them.

        198. Where in the SCOTUS ruling is “Christian based” mentioned. Have fun looking for it.. it’s not there.
          Women did not lose any rights. Hobby Lobby did not lose any rights.

        199. The birth control that is not covered are not used for “Endometriosis, POCS, ovarian cysts, migraines, amenorrhea, anemia, etc…”

        200. Hobby Lobby covers the vast majority of BCPs. They won’t pay for the morning after type pills, which they erroneously lump in with the abortion pill.

        201. The pills are called birth control pills…

          The ruling has nothing to do with whether the employee can buy the birth control pills (minimal cost); it is limited to not allowing government mandate to force the employer to pay for birth control pills for employees. (An indirect form of population control.)

        202. So HC your for late term abortions. Because the Hobby Lobby law suit was filed only because they didn’t believe in terminating a pregnancy. They fully cover practices that prevent conception and offer them like birth control pills. So maybe you should get better informed before you start condescending people and act like you are smarter then you actually are.

        203. You are right. Th bigots.who fear woman have a need to control women. TheTaliban, Boka Horan … agree with Eden Foods. They are the same

        204. You are right to say there are other medical conditions/diseases that doctors prescribed birth control for. But the bigots fear women and need to control them. They feel the same way as the Taliban does about women.

        205. You are forgetting that hobby lobby does pay for birth control. They only won’t pay for abortions and pills that work as abortions. Aka. Morning after pill. They will pay for any of the other stuff. So get off the high horse an research it if it bothers you so much.

        206. @hsacartxe:disqus 1st of all I salute you for trying to educate the will-full ignorant like the one above who “replied”to you. I now understand why so many male members of congress (and those who willing vote for them) think they know better than women and their doctors why is best course of treatment for them. These are the very same ones when asked about global warming or the real age of the planet claim they don’t know anything about that because they are not scientist. How ever when ever women’s medical treatment is concerned they know more than any doctor or scientist at Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic. Do any of them like the one above who “answered” you have mothers,sisters or God forbid girlfriends and wives who teach them anything? What they want to do is take every chance they get in their sorry lives to “slut shame” women for their amusement and out of their will-full ignorance.

        207. Birth Control is still covered by most insurances when it is used to treat a medical problem . The “morning after ” pill will not be covered.

        208. This is NOT about birth control pills, or many other forms of contraceptives. Quit villifying others over something you are uninformed about. Hobby Lobby’s insurance plan DOES provide birth control coverage. Just not abortifacients.

        209. No dear,

          You are either really stupid or pretending to be really stupid. You can go out and buy all the birth control you want with your money, the same way you always have, NO ONE is stopping you. Your boss is not responsible for your body or for making sure you don’t get knocked up. YOU ARE!

        210. health insurance has a list of what mds are covered and some not..why cant hobby lobby do the same ?

        211. OK Yes, 16 of the 20 Birthcontrol methods required to be covered by Obamacare rules are used to support treatment for:
          ~Polycystic Ovarian Disorder
          ~Hormone imbalances
          ~Irregular cycles
          and others
          However, the narrow ruling by the courts for Hobby Lobby Exempt 4 classes–these are ONLY used to end a pregnancy or kill a fertalized egg. These 4, count them four, classes of meds are not designed to prevent ovulation or regulate hormones-in 2 cases they are massive doses of hormones that abort by inducing a premature cycle.
          For the record, hormone pills are dangerous. They have severe side effect including deep vein clots, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, mood changes, depression, hypertension, stokes, and may indeed impact long term fertility. They are not some harmless candy pill.

        212. “he decision is much broader than that.”

          No it is not, the SC only ruled the employer doesn’t have to PAY for it. Plain and simple.

        213. You’re right, Hsa What happens when they decide that Chemo and radiation treatment cause abortion and infertility. If a corporation can have a religion, there is actually more evidence for that fact than for their “sincere belief” about certain BC methods.

      2. Charles – don’t you think we should start talking in public discourse about Viagra and vasectomies. My religion tells me to be against these things. Why is there no counseling, waiting period and invasive probe for your vasectomy. Do you completely understand the ramifications? Do you need to see a video? Will you be able to make this decision on your own or should we go ahead and consult your Congressman and see what he thinks? Also, maybe when you schedule your vasectomy and go in to see your doctor, me and my friends will line the sidewalk and scream bloody murder at you so that you can see the error of your ways for trying to decide this matter all by yourself.

      3. It’s not the other person’s belief. it’s a law you nimrod. What happens if I go to court and say…. My religion of the flying spaghetti monster says that I should not have to pay taxes. You are imposing your beliefs on me for forcing me to pay taxes.

        if you can’t understand that, then bluntly, I am sorry…. you are dumb.

      4. Except nobody was ever asking anyone to “pay” for birth control. Insurance premiums are in fact part of an employee’s compensation package. That money belongs to the EMPLOYEE not the EMPLOYER. The Employer merely spends that money on the EMPLOYEE’S behalf in a tax-preferred way established by law (providing insurance). As such, an employer has no more right to tell an employee how to “spend” his insurance than he has the right to tell him how to spend his wages. The employer is never the one “paying” for the birth control. He pays the premium to the insurance company. The insurance company pays the bills.

        1. And an employer has the right to offer the health package he feels is within his convictions… or none at all, it is the employees right to work there… or not.

      5. The worker, as part of their pay, receive health benefits. Removing only benefits that are for women is discriminatory. Has Hobby Lobby increased every woman’s pay to make up for the loss? Of course not!

        1. Not just for women, contrary to liberal accusations ED drugs have no coverage either.

        1. Wrong.
          Another right wing RELIGIOUS bit of nonsense.
          Which for some obscene reason the SCOTUS bought into and yourself, sadly.
          Neither the MEDICAL or SCIENTIFIC communities consider
          a method of keeping an egg from attaching to the uterine wall
          an abortion.
          You just sound silly.

        2. What you consider nonsense some feel could cost them in the afterlife. Unless you are blind to other peoples convictions you should be able to see that.

        3. I will be polite here
          You’re a sad silly old man.
          When you dead – YOU DEAD.
          My last response to you.

        4. That certainly is an opinion, and I can respect that I can also respect the opinion of an afterlife. As I said if you are blind to others opinions you are the one that comes up short.

      6. they dont PAY for shit, the health insurance costs are taken directly out of an employees paycheck, so the corps beliefs should not have ever been considered

        1. Wrong again, if society believes in the contributing to the murder of children you should not be required to contribute to that particular part of your funding.

        2. im not for child abortion, but, an employer has no right to tell someone what they should believe in, the company doesnt contribute to the insurance the employees do, the employer only puts their name on the insurance form so that the employees get a corporate discount policy, they still by no means contribute to the policy financially like they try to claim….

        3. No you are wrong, the employer does contribute to the insurance by paying for it. And they are telling no body what to believe in only what they are going to contribute their funding towards. If I offered to buy you a meal and you said you wanted instead to sit in the eatery and drink beer, am I wrong for telling you you have to pay for your beer because I do not think it is right to drink?

        4. i think your a lil confused, yes the company puts up the $$ for the policy, but, then take a % out of every employees paycheck to cover the loss, therefore the emplyee is who is really paying for it

        5. No, the company covers the majority of the cost, the employee picks up the balance. You are the confused one.

        6. The balance is decided in different ways, in some cases the company decides how much they can afford to offer in an employment package in other cases it is a union negotiation.

    1. I gather you have no problem paying for abortions. Sadly you folks never have a problem forcing your beliefs onto others. BTW you don’t have to work for either of these two companies. No one forces you to work for them & no one forces you to be able to have access to women’s care. But hey why allow facts to get in the way of a misinformed persons rant.

      Hey Chic Fil A manged to withstand the forces of the left. So will these folks.

        1. Your point? I gather you didn’t read that Mikey-D’s & other have experienced the same drops. Surely it couldn’t be becasue Obamanomics is still killing the economy & that we’ve not come out of the depressions created by Obama yet. But I digress.

        2. Obama “created” the “depression”s? Really? I’m no Obama fan, but I believe the Great Recession began in earnest in 2007. Under George W. Bush.

          But I digress.

        3. Can’t remember where I read it, it was in March or something. Forbes maybe?

          BTW, their chicken sandwiches are very good. But way too expensive. Two people have a hard time eating there for under $20.

        4. Yeah, 2% of the population is gay but somehow that translates to a 38% drop in business. Makes sense. And your source is so solid.

        5. I said I remembering reading it on Forbes. So go take issue with them. Heavens to Betsy that someone dare question your far-rightieness.

          BTW, their sandwiches are delicious. But too expensive. Now scream how I’m a Durty Librul because I think they’re too much money. Buttwipe. You’re all so goddam predictable.

        6. Where did you read that piece of misinformation?

          From a 4/12/2014 filing;

          Chick-fil-A, Inc. announced that same-store sales rose 3.64% in 2013, while total sales gained 9.3%. The company posted $5 billion in sales in 2013, up from $4.6 billion a year earlier. The company also announced it’s plans to open 90 stores in 2014 and is looking at expanding further in the Northeast and Northwest U.S.

          Seems like Chick-fil-a is doing rather well.

        7. Jesus Christ on a Bun.

          For the third time, I believe I read it on Forbes. I don’t have the article on hand, so sue me, mmkay?

          Bloody hell, the moment someone questions a far-rightie they want to shoot you between the freaking eyes with their arsenal. Crazy you all are.

      1. Yes because the economy is soooo good that a person can quit a job walk down the street and get another job within 2-3 days. Some people have no other choices…

        1. Glad you brought that up. So whose running the country? Obama. So whose responsible for fixing the bad economy? Obama. Isn’t that the platform he ran on twice. He would cut the debt in his first year or be a single term president. So in other words. Everyone works for Hobby Lobby & can’t find a job. How stupid. This effects way less than 1% of those employed.

          And since you’re so uninformed maybe you can explain how this is so bad when Obama gave 1000’s of employees the bad news that their employers don’t have to provide HC or BC when he allowed those companies to opt out of Oblundercare. I gather those women don’t count. But I digress. Seems liberal stupidity can’t be fixed.

          Seems you folks don’t have to think or be responsible for your intentional stupidity & actions. You voted fro this moron twiice. Now that he’s ruined the economy, created a mess of our HC, a mess with foreign policy, a mess on the border, etc then Hobby Lobby has to fix Oblamo’s & liberal’s foolishness.

        2. Hobby Lobby insurance used to cover all contraceptives before this crap! So how they claim to fix anything?

        3. There are THREE branches and all of the power does NOT rest with the POTUS.Obama can blow all of the hot-air he want. If CON-gress blocks him(like they have been) nothing he want to try and do will happen. So blame him if that makes you feel better but EVERYONE in the Government has a hand in this. Also, the economy has been going bad since Bush. It will take more than one president to fix this, even if he has two terms. Get ready for a long ride, the economy getting better will take a while.

      2. So you really think that reducing access to various forms of contraception will not lead to more unwanted babies and the desire for abortion? You can’t have it both ways! You’re right, no one forces anyone to work at any particular business, but if that business is a public entity it is receiving tax benefits which are offset by taxes on the working/middle class. Consequently, as long as a business (I don’t care if it’s closely held or not or what it’s size is) as long as it’s publicly traded, they need to adhere to requirements that will benefit the majority of the public and they should not be allowed to discriminate for any reason, including religious, racist, aiest or sexist reasons!

        1. You liberals are so funny. You folks voted the moron of the century into office twice. You backed all his hair brained lousy ideas for job growth & economic growth. You backed him when he shut the GOV down. You backed him for Oblundercare. The list is endless. Then have the intestinal fortitude to belly ache when jobs aren’t plentiful. Or when a company that few folks work for does something that offends your liberal foolish sensitivities. I would laugh if it wasn’t so tragically intentionally stupid of you folks. To have the guts to complain about things you caused when you had more than amply warring is beyond stupidity. It’s a mental illness.

        1. So, I guess that only those who vote democrat and are on food stamps and welfare can afford them. I’m a Republican and since I worked hard and saved all my life I am now having difficulties with the price of food, but the reason for that is Obamacare which is destroying my ability to buy anything.

        2. John, I’m from Alabama. One of the reddest of red states. Only Mississippi is redder in our area. I’ve watched the good people of this state (and surrounding states) vote against their own best interest for decades. We’re poor down here, poorer than the national average. Not only can they not afford it, but their diets won’t allow it.
          You can keep up with the mantra about Democrats and government assistance all you like, but we both know that the biggest users of government assistance is red states. You’re Republican brothers and sisters down here can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods, or buy organic food. They’ve got to make that assistance stretch as far as they can.

        3. One of the reasons. The hard working middle class in those red states SEE firsthand where their hard earned money is going, and it isn’t on their table feeding their kids.

        4. My blue state gets back 71 cents for every dollar spent in federal taxes. The red states are the takers. Like Mississippi getting back 3 DOLLARS for every dollar they contribute. This hard-working people should look to see where money REALLY goes.

        5. It goes to the government, to be distributed through social programs.
          Are you saying the hardworking people who pay almost half their wages are paying them to other hardworking people?

        6. Yes, aid is going to hardworking people. Have you heard about the working poor? There are plenty of news stories about Walmart and McDonalds promoting that their employees go on federal aid.

          Look at the Walton family – 6 of the 10 richest people in the US.
          They don’t work – they collect money from Walmart profits (increased by short-changing their employees and making their vendors send manufacturing to China and other countries) and investments. Then they pay 15% capital gains rates on this. If it is INCOME, then it should be claimed as INCOME. Why are WORKING people paying higher tax rates than those that get their money through capital gains?

        7. And the others. The middle class in America has almost been taxed out of existence. They are the ones hit the hardest.
          Every president since Carter has allowed this to happen, and it has grown exponentially under the current administration.
          Socialism doesn’t work. It never has in the history of mankind.
          I like what Thatcher said; “the problem with socialism is you always run out of other people’s money.”

        8. It isn’t socialism to have the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. Their share of the INCOME has increased while their share of the responsibility has decreased.

        9. And instead of anyone making them pay their fair share for the social programs, the working middle class are paying. That breaks the working middle class. And what do you have left?
          2 classes. The very rich, and the very poor.
          Every time someone votes for another social program, guess who pays for it?
          The working middle class.
          It has always been that way.
          Socialism doesn’t work, because there are always going to be the rich and powerful who won’t pay, and the working class cannot shoulder the burden for all those who won’t work.

        10. No, it hasn’t always been that way. Post WW II, taxes were much higher on the wealthy and the middle class expanded.

          Your solution is to just let the poor starve because you don’t think that there can be laws enacted to get the wealthy to pay. Nice.

        11. Okay, if those laws can be enacted, why haven’t they been?
          Hint; someone in this current (and a few past ones) administration is really good at pulling the wool over it’s sheeple’s eyes.
          Until such laws are enacted, the working middle class are shouldering the burden.
          Now, if they aren’t shouldering the burden, tell me who is, since you’ve already stated it isn’t the wealthy.
          Answer that.
          I’ll be waiting.

        12. By the way, I don’t disagree with you for the most part.
          Once upon a time, a person who was employed didn’t need assistance.
          Our economy is tanked, and even those who once made a decent middle class income are sometimes left to ask for assistance. But herein lies some difference- those are the ones that are being TAXED into poverty, so their money can go to assistance programs.
          Do you see where I am coming from?

        13. Your taxes have never been lower and if you are in the tp earners you have tax breaks the average W2 wage worker has. We have a problem that 60% of taxpayers money goes to the top earners and only 2% go to the poor. You don’t do the math, you don’t listen to anything but junk to be able to maintain that angry attitude of thinking the people don’t deserve their own funding, and everybody pays taxes from income, payroll, sales. gas, fees for licenses and tags. on and on. Get over the fantasy that people aren’t really hungry and hard working . It’s the food on a child;s plate you want, but lets build Abrahm’s tank the army doesn’t want and fund it by even less of an already failing safety net. Just go away and get over your entitled self. Yeah, I see where you are coming from, and it’s an ugly place.

        14. I am not a top earner.
          My taxes have never been so high.
          I give less than I used to (and I couldn’t give a whole lot before)
          And the place that you call ugly is watching your own go without, because people are out there who could work but won’t.
          I have seen people on Medicaid get pills and sell them on the streets. I have seen people on SSI who go on vacation and spend their EBT on food while on vacation.
          I saw a kid whose braces cost close to $5000 dollars, paid for by Medicaid, while his mom earns top dollar at a sales company, she somehow beat the system, in the interim, a family member took on another part time (in addition to her full time) to pay for her child’s braces.
          That is a very ugly place.
          Socialism does not work, you always run out of other people’s money. ~ Margaret Thatcher
          Try using socialism in a school, and ‘evenly’ distribute the grades, see what you get by the end of the year.
          Now you go and get over your entitled self. I have less to give to people who actually do need help to get back on their feet, because I have to give to those who don’t need help, and WON’T get back on their feet.

        15. You have seen or heard of rumors of all the things you say, but realty simply does not indicate such widespread happenings except in your limited view which seems colored by a general distrust of people, except of the fine members of your family, of course..

        16. I have seen my entire community suffering Janice. You make far too many assumptions and want to carve the world to suit your own point of view.

        17. Then please push your representatives to tax capital gains as income rather than at 15% (especially when it IS their income like hedge fund managers or people like Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett). Ask for the fossil fuel subsidies to be eliminated. Push for new law to stop companies like Walgreens from incorporating in another country just to avoid taxes.

          The only reason the middle class has to pick up more of the taxes is because those at the top have gained too much power. We need publicly funded elections so the representative support the public instead of those that finance them.

        18. If you break down who votes in Alabama for the GOP it isn’t the very poor. They still vote over whelming democratic.

        19. No there is a good size middle class in that state and it can carry the state. You are drawing too many conclusion from averages. That is a bad use of statistics.

        20. Dude, I’ve lived in this state most my life. I know better than you what this state is comprised of. You speak from ignorance and wishful thinking, I speak from life experience.

        21. But as long as gerrymandering is allowed, it doesn’t matter. Most Red States have lumped all African American voters into one or two districts and Whites in all others, so there is no true representation. For instance a State like Mississippi might have (for example purposes only) 35 state districts and 55% of the population is African American. But because of how the arbitrary lines are drawn on the map, only 2 of those districts would be Black districts. Consequently the 32 districts with no Black residents will control all legislation. Gerrymandering and corporate money have resulted in the fact that our individual votes don’t matter anymore.

        22. That will explain districts but it doesn’t explain the statewide offices.

          The reality is states like Alabama have a large middle class that vote for the GOP. Sabannation’s reference to averages is flawed. A state like AL on average maybe poor then NY. But what makes NY average higher is the large number of very rich compared to the number of poor. There are plenty of urban poor in NY. It is simply less obvious when you look at the average.

          AL has a lower average. Is it because it has lots more poor or less rich offsetting the poor when you do the average?

        23. Agreed. I’m from Louisiana and the poor whites all vote Republican because …guns god gays

        24. You poor thing. I know, you feel if you keep repeating it ( as told to you by the likes of Fox, Limbaugh, Beck etc) , then it should one day be believed by all you and yours throw the said crap at. Many know who the true moochers are- example no.1, Clive Bundy.

        25. How is Obamacare destroying your ability to buy anything? You obviously hate President Obama, but Obamacare was just implemented this past April, so how in the world can you state that this program is destroying your ability to buy anything?

        26. “So, I guess that only those who vote democrat and are on food stamps and welfare can afford them”
          As a person who is on Food Stamps, tell me just how much money do you republicans think we get? The only people on welfare I see driving Escalade are those who are on CORPORATE welfare. People like me are either walking or riding rusted bikes. Oh and only drug dealers wear gold chains that they paid in full. The chain that I have, it took my 19 months to pay off at a pawnshop and then I had to pawn to pay bills.Soo please answer the question.

        27. Ahh, resorting to name calling and put downs, so which is it Republicans are too rich to care or too poor to know any better?

        28. Am I hallucinating when I walk in one? Shame you didn’t have one of the towers fall on you.

        29. No, just the republicans in charge. The GOP base is largely poor uneducated white rural men who have magically been convinced that they have more in common with Mitt Romney and the Koch Brothers than they do with poor uneducated non-white urban voters.

        30. Didn’t I say that Southerners vote against their own best interest? Laws are passed by the GOP to benefit the rich. Remember “trickle down economics?” What happened to the trickle? It trickled down to offshore accounts.

        31. That’s hilarious. The people who vote Republican are usually the ones who believe that working hard is good, welfare is bad. So you’re saying the liberal welfare recipients on the government teat are Eden’s target customers? Or are all you leftists elite 1 percenters?

        32. No, ConMeGuy. What he’s saying is liberals are generally better educated and have better incomes, therefore can afford to buy the more expensive organic brands, mainly because they are also more health conscious than “conservatives.”

          You also believe the misconception that “conservatives” don’t go on welfare, ignoring the FACT that red states consistently accept more federal aid than they pay into the system, while blue states consistently pay more into the system than they receive in federal aid.

          Get your head out of Limbaugh’s behind and educate yourself. After all, it all comes down to who is better educated.

        33. Bimbo? He’s an arrogant buffoon. I might say the same about yourself and Obama.

          Where do you get your facts from? You might want to back up your facts, since it hardly seems conceivable that states like California, which has a huge number of illegal immigrants on the state’s dime and getting more all the time, pay more into the system than they receive. In fact, the current crop of illegals coming in to border states will only enhance the liberals power-that’s why they want them here-as they invariably vote Democrat.

          Further, you mistake ‘conservative’ for Republican. There is no difference between the leftist Republicans and Democrats at the top. They are all out for number one, and will say and do anything to maintain their grip. True conservatives believe that if you don’t work, you don’t eat, and shun welfare.

          As far as education goes, if, by better educated, you mean indoctrinated into the system by leftist schools and universities, I suppose you’re right. Nevertheless, I would venture to say that there are as many well educated conservatives that earn good money, and that can actually think for themselves, outside of what the government tells them to think.

        34. The biggest welfare recipients in this country are large corporations — not individuals! Gerrymandering is another reason why poor states continually elect and re-elect leaders who only pander to the wealthy and corporations!

        35. “Financially, Republicans fare better than either Democrats or Independents, and tend to identify themselves as such. Republican candidates gain a significantly higher percentage of votes from individuals with incomes over $50,000 per year, and the advantage increases along with the income level, to a height of 63 percent of individuals earning $200,000 or more a year supporting Republicans. This level is the direct inverse of individuals earning less than $15,000 a year, who support Democrats at 63 percent and Republicans at only 36 percent.”

        1. Still a lot of truth to that statement, doglog. Southerns are not only poorer than the national average, but also more obese and less healthy.

    2. I WILL BE SUPPORTING EDEN FOODS. NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO PAY FOR ABORTION CAUSING DRUGS. Get with the REAL issue. Women have access to birth control ANY TIME THEY WANT. FORCING someone to PAY FOR BIRTH CONTROL is not denying them health care. Anyone who thinks so is as ignorant as a rock!

      1. Birth control pills do not cause abortions, never have. No one is being forced to cover abortions or RU-486 the actual abortion pill under their health insurance.

      2. Stacey, how are they being forced to pay for abortions. The company pays into the insurance but the employee does too. Try going to the pharmacy to get a medication any medication without insurance and a person will go broke. .

      3. Most birth control cannot be bought like condoms, you need a prescription and the prices are vastly different. The cheapest BC I can get is 250 a month. That is with coverage.

    3. The owner isn’t allowed to impose his religious beliefs on his employee, the owner just doesn’t have to pay for the private, and promiscuous decisions his employee makes.

      Eden Foods has a new customer.

      1. Why do you equate birth control with being promiscuous? The majority of women using birth control are married and even 98% of all Catholic women have used birth control during their married lives! Shame on you for trying to demonize women for wanting to have control of their reproductive lives!

      1. Every employee of Hobby Lobby and Eden Foods lost access to a portion of their healthcare coverage. More importantly, they found that their religious beliefs (or non-beliefs) have to be checked at the door, as their employer’s beliefs are the ones that rule over their workplace.

        As the dissenting justices explained, despite the silly claim by Alito that this is a “limited ruling” (said limit a feeble attempt by Alito to minimize the damage he knows is coming from this decision) Alito et al have opened Pandora’s box. We are about to see all manner of religious claims by employers. It’s easy, in a majority-Christian culture to pooh pooh those of us why decry this establishment of a Catholic doctrine in a corporate workplace by the Supreme Court. “Why should Potter have to pay for slut pills?” is the convenient reply. Wait until a Muslim CEO insists that his female employees wear head scarves. Which is equally valid, under this ruling. Then you’ll see a lot of cultural conservatives who applaud Hobby Lobby suddenly realizing that the Supreme Court has no business favoring ANY religious beliefs in the marketplace.

    4. Do not forget that the reason Hobby Lobby won is because of the “Religious Restorations Act” that Bill Clinton signed. This act states that companies that are family owned and not publicly traded have the right to religious beliefs.

      The people can still get their birth control, they just have to pay for it themselves. There are many medications that are not covered under insurance or cost too much even with insurance. Why are you only fighting for birth control?

      1. The RFRA did not extend religious beliefs to corporations. That was part of what was astounding (and likely unconstitutional) in the Hobby Lobby decision. Many constitutional scholars cannot understand how the 5 justices found that a corporation can have religious beliefs. Such a finding goes beyond any previous definition of a corporation.

        I am not fighting for birth control (although birth control is a fine thing). I am arguing for the right of employees to not be burdened by the relgious beliefs of their employer.

    5. So your denying my religious rights is okay? The employer is not denying you anything. Under the same flawed logic you are using if the owner does not pay for a BMW or Audi, he is denying the worker some kind of right ? Pay for it yourself you socialist dregs of society !

    6. Go ahead. Eden will do just fine. By the way, do you understand what OWNER means? He foots all the bills, including paying your hard-working employee and providing insurance for said employee. Why can’t he set the rules for what his insurance payment covers? Why can’t that female (I assume) employee take a small amount of what she’s paid and buy any sort of conception control she wants? Why does someone have to give it to her? What has she lost? Attitudes such as yours are disgusting.

      1. Every female employee of Eden Foods has lost hundreds of dollars a year in healthcare benefits. While Eden Foods gets the same tax break as other companies which cover contraception. Turn your question around, why should Eden Foods, and its owner, Potter, get the same tax break as other corporations which provide more comprehensive healthcare coverage? Eden is spending less for healthcare, and providing less coverage than its competitors. Why should Eden get the same tax breaks?

        1. Learn basic accounting for businesses for tax purposes. Where did you get the idea that Eden (or Hobby Lobby or any other company) gets the same tax break as all other companies? That’s just plain wrong. A company can deduct as an expense what it actually spends. If Eden’s insurance costs go down, their insurance expense deduction goes down, and they pay more taxes.

        2. not it isn’t, they still want the tax break but don’t want to do what they are required to do to get it

        3. ARRRGH! There is NO mystic, universal tax break! If they don’t pay, they get no deduction. It’s as simple as that. They will do what’s required to get their allowable deduction. They will claim what they actually spent – no more, no less. If they spend less, they deduct less and pay more taxes.

        4. really, you obviously don’t understand articles of incorporation then do you
          Adoption of Potter’s argument that he should not be liable individually for corporate debts and wrongs, but still should be allowed to challenge, as an individual, duties and restrictions placed upon the corporation would undermine completely the principles upon which our nation’s corporate laws and structures are based

        5. apparently you don’t or you would in fact know they get said tax break in their articles of incorporation which separates them from said corporation, only they want to not be separate and still get said tax breaks

        6. really so they don’t get a corporate tax break after signing articles of incorporation that separated them from said corporation,

        7. Do you understand the first thing about corporations, taxes, or accounting? No, those who sign Articles of Incorporation do nait get any tax break, and signing those Articles does not separate them from the corporation.

        8. The defining feature of a corporation is its legal independence from the people who create it

          corporate profits are taxed at a lower rate than the rates for individuals.

          To have “incorporated” means that you’ve filed special papers to create a business that is technically a separate entity from yourself

        9. From the Religious Freedom Restoration Act: “Government shall not substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability.”

          From the Dictionary Act (which must be used to define all words in a bill unless the bill specifically states otherwise): Person includes “corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies as well as individuals.”

          The Dictionary Act has been around since 1871. The Religious Freedom act was from Bill Clinton.

        10. okay if that is what you believe then the greens must be held liable for any lawsuits or negligence perpetrated by hl

        11. I believe what i said above because it is factual. If you don’t like the result, work to get the law changed. I have no idea what you’re talking about with ‘greens’ and ‘hl.’

        12. TL: If Eden’s insurance costs go down, their insurance expense deduction goes down, and they pay more taxes.

          Actually the health insurance premiums will increase because the insurance companies will have to add in the costs of the unintended pregnancies which will result from zero contraceptive coverage.

    7. In your scenario did said worker put up any capital to help support the company or did he/she go to work and do his/her hours and go home with a paycheck. Paycheck paid by said employer. The employee does have the option to not work for a company that does not hold his/her beliefs. You just said that the consumers can choose not to purchase from Eden, same goes for the worker, they can choose to get another job. Believe me there are plenty of people out there willing to work at a company that chooses to put there moral/religious beliefs into their work.

    8. So john do you want to pay for birth control for someone else? You spin the truth .Employees can work any where they want and can decide if they want to work for eden or somewhere else that supplies birth control.Its a free country . Quit telling people, companies what to do . If so many feel bad they should donate more . Lets start a trust fund for people who cant afford birthcontrol and help that way .Please stop asking for more money out of our pockets. Prices are rising everywhere and people don’t understand why .My check is riddled with donations and taxes already. If my donations stop from rising cost then that’s less for some one that may need it more than a insurance company trying to supply birthcontrol. Lets get insurance companys to become nonprofit and then there will be a change.

    9. Nice try. The Supreme Court did not rule on which person’s religious choice prevails. It simply ruled one cannot force the other to break their religious conscience and pay for their birth control or abortion inducing drugs. The employee can still get these products, they just have to pay for it themselves. These products are still being sold. There is no constitutional right to free birth control.

    10. You’re also free to choose where you work. If you don’t like what your employer pays for go somewhere else and quit complaining. Your employer pays you and you can buy what you want to with the money including your birth control.

    11. That’s an asinine statement. Both employees still have their freedom of religious choice.

      Too bad Eden is not publicly traded. If it were, you could buy some stock and cash in on their increased sales. After the Chick-fil-A boycott, Chick-fil-A had the best year it its history, and 2013 was almost as good.

      1. Yes, it is too bad that Eden Foods is not publicly traded, because then it would be required to obey the law and provide contraceptive care as part of its healthcare compensation to its employees. Only privately-held corporations can claim a religious faith, and defy the law based on that private corporation’s “god”. Makes sense, no? I guess god doesn’t allow publicly traded companies into heaven…

    12. False.

      1) The contract between employer and employee is still voluntary. You don’t like the compensation, or environment provided by the employer? You are free to seek another employer.

      2) Contraceptive care has NOT been rendered unavailable. If your employer’s insurance plan does not cover it, you can either obtain coverage through another plan, or simply buy the care over the counter.

      It is almost amusing that people are still expressing this ridiculously naïve interpretation of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

      1. And I’m sick of this “you liberals” crap. Right-wingers entertain this myth that we liberals are just parasites living off handouts, and control freaks, intent on preventing “freedom”.

        I’m a liberal. I own a gun, I hunt and fish. I grow most of my own food. I built my own house. By myself. I started one business, and was part of the team that started and grew a couple of others.

        The point of this discussion, and the point of the larger debate, is not that we liberals are trying to “control” anybody, and we’re not trying to reduce anyone’s freedom. We’re trying to get some freedoms and some control back, for the average Joe. Bankers, corporations and institutions like the Supreme Court have been taking away your wealth, and your freedoms. Many of you have argued here that companies don’t have to provide benefits such as healthcare, like that’s a good thing. It didn’t used to be that way, back in the 1970s the vast majority of jobs came with healthcare and retirement. And a decent salary. Now you all are defending business owners who have been cutting salaries, and cutting benefits, for “freedom”.

      1. Also I used to go to Chick-Filet a lot – never again. Their food was decent and the employees were always nice. But I refuse to fill the bigot Cathy’s wallet any longer.

      1. So many of you responded like this: “if the company wants to impose its religion on me, and I don’t like it, I should just get a new job”. This attitude baffles me. “All men (and women) are created equal” is how it’s stated. Not “the boss is more equal”. Not “wealthy guys opinions count more than mine”. According to the founders, we all have equal rights in the public square, and in the marketplace, why are you all so eager to give that up? Why should the boss’s religious beliefs count for more than yours? And do any of you in the real world think that it’s so damn easy to just get another job, if you’re being mistreated? Perhaps you’ve been asleep these past few decades.

        During which, middle class incomes have shrunk, not grown. While corporate profits and the income of the wealthy have risen significantly. The share of GDP that goes to wages have shrunk from 70% to 58%. That’s take home pay.

        Sure, if you don’t like the fact that your boss cut your pay, or short-changed you on benefits, you can quit and go look for another job. But don’t fool yourself that this is a celebration of freedom or empowerment.

        Your employer has no right to deny you benefits, or a working salary, that you are so willing to accept that he can, for “freedom”, is very sad.

    13. The hard working employee you speak of has the absolute right to find another place of employment whose moral values – or lack thereof – are more in accord with her own.

    14. Yes, John, you do have a right to shop elsewhere. I have been trying to follow the conversation and come away with one thing . The “I-me-my, I deserve” mentality has taken over this country. You do have the right to any form of contraceptive you choose to pay for yourself. You DO NOT have the right to make me pay for protecting your sex life unless i am a part of it .

      1. Dustin, two things your argument misses. One is that this is how an insurance pool works. We all pay in, because doing so protects us all. In our healthcare plans we all pay against the risks that some of us will get into a car accident, or suffer a heart attack. It’s narrow-minded (and flat put wrong) to argue that you’re forcing me to pay for your cheeseburger habit. We ‘re sharing risks and reducing the odds that an illness will wipe one of us out financially.

        Two is that contraceptives are provided for a number of healthcare reasons. One is to prevent pregnancy. Others are to regulate menstruation, relieve endometriosis, reduce cramps, etc.

        Eden Foods refused to provide a comprehensive healthcare package to their employees, because their CEO has a personal objection to contraceptives. As such he is subjecting his employees to higher costs (and saving himself some $$). He is also making medically unsound objections to contraception, and acting in judgment of his employees lives (as are you). Let he who is without sin, etc etc…

        1. You have to understand, before the “Unaffordable Care Act” and possibly even now NO EMPLOYER WAS REQUIRED TO PROVIDE ANY HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY TO IT’ S EMPLOYEES !! And now you are wanting the moon ?? People in Hell want ice water so let Obam-Me write an executive order on that and see how fast it happens . Take care of your own personal life and quit with your sniveling socialist whining of “it ain’t fair”. If I choose not to buy in to your insurers plan do not send me a bill for your wants. And coming after the mid-term elections, just watch Oblamer write an executive order eliminating the business mandate. You can bully and harass individuals but as Whole Foods and Hobby proved, you cannot bully a major business that can fight back.

      1. SCOTUS believes that the Constitution protects us from religion – those foreign religions like Islam, and Hinduism and Judaism. You can be certain that if the owners of Hobby Lobby or Eden Foods were Muslim the court would not have found for their right to impose their religious beliefs on their employees. There’s “religion” and then there’s Religion TM.

        1. AS I recall, Jesus was Jewish, wasn’t he? Foreign religions? What are you talking about. All religion is foreign!

    15. Did the Supreme Court say that the employee HAD to work for Eden Foods? Nope. They can go somewhere else to work. The employee is free to buy her birth control all she wants. It costs a whole ten bucks a month. Bet she could give up 2 packages of cigarettes or glasses of wine or not get that manicure and PAY FOR IT HERSELF!!!

      1. Like so many comments here, C. D seems to think that the Constitution and the rule of law only guarantee the right of a worker to “go work somewhere else” if their employer is treating them unfairly.

        Let’s paraphrase:

        “That black guy can go work somewhere else if he doesn’t like being treated like sh*t, his boss has a right to exercise his personal animosity toward African Americans”.

        “That coal miner can go work somewhere else if he doesn’t want black lung, why should the coal company have to pay all that money to provide breathable air?”

        “That older worker can go work somewhere else, why should that company have to pay an older worker the same amount as a young guy doing the same work?”

        The Constitution’s primary purpose is to protect the rights of minoritites

        1. The rule of law recognizes that employers have far more power than employees. And many laws exist to address this, and make sure that employers don’t abuse employees. Eden Foods has just imposed a tax on its female employees, reducing their health care benefits for an arbitrary and prejudicial reason. Alito recognized the unconstitutionality of this when he wrote his opinion, which is why he tried to argue that this discrimination was “limited” to this particular circumstance. Ginsburg rightly called him on this, pointing out that corporations cannot impose arbitrary costs or restrictions on some of their employees because of prejudicial religious beliefs, this opinion will be overturned, in the near future. It’s garbage, and even Alito knows it.

        2. No John, the Constitution’s main purpose is to protect the people from the government. Had you ever read the document, you would understand that. Apparently you have never taken a civics class. The Supreme Court ruling in no way took away someone’s right to birth control pills. It allowed a religious company, one who has never made any bones about their faith, to say “we will not pay for abortions”. What a freaking shame that you & your little libeturd friends do not get that. They are still entitled to 16, that is SIXTEEN forms of BIRTH CONTROL!!! Why is it that you trashy people will put someone in jail for destroying a bald eagle egg but will murder an unborn infant? I truly do not get it.

        3. Mr. C.D. we must have taken different civics classes. The founders, in particular the two primary drafters of the Constitution, were quite concerned about the rights of minorities. Amongst other things, they had this to say.

          “…The Founders believed in natural rights theory, which holds that rights come from nature or from God, and cannot justly be taken away without consent. Therefore, the majority has no legitimate power to vote away or otherwise abridge the natural rights of political, ethnic, religious, or other minorities.
          The Founders had great respect for the will of the majority, but also understood that, as James Madison wrote in Federalist No. 10, “the great danger in republics is that the majority will not respect the rights of minority.” President Thomas Jefferson proclaimed in his first inaugural address, “All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will, to be rightful, must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal laws must protect, and to violate which would be oppression.”

        4. Regardless of what they said, what is IN the Constitution is what matters John. And that is MRS. C.D. to you, thanks so much. Which part of “separation of church & state” escapes you now? You liberals have fought long & hard for that even though those words are never uttered in the Constitution. NOW you want the GOVERNMENT to tell religious companies and even ministers what to do??????

        5. Mrs. C.D., you need to explain to me what a “religious company” is. Will I see them in church, next to me in the pew? Do religious companies have souls? Do they go to heaven? Are there Jewish companies, Muslim companies, and Sikh companies? How do we tell them apart?

          As I understand it, corporations are legal entities that are separate from human beings. They are public, and secular.

          The first amendment is quite clear about the establishment of religion. Which is that the government cannot favor any religion. The long history of the interpretation of the first amendment establishes that the public shall be free from the dictates of any particular religion.

          The Supreme Court was wrong for two reasons. One, that a corporation is not human, and a corporation cannot have religious beliefs. To even consider such an idea is absurd. Two, that a cir

        6. Two, that a corporation has the right to deny paid benefits to some of its employees, because of some imagined religious beliefs. Eden Foods and Hobby Lobby provide healthcare benefits to their employees as part of their earned income. Hobby Lobby and Eden Foods now can cut the compensation they provide to their female employees, but not their male employees, because of this imaginary religious belief. Female workers are getting screwed.

        7. First can I say the 1st says that congress shall make no law regarding the ESTABLISHMENT of religion. There IS no separation of church & state as you liberals want to screech about. That was actually an idea that HITLER first came up with. Second, what the court ruled is that a closely held company like Hobby Lobby COULD have religious beliefs. It is a family owned corporation IN IT’S ENTIRETY. You are forcing ministers to marry homosexuals. THAT is interference in the separation of church & state more than Hobby Lobby IMHO. A church IS a religious entity and the courts ruled AGAINST them. Go figure.

        8. C.D., actually, it was Thomas Jefferson who first stated that the 1st amendment was intended to establish the separation of church and state. Here, from a letter he wrote describing his intent in writing the 1st amendment, is the exact quote: “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man & his god, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between church and state.”

          And no church has been forced to perform a gay marriage.

        9. The letter was written several years after the Constitution. In no way was it a PART of the Constitution no matter how much you’d like to make it so. Further, Ovomit & his ilk are trying to make it mandatory for ministers to perform homosexual marriages just as they have made it mandatory for people like the baker in Colorado to bake a wedding cake for them even if they do not believe in homosexual marriage. Do you realize that a straight WHITE person can be denied service but a homosexual or a minority cannot because they can sue for discrimination.

        10. C.D., yes, the letter was written several years after the Bill of Rights was written. That letter was written by one of the two primary authors of the Bill of Rights. That letter was written to explain what the 1st amendment means, in case there was any question. You just accused me and other liberals of inventing the idea of “separation of church and state”. And claimed that Hitler did. Neither is true. One of the Founders and authors of the Constitution invented the idea of separation of church and state, and explained in writing that this is what is intended by the 1st amendment. It couldn’t be more clear. You should accept that.

          There is no evidence, none, nada, that anyone is trying to force churches or ministers to perform gay marriages. In fact, the evidence is quite strong the other way.

          You need to fact check some of the things you write here. Although you may not like it, as many have said “reality has a liberal bias”. No matter, you cannot remake the world into a right-wing fever dream just by writing in ALL CAPS.

        11. Oh gee John, when did I ever write IN ALL CAPS???? I’m sorry but a word here & there is not ALL CAPS. And those Bill of Rights folks? Yeah those. One was my ancestor. So reality has a liberal bias? Really? Then why are homosexuals trying to force ministers to marry them? Yes, it’s true & if you cared to look it up, you’d be forced to admit that I’m right. And how are you going to feel about your liberal bias when you have to be subjected to socialized medicine & not get the care that you feel you need? Happens every day in Canada and Australia. They come to the US for treatment. Oh, and how would I know this? Very close Australian friends who spend two months a year in the US and oh yeah, I lived in Canada for 4 years & witnessed first hand elderly being turned away because of their age & children not getting the care they desperately needed. Yeah, go ahead & embrace that liberal bias there John. Just wait till you NEED the right wing fever dream.

        12. C.D., I wonder if you’re recalibrating your “facts” given our exchange. Somewhere along the line you came to believe that liberals invented the idea of a separation of church and state, lifting it from Hitler. Now you understand that it was the original intent of Thomas Jefferson. Does that make you question some of the other things you believe?

          You also first claimed that President Obama was forcing churches to perform gay marriages. Then you backed off and said gay couples are forcing ministers to marry them. That’s not true. No gay couples are trying to force reluctant ministers to marry them. Many gay couples are very happy, finally, to be able to be married. And they are finding many willing ministers and civil officials to perform the ceremony. No couple wants to force someone to marry them. They don’t need to, and don’t want to.

          Lastly, I would welcome socialized medicine. Obamacare is far from a true, socialized medical solution. In fact, it’s a free market system designed by the Conservative Heritage Foundation. At least Obamacare promises greater healthcare coverage, and reduced costs. But it is a far cry from a truly socialized medical system, which I hope we some day establish.

          Our exchange has been most illuminating. It’s interesting to,learn how Tea Partiers think about these things. I hope you learned a few things as well. Good bye, and good luck.

        13. In addition, and most respectfully, you are wrong on your medical science. The 4 birth control methods which Hobby Lobby objected to are not abortifacients. Alito admitted as much, when in his decision he said it does not matter if the birth control methods that Hobby Lobby finds offensive are actually abortifacients, it only matters if Hobby Lobby “believes that they are”.

        14. And lastly, I do think you should check the spelling of “libeturd”. I believe that the OED says the correct spelling is “libturd”. Accuracy is important, no?

          I do so enjoy our little exchanges.

    16. Geez, another rehashed liberal talking point . I have seen this verbatim on several other web sites since July 10. Seems the liberal argument has so little merit they have to go straight to the ad hominem attacks. And since when did an employer become responsible for an employees personal choices ? You can STILL buy all forms of birth control ! All the SCOTUS said was that the employer is not responsible for your personal bills . The ACA grossly overstepped the bounds of human dignity in everything it stands for !

      1. This has nothing to do with an employer not having to be responsible for “personal choices”. Because we all make many personal choices that impact the cost of, and need for healthcare. SCOTUS did not rule that our employers don’t have to pay for personal choices. Eden Foods’ healthcare will still pay for the injuries an employee suffers if he crashes his car while driving drunk. It will still pay for the bypass surgery an employee needs after twenty years of pounding Doritos and Coca Cola. It will still pay for the lung cancer treatments an employee needs because of his cigarette habit.

        Healthcare includes the provision of birth control. For many reasons, that are a benefit to women, their male partners, and to society.

        1. Sorry, John, but you come across as an arrogant, egocentric, self anointed liberal troll who wants to dictate who gets what and when . And just why do you liberal trolls expect me to “share ” my paycheck just because you want ? Please go take a long walk on a short pier !! Anything, just quit with the liberal b s !

    17. You’re a moron John. The Supreme court ruled no such thing. The court only confirmed that religious freedom doesn’t mean your boss has to pay for you not to get knocked up.

      1. Erica, “moron” is not a nice word. Here’s actually what the Supreme Court ruled.

        One, that a corporation could claim to have religious beliefs. When was the last time you saw a corporation in church? Do corporations have souls? Can corporations be Muslim, or Jewish? Or just Christian?

        Two, that a corporation could refuse to pay part of its female employees’ healthcare benefits, because it believes those benefits to be “sinful”. As such, said corporation is discriminating against its female employees, and docking their pay. Of course, that’s only fair, as you explain only women can get “knocked up”. Why should companies have to provide comprehensive reproductive care to women? Providing comprehensive healthcare to male employees is a different issue, they don’t have uteruses. Let those women pay more. That’s what Jesus would do.

    18. The religious choice of not wanting to pay for 4 out of the 20 or 16 types the woman can choose from ??

      You have been duped. working for hobby lobby does not mean woman are denied birth control . It only changes who has to pay for only a few not all of them.
      16 birth control pills hobby lobby will fit the bill for only 4 of them workers must pay themselves if they decide they want them.. You really should read a little more about it…

      1. No, they don’t. One prevents fertilization, one flushes out a fertilized egg. The decision only effects the second type. They still cover contraceptive pills. The whole liberal argument is full of lies.

        1. You’re wrong, zonie. Levonorgestrel, the active ingredient in Plan B, prevents conception by disrupting the natural hormonal cycle. It contains a synthetic form of progesterone (regular birth-control pills contain it in lower doses). The high doses of progesterone in Plan B are disruptive enough to prevent fertilization or implantation.

        2. Zonie, you’re confusing Hobby Lobby with Eden Foods. Hobby Lobby objected to certain forms of birth control, but not all. Eden Foods objects to including contraceptives in its Healthcare benefits.

        3. John, you are right. I didn’t read the article carefully enough.

          Mary, you are still wrong.

          I can’t agree with the owner of Eden foods, but I can agree with the owners of Hobby Lobby.

        4. I find it disingenuous that you claim that only liberals use birth control….reality…99% of women, liberals and conservatives, use birth control at some point in their lives.

    1. He does not believe in artificial anything to include birth control, this has always been his reasoning, and understandable with his passion for all things organic.

      1. So the health plan doesn’t cover ANY “artificial” medications?
        If true, you have a point. If the only “artificial” drugs not covered are birth control, your post is meaningless.

    2. He’s Catholic and the Catholic Church opposes all forms of birth control, including sterilization, condoms, everything other than NFP the modern day version of Roman Roulette.

  2. This guy obviously forgets what side is bread is buttered on (assuming that both the bread and the butter are freshly organic and non GMO). He may win the battle but he will lose the war. If you have no company left to preside over, who cares?

    1. If the company were to bow to the “financial pressure” of reduced sales, then they wouldn’t necessarily be taking the stance for moral purposes. They would have taken this into consideration before going this route. How kind of you to be so “worried” about their financial success.

      1. Eden Foods has selective “morals”. Until the OBamacare mandate, Eden provided contraceptive care to their employees. They only objected to it when it became law. And to this day, Eden Foods holds about $70 million in investments in pharmaceutical companies that manufacture contraceptives. Eden has no moral qualms about profiting from contraceptives.

      2. I couldn’t give a shit about his financial success. The point is, obviously, he doesn’t care either. It’s no skin off my back if the company fails..

        1. Correct. And I’m seeing the silver lining that thank goodness there are some entrepreneurs out there who aren’t bowing down to the almighty dollar. Unlike the FB founder.

    2. You forget HE cares enough to make a stand, and maybe understands which side of his bread is buttered. Progressive liberals are not the only ones who buy his product, I am sure there are more people out there, that are just as fanatical about artificial/chemicals being ingested, who shop at these stores, and buy his products.

      1. Yeaah…and progressive liberals aren’t the only ones who use birth control. 99% of women, liberal or conservative, use birth control at some point in their lives. Not sure why you seem to think that this is a liberal/conservative issue.

  3. Ah, the Affordable Care Act, the act that strives to criminalize illnesses such as depression and anxiety. You clowns just might get what you ask for!

  4. “Meanwhile, Senate Democrats have heard the call and are working quickly to pass a bill that could ensure women can still be covered for contraception.”
    dumbest thing ever… everyone has access already, you just have to pay for it yourself.

    1. For these who use it for medical needs it costs an average of about $130 s month. The $9 prescription available will not work for most women as the do not contain the necessary dosages or hormones needed. Mine does cost $130.

    1. actually they are right in their bedroom and their sexual practices … women can take birth control and not be having sex the IUD is used to treat endometriosis

      1. And women only have abortions when the life of the mother is in danger right?
        That’s emotional blackmail.
        When a woman has such a medical problem, there are other forms of hormone therapy that help, available through most insurances, and those without the side effects.
        Also, does that mean I can start forcing my insurance to pay for the otc meds that I need (aspirin for my heart for example)? Though some insurances will cover it, mine won’t.
        My insurance also will not pay for my allergy meds.

        1. Wrong. There are no other “forms” of medication for the types of issues that birth control is used for. I have one such condition and had a long talk with my doctor about this exact subject when my husband and I started wanting to try for kids. There is no alternate medicine as far as he knew. Are you a woman that has found such an alternative?

        2. They are actually the same hormones, but listed under other medicines. Duct tape in hardware is called duct tape. Duct tape in the craft section is called craft tape.
          The medicine is covered if the person has a proven medical condition. And even in those rare instances when it isn’t, what makes you more important than the person who needs daily aspirin or allergy meds?
          Fluke tried this same approach with her golden condom argument.

    2. Conversely you’re saying it’s okay for businesses to enter anyone’s bedroom, but when all these babies are the result, they refuse to pay for their childcare, education, food, housing, etc. On the one had you want to force them to have countless children, but you don’t want to back up your stance against contraception and abortion by providing decent care for them once born.

      1. i have no problem with you not using Eden Food products. You’re free to do so. I have a problem with people insisting that someone change their religious convictions to suit their own needs.

        1. ejan — so you are also for corporations to not hire religious people based on their own ?

        2. really cause that would mean you are in favor of an atheist like bill gates insisting that his employees use birth control would be fine with you ?

  5. They can still get birth control – they just pay for it. Millions of Americans have to do that because they have NO insurance. They can also get a job somewhere that gives them the benefits they feel they need. We should not force employers to be everything to everyone.

    1. Jaydub, employer healthcare coverage is part of worker compensation. It is an earned benefit, just as a paycheck is an earned benefit. Healthcare coverage is not a gift, and it is not free. Employees earn it.

      1. I disagree. Healthcare was a compensation that an employer gave to employees to entice them to take or stay at a position. It was the employers option to give healthcare to make themselves more competitive. While health was a bonus compensation and was never mandatory.

        1. D, then why was Eden Foods suing in court, if it was bonus compensation and not mandatory? They could have just dropped coverage, no need to get the Supreme Court involved, no?

    2. If “millions of Americans” have no health insurance, then they are skirting the law. You seem to forget that it is now illegal to NOT have health insurance and that same law requires health insurance to cover birth control free of charge.

  6. if consumer backlash is comprised of liberals’heads exploding with unrestrained rage ONLINE, then , yes.

    so far as i see, the stores are FULL, as they will remain.



  7. Women in America..hear me roar…I roar for FREE FREE FREE everything!!!!! I am women and men must pay for my FREE FREE FREE!!!!!!

    Women have come such a long way in the last 60 years…..

    1. Free???? I have to pay for it the same way I have to pay for every other med I get. I PAY for my insurance policy, and then I PAY to go to the doctor, and then I PAY for my treatments. My insurance picks up some of the cost of that, but definitely not all. In fact, it covers so little that I’m starting to wonder why I even bother paying for the policy in the first place.

    1. I find it strange that those who say it is used for health conditions, always, ALWAYS revert back to the sexual practices.
      Proving that the cry about health is.. emotional blackmail. tsk tsk tsk…

        1. Discussion on Triple Pundit

          Eden Foods Endures Customer Backlash for Birth Control Stance

          Cooper Ward • 4 hours ago

          Health food stores are full of progressives who will not by this brand of product again …. at least they wont have to provide healthcare coverage to their employees for much longer when they are out of business

          Cooper Ward • 4 hours ago

          LOL — could you imagine a republican in a health food store?

          Cooper Ward • 4 hours ago

          mark then that is a win cause most republicans are fat and could use to eat more organically

          Cooper Ward • 4 hours ago

          Wait until a jehovah witness company does not want to cover blood transfusions …effectively ruling out any surgical procedure for its employees

          Cooper Ward • 4 hours ago

          agree …but also why use eden food products ?

          Cooper Ward • 4 hours ago

          actually they are right in their bedroom and their sexual practices … women can take birth control and not be having sex the IUD is used to treat endometriosis

          Cooper Ward • 4 hours ago

          I find it strange that the company knows that their female employees are having sex do they have to know when and where also?”

          The question still stands.

        2. “women can take birth control and not be having sex the IUD is used to treat endometriosis”

        3. saying that sex is not the issue but health.

          “I find it strange that those who say it is used for health conditions, always, ALWAYS revert back to the sexual practices.Proving that the cry about health is.. emotional blackmail. tsk tsk tsk…”

          How is this “reverting back to sexual practices” ?

        4. smh, you’re going in circles.
          Again, read his other posts, I’m not spelling everything out for you.

    2. I find it strange that no one gave one wit, no outrage, no boycotts, nothing but crickets, about contraceptive coverage before Obamacare and the HHS mandates, it is shocking how this was not a problem a mere year ago, you know before the disaster of Obamacare and the mandates kicked in and made it a criminal to not to provide something that you are against. Really?

      1. Yeah, I live in IL. We passed a law about 15 years ago requiring all insurance companies to cover all birth control exactly as they would any other prescription drug. Hobby Lobby didn’t protest, ask for exemptions, or sue IL. They just followed the law and paid for it. No problems, whatsoever.

  8. Wait until a jehovah witness company does not want to cover blood transfusions …effectively ruling out any surgical procedure for its employees

      1. It’s really that simple? Can you be any more stupid! If you haven’t noticed (and I guess you aren’t smart enough to notice) but life isn’t just black and white.

        1. No, it’s a very good point. I live in a government town. It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know that gets your hired. There’s government jobs, and service jobs, like waitress or hotel clerk, and precious little in between because all of our factories closed and went overseas years ago. I’m very lucky that I was able to get one of the few non-gov’t jobs after moving here because I have absolutely no connections whatsoever. If I were to have to quit my job in order to get my legally prescribed meds covered (and trust me, they cost too much to pay out of pocket for) I’d be in a real bind. Should I have to move to another city just to get medication that is legal in every country on earth??? I can’t even get pregnant and take these drugs for other reasons, but there’s no exception in SCOTUS’s decision for that so therefore employers won’t have to cover birth control for any reason. Period.

        2. You would probably find that there is a rider that covers birth control pills that are not used for contraception. And now to digress about the employment situation. I live in an area that is pretty much the same situation as you describe. ( I was employed by a government agency in the Human Resource department.) The WHO you know myth used to drive me crazy, especially when a job seeker would produce a letter from their state representative. It didn’t matter one iota. What you will find is that affirmative action matters. In my area, there has been a huge influx of diverse people from the city. The “native” population was predominantly white. So, the jobs go to the minority candidate from the city and the local people invariably have to move on. It’s the inconvient truth.

  9. I will ACTIVELY seek out Eden products and I will go to our small local grocery store and suggest that they consider carrying this product. A company that will stand up for what it believes and not cave to political correctness pressure is one I want to do business with.
    The owner of the company, just like the owners of Hobby Lobby, aren’t saying that their employees can’t use the artificial birth control they just don’t want to pay for it. We all need food to survive but we don’t expect our employer to pay for all our meals simply because we work for them. We go out and buy our own food. Same thing with this.

  10. Another lliberal big lie article aimed at the minimally informed and low IQ voter. “Did not have to provide insurance coverage for birth control”?. Let’s hear it from every moron who believes this sentence as written is not a purposful lie to manipulate simpletons.

  11. Health food stores are full of progressives who will not by this brand of product again …. at least they wont have to provide healthcare coverage to their employees for much longer when they are out of business

  12. LOL, Eden Foods is about living an organic lifestyle.
    Birth control is not ‘organic’.
    It is very synthetic, and changes the body’s natural process.

        1. Ok, so then they do cover other synthetic substances that change the body’s natural process. Death is also a natural process of the body.

        2. smh…. Medication sustains life by attempting to restore the balance of nature that has become disrupted by illness and injury.
          Death occurs due to those factors (and aging), so while it is a ‘natural’ process, often the process is quickened by ‘unnatural’ events.

        3. Illness is organic. Aging is natural. Most medicine is neither. We both know that contraceptives being non-organic has nothing to do with why they don’t want to cover it.

        4. It is exactly why. Precisely why.
          It is an artificial means of birth control. Period.
          What don’t you get about that?

        5. And other medication is an artificial means of treating something naturally occurring within the body. What don’t you get about that? And why claim religious reasons if it’s about it being non-organic?

        6. Illness isn’t naturally occurring, it is the invasion of bacteria, virus, germs, etc,. Some illnesses are caused by eek *gasp* pollution.
          Others are caused by birth defects and genes.
          All of those things disrupt the body’s natural processes.

        7. Yes, pollution does cause some illnesses that wouldn’t have naturally occurred. Germs and bacteria do occur naturally though. Birth defects and bad genes are also a part of nature. It’s using artificial medicines to treat these that goes against nature. It takes away the natural selection process. Those with defects weren’t meant to survive and breed. Antivenom may be considered organic though. It’s made from snake venom but not sure if any gmo’s are added.

          If you’re going to use this organic argument then you need to apply it to everything not just pick and choose.

        8. How do you get upvotes before your post even appears? ;/
          Anyway, no, those things are not a natural process of the body.
          They are an interference of the natural process of the body.
          Poison Ivy is organic. It STILL disrupts the natural process.
          oh Wait, let me try one that you will like…
          marijuana is organic…. it disrupts the natural process.
          Medicine seeks to restore that which has been thrown out of balance.
          Redundancy sucks, and I can tell when a person is simply not willing to listen, so I will leave you to your own devices.

        9. So you mean like sperm is organic but when it enters a woman it disrupts the natural process of her body? Birth defects and genes are still part of that body’s natural process.

          But whatever, it’s not the reason they don’t want to cover birth control anyways.

        10. Sex is natural, and pregnancy is the natural result.
          Unlike bacteria, germs, etc, that disrupt, pregnancy brings forth new life. Regeneration. Renewal.
          Pregnancy isn’t a disease.
          If you think it is, I suggest you go get vaccinated.

        11. Sorry can’t have it both ways. Germs and bacteria are natural as well. Doesn’t matter if they disrupt your life, still natural, they create their own new life. Regenerate and renew. And they’ve been around much longer than the human race and will be here when we’re gone.

          Never said pregnancy was a disease but it is a medical condition. One that can be prevented with the right medication.

          Still can’t answer that one question though, can you? Why claim religious reasons if it’s all about what’s natural?

        12. Because the Catholic Church, which the owner of Eden Foods is a Catholic, has always taught against artificial means of birth control.
          As for the germs and bacteria, yes, they are organic, however they do disrupt the natural course of the human body. (if they are volatile, or overwhelming)
          As for pregnancy, it is a continuance of the natural process of the human body.

        13. Oh, please! They cover acne medicine, for crying out loud! There are tons of prescription meds that have very little to do with sustaining life or restoring the balance of nature and no one bats an eye at any of them.

      1. Most insurances have exceptions for medical treatment.
        I could have a heart attack (again) if I don’t take aspirin daily.
        My insurance doesn’t pay for it.
        Cancer treatments try to address an unnatural course the body has taken.
        Birth control tries to prevent the natural processes of the body.

        1. And how do they tell who was prescribed it for what purposes? Do we institute a panel where women defend their prescription?
          Aspirin isn’t covered because it is over the counter and cheap, my birth control costs $130 a month.

        2. Golden condom argument again.
          Do you know Sandra?
          Every service my insurance provides has to go through the litmus test. Every single one has to show a reason, a diagnosis, and the best course of action for the condition.
          I have 3 chronic conditions, and have had 2 since age 9. I still don’t get a free pass even though I will have these conditions until I die.

        3. Are the conditions that you have deadly? And if so do you pay for non over the counter medications yourself, in full and out of pocket?

        4. Do you read replies? Or just go to the next debate without consideration?
          Are heart attacks deadly?
          I’ve had one and still have to pay for many of the meds needed to treat it. I have congestive heart failure, and have to pay for aspirin, and fluid pills.

        5. So you were born with or developed congestive heart failure at or by 9? Or was this a later development? And, again, most if not all over the counter drugs are not covered by insurance, so the aspirin is already accounted for in the argument as are the “fluid pills”. You don’t mention the other “chronic conditions” you talk about only the heart attack/congestive heart failure.
          “I have 3 chronic conditions, and have had 2 since age 9”

        6. Give me your name, address and phone number, then give me your medical records, and after you list all that publically, and I’ve verified it, I’ll give you my med conditions.

        7. I can not directly message you so your request puts myself, my husband, and my child in potential danger.

          The fact that you will not even discuss nor name your conditions makes your whole argument suspect. I am not asking for your medical records.
          I am asking for the same information I gave you.
          I am a woman with a hormone imbalance, I was born with it and it is hereditary, I take BC to provide enough female hormone to both ovulate and to prevent certain dangerous side effects. my medication is covered by my insurance. I also take over the counter drugs to alleviate some of the symptoms, mainly vitamins and pain medication.

        8. As I said, most insurances do not disprove of using hormones for medical reasons.
          Even in those rare instances when they do, it can be argued that it is medically necessary and thus provided. The patient and doctor do need to show that it is for an actual medical condition though.
          Just as to do surgery on my legs, my doctor has to first show all other avenues have been expired. We are working on that now, and in the interim, I could lose my legs, (see if that clues you into one of my long term medical conditions).
          It isn’t inviting your boss into your bedroom to know the best course of action for your condition, that is your insurance and your doctor, then the insurance lets the employer know that it is for med reasons, without revealing the hows and whys. It has always been that way, it is insurance oversight.
          Also, the people who work at Eden can find work elsewhere, with an employer who will provide the services they want.
          People relocate all the time for jobs and work, so to say it is inconvenient…well, it’s inconvenient to a lot of people but they do it just the same, or they forego that which they claim to want.

        9. “The patient and doctor do need to show that it is for an actual medical condition though.” And you are back to people justifying their prescriptions, how do they do this?

          ” (see if that clues you into one of my long term medical conditions).” this is just ridiculous either state it out right or stop with the “hinting”

          If the insurance doesn’t cover certain medications, THEY DON’T COVER CERTAIN MEDICATIONS. You admitted that your own medication, “needed” to prevent a heart attack, is not covered, you can’t have it both ways

          “I’ve had one and still have to pay for many of the meds needed to treat it.”

          “…it can be argued that it is medically necessary and thus provided.”

          Are you a woman?

        10. I have juvenile onset type 1 diabetes. Stickler syndrome, though not to a grave degree, it has compounded other problems such as vision. Graves disease, (also another medication I have to pay for since I need brand), asthma, congestive heart failure, and a few things the doctors can’t even figure out. .
          The patient, doctor and insurance have always had to keep record and justify prescriptions. You can’t walk into an ER and say “hey I want pain pills” without the doctor giving you a diagnosis, which in turn goes to the insurance, which in turn, pays for the prescription. It has always been like that. If the doctor gives you something, he has to state the reason he gave you the prescription for insurance purposes, as well as other reasons.
          I need the daily aspirin, and the fluid pills, and a few other things. I pay for them.
          Why gripe about it when I can pay for it myself?

        11. Pain pills as with many prescriptions are controlled substances, and therefore require prescriptions to be given.
          If you go to an ER asking for pain medication the need to ascertain that your request is not fraudulent in nature
          A doctor will see you, examine you to make sure you are, in fact, in pain. If the doctor is certain you are in need of pain medication, and are not simply attempting to “score”, you will be given a prescription which you take to the pharmacy and it will be filled and you will go home.
          The prescription and reason why prescribed will be added to your medical records in case that information is of use in the future.
          If the Doctor comes under review, such as during a malpractice suite, they might have to justify why they prescribed a drug but that is to show that they provided the right information, that they prescribed the right drug for the condition, and to show that the prescribing of the drug was not fraudulent in nature.
          This is also the reason why the prescription and reason for prescribing might be noted to the insurance company.
          You still haven’t answered if you are a woman and I asked several times.

        12. And, if a woman wants to get birth control for medical reasons, they will ascertain if it is indeed needed, or fraudulent in nature.
          If a person has a history of abusing their insurance, the insurance will keep a closer eye on the patient in question. They will ask for proof that the treatment is necessary, especially if it is something the insurance doesn’t normally cover. In this case, birth control.

        13. really, you are again clueless, if an insurance company will not cover a medication they will not cover it, hence the 300 a month paid for my husbands crestor for inherited cholesterol, and before you say he should take another, he did, numerous others including lipitor, which had some nasty side effects prompting his doc and our pharmacist to refuse to refill it

        14. Hi Bobie, I knew you’d be back. :)
          I have debated with mine and won. Sometimes I have debated and lost. It is the way of insurance.
          Also, I wouldn’t have a problem with cholesterol medication being covered. Nor would many people.
          The problem is, paying for someone elses sexual activity.
          If you don’t like Eden Foods policies, you can always get work elsewhere, in a company that does cover those things.
          People change jobs all the time to get the benefits they want.
          Bye-bye bobie.

        15. wow, such an idiot, aren’t you, yep you think you are so smart don’t you, you probably aren’t even a woman, since you don’t know all that it is actually used for

        16. Also I have no idea what this “Golden Condom” argument you keep spouting off about and I honestly don”t care.

        17. No, most insurance companies do NOT have exceptions. I’ve dealt with medical issues that require birth control since I was 12, and it wasn’t until the state I live in changed the laws that I’ve been able to get it covered by ANY insurance company. They would rather pay for constant doctor visits, surgeries, and hospitalizations than a monthly prescription. Then again, they’d rather pay for a pregnancy, labor, delivery, and 21 years of medical coverage than pay for that same monthly prescription, so I don’t even know why I’m surprised.
          The reason your aspirin isn’t covered is because it’s an over the counter drug and does not require a doctor’s prescription. Birth control does require a prescription, and in some cases requires a doctor or nurse to administer it. Mine, for instance, only comes in the form of injections, which cannot be given outside of a doctor’s office.

  13. Lots of misinformation here.

    First off, Healthcare coverage is an earned benefit, just like a salary. It is not a “gift” from the employer. It belongs to the employee, just as much as their paycheck does.

    Secondly, Potter objects to all forms of birth control (it was Hobby Lobby that split hairs on different forms of the pill and IUDs). Potter is Catholic. As were the 5 Supreme Court Justices who sided with him. This was clearly a case of the Supreme Court favoring one religion over others. This case will be overturned in the near future, as it is unconstitutional.

    Thirdly, this is not a liberal vs conservative issue. This is a constitutional issue, on which both conservatives and liberals disagree strongly with the 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court. Many conservatives recognize that the Court should not be favoring a religion, any religion, in the marketplace. Imagine for a minute that Potter was a fervent Muslim, and sued in court to make all his female employees wear head scarves. And that 5 Muslim members of the Supreme Court had found that Potter had a right to impose his religious beliefs on his employees.

    That’s the issue here. 5 catholics on the Supreme Court overturning precedents to find for a catholic business owner. History will not treat this ruling kindly.

    1. Benefits are provided at the discretion of your employer. You have no right to them. They can change them or remove them without your permission. If you don’t like the benefits you’re employer provides, then you’re only option is to find a different job.

      1. Dawnia, benefits and salary are provided as part of a contract between an employer and an employee. The employee agrees to perform work, and the employer agrees to provide salary and benefits. It’s not discretionary, it’s a contractual relationship. Businesses aren’t doing employees favors, they’re paying for the work that enables them to make a profit.

        1. Yes, it is discretionary. Employers do not have to provide any benefits at all. Unless there is a written contract, Employers can change the terms of the contract at any time. If the employee doesn’t like the new terms, they get to find a new job or suck it up.

        2. The employer may not have to provide a benefit but I think many of you are forgetting that the law requires that if the employer does not provide the benefit, the employer pays a hefty fine.

      2. I live in a state where health insurance must be offered by any company that has (I think) 10 employees. The employees have the right to vote No, but the employer is required to at least offer coverage and let the employees decide if they want it. I worked at a place where the people were very poorly educated, got paid minimum, had no benefits, and when the boss offered the coverage he only explained how much it was going to cost them. He even came right out and said that he might have to fire people in order to pay for it on his end. They were so afraid at the end of the meeting that they begged him not to get coverage for them. I was so disgusted I quit not too long after, but not before I got him to admit in front of the group that HE had insurance coverage, and so did his wife and kids, and that he still had enough money left over for a fancy car and nice suits and a mansion in the suburbs.

    2. You are right there is much misinformation and your post has some.

      Yes, health benefits are part of compensation. And like all compensation there is an offer by the employer. The employee can accept the offer, reject the offer or counter the offer. The employer can accept or reject the counter offer. The reality is the employers was not going to accept a counter offer. So that really left the employees the choice of accepting H.L. offer or reject it.

      The employees free accepted the compensation package with the health insurance. Now the government wanted to change that and mandate a new compensation package via a regulation.

      The reality is those rules violated a law passed during the Clinton administration. Given the plain language of that law it is more shocking 4 justices decided against H.L.

      The justices religion had nothing to do with the decision any more then the fact the 3 Jews on the court decided the case because they are Christian hating Jews. Both ideas make no sense.


      1. Patrick, no, it’s not that simple. If that were the case, Hobby Lobby and Eden Foods would never have gone to court. They would have just refused to cover contraception. There are federal regulations , coupled with tax benefits, on corporate healthcare benefits. Those regulations state that if a company wants to receive the tax credits for their employee health care plan, they need to include contraception. If Hobby Lobby or Eden Foods wanted to exclude contraception they could have any time they chose. But they wouldn’t get those juicy tax write-offs. That’s why they sued, they wanted their tax cut cake, but didn’t want to provide contraception coverage for their employees. Religion mixed with profit motive…

        1. They provide 16 of the 20 types of “birth control” required by law. They objected to 4 methods considered to be abortive. Your premise is flawed.

        2. Hobby Lobby objected to 4 types of birth control because they (wrongly, according to medical science) considered them abortifacients. Eden Foods objected to paying for any form of contraception.

        3. What is your point? They did it for money? Prove it. They did it because the federal government cannot inflict mandates that abridge people’s right to exercise their religious beliefs. End of story. If you don’t like the fact they don’t provide contraceptives, you have every right to work somewhere else but this totalitarian method of destroying people careers and businesses because they don’t hold your ideals and opinions is what keeps this country divided, not to mention morally repugnant.

        4. Potter is the totalitarian. Nobody is making him buy contraceptives for his own personal use. He’s free to live a life without contraceptives. He can practice his personal religion anyway he chooses. But he also runs a business, which is incorporated. He gets significant tax benefits for that business, including a tax benefit for providing his employees with healthcare, He claims that his business has religious beliefs. I guess his corporation goes to church on Sundays, and wears a crucifix. In any case, his business wants to keep its tax cuts for healthcare, but it doesn’t want to include contraception in said healthcare. Now some could argue that if that business was very holy and moral and all, it would stop providing contraception and give up the tax cut. If Jesus was a corporation, that’s probably what he would do. But Eden Foods is a profit-hungry christian corporation. It wants that tax cut, very much. As much as it wants to keep from paying for contraception for its employees.

          I’m sure, when you go to heaven you’ll see Eden Foods standing there with Saint Peter, a holy, happy corporation rewarded for its religious purity. And stock dividends…

  14. The authors point about other conditions treated by contraceptives is a non-issue.

    I have never seen a health plan that reflects Catholic values that doesn’t cover contraceptives if they are being used to cover one of the other medical conditions.

        1. If people had really been paying attention to what Sandra Fluke was testifying about they would know that despite their claim to cover birth control pills for PCOS and other medical conditions Georgetown University in fact either didn’t or made it so difficult to get approved that it would take months to get a prescription. She spoke about a woman also there at Georgetown Law School who had PCOS and needed to use her student insurance for her monthly prescription, she could not use any of the cheapie Walmart generics, only specific types of b/c pills can be used to treat certain conditions. The woman by the way was gay, didn’t need b/c for contraception. The University delayed and she did end up losing her fertility.

    1. Really??? I have! Every plan every employer ever offered refused to cover birth control for ANY reason. It wasn’t until the state I live in passed a law a few years ago stating that ALL insurance companies had to cover birth control just like any other prescription drug that I finally got it covered. And I don’t even work for a religious company, and I have multiple diagnosises from multiple doctors, and even pictures taken during surgeries to verify that I really do have serious diseases that require hormone treatment to control. It isn’t always up to the boss, if the insurance company can get out of paying for anything, they will.

      1. Really? Every company I have ever worked for covered them for my wife. We have never had an issue once.

        Sorry for your issues but it really doesn’t sound like the boss was inflicting his morality on you.

        1. really, they would cover viagra long before bc, even to the point of refusing to cover prenatal care

  15. There are still religious Neaderthals who believe all sex,
    is for procreation and any other sex is termed “recreational”.
    So, I guess, if 2 people marry at 20, have 2 kids by 24,
    and don’t want anymore – THEIR sex life is over!

    1. If 2 people with 2 kids decide at the age of 24 that they don’t want anymore, and are incapable of controlling their urges enough, nor have the intelligence enough to know how to prevent pregnancy naturally, I doubt their capabilities as parents.
      Parenting after all requires some self control.

      1. Yeah, I know people who tried it your way. One has four kids, the other five. As my biology teacher used to say, “What do they call people who use the Rhythm Method? PARENTS!” It only works if you have absolutely perfectly regular cycles, and most women do not.

        1. Your comments on so many of my posts says you don’t know basic psychology.
          Have a good day.

        2. really, you who claim that a fertilized egg is alive before implantation, let me guess to you all fertilized eggs implant too right

        3. You’re weird boobie, I don’t recall that discussion with you, apparently though you want to engage about this.

          Science/biology 101; Dr. Maureen Condic, Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah School of Medicine:

          From the moment of sperm-egg fusion [the beginning of fertilization], a human zygote acts as a complete whole with all the parts of the zygote interacting in an orchestrated fashion to generate the structures and relationships required for the zygote to continue developing towards its mature state… The zygote acts immediately and decisively to initiate a program of development that will, if uninterrupted by accident, disease, or external intervention, proceed seamlessly through formation of the definitive body, birth, childhood adolescence, maturity, and aging, ending with death. This coordinated behavior is the very hallmark of an organism.

          Mere human cells, in contrast, are composed of human DNA and other human molecules, but they show no global organization beyond that intrinsic to cells in isolation. A human skin cell removed from a mature body and maintained in the laboratory will continue to live and will divide many times to produce a large mass of cells, but it will not re-establish the whole organism from which it was removed; it will not regenerate an entire human body in culture. Although embryogenesis begins with a single-cell zygote, the complex, integrated process of embryogenesis is the activity of an organism, not the activity of a cell.2

          In short, sperm and eggs are living human cells but zygotes are living human individuals (organisms).
          Of course, you may have brought the subject up with me on your other profile, and just got confused as to which profile you were talking on.

        4. um, not until implantation dear, i would trust the ama and the association of obstytricians and gynecologist first

        5. Give it up boobie, the fertilized egg is fertilized before implantation.

          btw, good tries with spell check but you consistently spell obstetricians incorrectly.

          Which should tell me something. I don’t usually care if a person spells or uses grammar incorrectly, but when they try to cover it up, they are generally trying to appear more intellectual than what they actually are.
          Bobie Spencer WhiteDove • 7 minutes ago

          um, not until implantation dear, i would trust the ama and the association of obstytricians and gynecologist first

          Bobie Spencer WhiteDove • 8 minutes ago

          um, not until implantation dear, i would trust the ama and the association of obstytricians and gynecologist first

        6. wow, so i misspelled a word, what you think you are perfect, a little fact for you since you think you know it all, fertilization alone is not enough to create a new human being most actually go out with a woman’s menstrual flow, are you now going to say every woman is guilty of murder because a fertilized egg doesn’t implant, pregnancy does not begin until implantation and the majority do not even implant, that according the the american foundation for reproductive medicine, now tell when did you go to medical school

        7. funny not according to the association of obstitricians and gynecologists, oh and i only have one

      2. Hon.
        You seriously need to stop displaying your ignorance.
        Do you do ANY reading?
        Lack of intimacy and yes, sex, is one of the MAJOR REASONS
        marriages break up.
        Or one spouse cheats.
        You ‘FAMILY VALUES jerks
        are the most ignorant, hypocritical people on the planet.

  16. All I can say is GOYA O-BOY-A!
    Also the”benefits” of soy have been soundly dismissed.
    Use if you are allergic to casein or lactose, but it WON”T
    prevent cancers.

      1. What about for people like me that don’t take birth control in order to prevent pregnancy? For me it’s NOT related to sex in the least! Where does that fall into your morality? I take it for severe endometriosis and polycystic ovarian disease. I can’t even get pregnant due to those illnesses. I’ve had multiple surgeries and multiple diagnosises but because the drugs I need to control my diseases are also used to prevent pregnancies, I used to get routinely denied coverage (because only sluts take birth control, you know). It wasn’t until IL passes a law about 15 years ago stating that ALL insurance policies had to cover birth control just like they did any other prescription drug that I finally got it covered. Which was a very good thing, because I was having to work 2 jobs to afford it. The drugs I need and the doses I need cost over $700 every 3 months. That’s a conservative estimate, because I haven’t had to price it for several years. I’m so much healthier now that I have consistent access to the medications I need. My boss is much happier now, too, because I went from missing 10-15 days a year down to 2-3. So this really benefited my company, because they have an employee who is present every day, both physically and emotionally.

        1. First off I really don’t care what medicine you take so not sure why you are personalizing it.

          Next, you had choices before. I never accept a job without determining that the whole compensation package is acceptable that included health benefits. I have turned down jobs without the health care package I wanted and needed. I even once manage to get the company to alter the compensation package. They agreed to pay me more to cover the gap I didn’t care for. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same.

          Even if you did work for a Catholic run company most of them cover contraceptives in the case of it treating a medical condition and not for contreception.

          Lastly, why does your rights trump the employer’s right to run their company as the owners wish and within their moral frame work. In the end this isn’t all about you. They have rights also.

        2. then why did hl cover those same bc’s they complained about before aca, and why do they get the majority of their products from the country that leads the world in forced abortions ie china

        3. What difference does it make? Your rights aren’t founded on Bobie Spence liking how you exercise them. That is the point of rights.

        4. the difference is that people like are okay with hl having rights over the employees, especially considering that they signed articles of incorporation separating themselves from the company

        5. By the way the Greens say they didn’t realize they were covering the drugs in question

          the China issue is bad ethical thinking.

          You are only responsible for those actions you control. The Greens control their company not China’s public policy.

          I someone does a job for you and you pay them their just wage and they tell you they are going use their wage to buy illegal drugs are you morally responsible for their drug purchase?

          Besides according your moral theory they can’t do business until they can find a business in a morally perfect country. That isn’t a moral theory that is a high school level gotcha statement.

        6. really, they covered them for years yet oh my they didn’t know, oh and by the way they take the premiums from the employees paychecks so in fact are controlling what the employee is paying for, and by the way, considering they are supposedly in control of the business, even though they separated themselves from it when signing articles of incorporation, they are then in control of where they purchase their products from, therefore control what they sell

  17. SCOTUS fouled up.

    If a business fully self-pays health costs, and does not deduct those costs from taxes, then yes, they should be allowed to dictate services.

    However, if a biz deducts health costs, OR if a biz uses some portion of employee pay for premiums or costs, then no, it should have no say whatsover.

    As an example, if Eden pays every dollar of your healthcare and doesn’t deduct that expense from it’s taxable income, then yes, they should have the say. Otherwise, no.

    1. A business should NEVER have a say in what a doctor prescribes. For one thing, that’s a breach of patient/doctor confidentiality. Are we going to have to start taking the boss along to all doctor’s appts, to make sure that we don’t offend the boss with our medical treatments? For another thing, that’s the BOSS’S religion – not mine. And I live in America, which was founded on the right to freedom of religion. By saying that my employers’ religion trumps mine, it means that I no longer have freedom of religion. I only have the freedom of my boss’ religion. You do realize that many religions dictate NO medical intervention at all, right? They believe all illness is a test of faith and that a truly faithful person should be able to “pray it away.” Should those companies be allowed to completely ignore the law entirely and not provide their employees with any coverage at all?

      1. Natalie, read what I said a second time.

        In essence, I’m saying ONLY when your boos is paying your entire healthcare costs out of his pocket, and taking no deductions to do so.

        You may not agree, but to me that seems appropriate….and trust me, the rightwingnuts hate me for this POV.

  18. All of you who are saying that Healthcare coverage is at the discretion of the employer, and that they don’t have to provide it are overlooking one very big fact. If Healthcare coverage is discretionary, and employers only offer it out of the goodness of their hearts, then why was Eden Foods in court in the first place? They could have just dropped the coverage, by your logic, no? Sorry folks, providing healthcare coverage (including contraception) is the law, and it was that law Eden was fighting.

      1. Pregnancy isn’t, but emdometriosis and polycystic ovarian disease most certainly are, and that’s what I take birth control for. I’ve never taken it to control pregnancy because the severity of my illnesses mean I can’t even get pregnant! There are hundreds of other reasons, such as fibroid tumors, irregular periods, too heavy or too light periods, cancer (even men have to take birth control for some cancers), hormone imbalances, migraine headaches, and premature onset of menopause and premature onset of puberty (girls as young as 5 are having periods these days, thanks to the crap in our food). Just to name a VERY few uses for these drugs.

        1. Not going into all of it as I’ve already covered those other issues, and other posters have covered them better.
          Simple; don’t work for a company that won’t give you what you want.
          And most insurances will allow for medical reasons.
          It’s getting redundant at this point.

      2. Millions of women have health issues – simply related to their monthly cycles.
        Like Limbaugh who though a woman take s a
        birth control pill like a man take a Viagra

  19. My suggestion in this situation is that women who don’t wish to be pregnant stop having sex with their partners until we have an overwhelming majority of men in the U.S. demanding that women be supplied with birth control, under all health care plans. In the mean time, keep a steady supply of Viagra flowing….heh!

    1. Interesting thing you point out there.

      “until we have an overwhelming majority of men in the U.S. demanding that women be supplied with birth control”

        1. Sure, it means that many men convince women to take it, so they won’t be saddled down with a kid, and perhaps have to commit to a woman.
          It objectifies women.
          I can read what you wrote, and I can see what it means.
          Too bad other women fall for it.

        2. They are trying to say women should stop having sex till men do what they want. Usually blackmail works out so well.

  20. “I’m hungry. I want lunch, but I don’t think I should have to buy it myself. Sure, my boss pays me a salary, but I need that money for video games and my cell phone contract. I think my boss should buy my lunch, because…….because……because racism, or sexism, or homoism, or whatever rubber stamp cop-out excuse gets me my free lunch.”
    Buy your own birth control like a normal human being.

      1. They offered to pay their employees higher wages to cover the cost. Thus giving the employee the ability to do so.
        Actually, not real sure that Eden did that, but I do know that others made that offer.

  21. ??? To all you fn nutjobs out there Please tell me where in the hell the government has the right to tell me what i give to my employes besides a paycheck and a safe work environment got any fn good answers

    1. If you offer insurance it is a compensation, though not mandatory. Your religious liberties end where another person begins. An employee still pays monthly premiums, deductibles and co-pays by saying that their insurance can’t cover certain medications because of you religion you are infringing upon their rights, telling them how they can spend their money and potentially disregarding their own religious liberties.

      1. Religious liberty ends where another’s rights begin, so basically there is now a right to have someone pay for your birth control. You have no right to your employers income.

  22. The two people going to work every day are not forced to do so. The difference being that if the owner decides to stop, so does everyone else and the employees are then required by law to pay the full cost of their health insurance.
    As you say, you are free to take you patronage elsewhere, however, who is really hurt if your boycott is successful? The employee who is now out of work, or the employer, who has already earned enough to live out his days in comfort and also shown his determination to exercise his conscience by challenging the government in court.
    You assume the owner will acquiesces to your demands. Are you willing to gamble with the employees welfare over $9.00 a month?

        1. Because no matter what people say, military insurance is amazing. I wasn’t covered till I was 22 and repeatedly landed in the hospital for my medical issue. I lack enough female hormone and produce too much male hormone for my reproductive system to work correctly, it was only through taking the BC pill that I was able to conceive and have a child. It also explains why my mother got pregnant 5 times while taking the pill.

        2. Are these costs the total costs for these medications or are they co-pays required by the insurance.
          I get my meds through the VA and do however have co pays, which is the norm in all insurance coverage that I know of

        3. The $130? That is a flat cost from the pharmacy on base, I asked my doctor about it. This pill can also cost nearly $200 off base.
          Active duty military dependent for clarification.
          I have no idea what co-pays our insurance charges. I know we paid around $1000 when I gave birth and I pay for my glasses in full but birth control is my only medication and as far as doctor visits go, I once went into congestive heart failure before I allowed my husband to take me to the doctor.

    1. The Bible doesn’t support slavery.
      If you had any understanding of it, you would know that.
      Slavery in the Bible was much like employees of today. Treat them right so you get good production out of them.
      Slavery in the Bible was nothing like the slavery of blacks as we know it.
      THAT kind of slavery has always been condemned, and if you do a little research you will find that the early Christian Church was one of the most outspoken about slavery.

        1. Have read it, front to back, cover to cover.
          Bible means library. Not every book is the same genre, nor is to be read as such. There are allegories, literals, biographies, historicals, etc,.. in the Bible.

        2. funny, considering that it does

          However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

          When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her. And if the slave girl’s owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave girl, but he must treat her as his daughter. If he himself marries her and then takes another wife, he may not reduce her food or clothing or fail to sleep with her as his wife. If he fails in any of these three ways, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment. (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT)

        3. Now tell me in the context of those times what the passages mean boobie.
          Go ahead. I’ll be waiting.

        4. this coming from someone who called them employees, as if they got paid really, you know considering they were not employees and did not get paid

        5. That isn’t an answer from you bobie, rather a way to avoid answering.
          You poor thing. If you really have nothing better to do than to follow someone like me around, you really don’t have much going on in your life.
          As for me, I don’t claim to have a lot going on in mine, as it is summer, so go on bobie. The dialogue helps me to fine tune things..

        6. really, you poor thing huh, you claim slaves in the bible were employees, yet they were considered property, let me guess black slaves were just unpaid interns

        7. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it?
          Your responses bring nothing intellectual to the table bobie, simple statements and obfuscations seem to be the rule of the day with you.
          Troll elsewhere after you look up the word obfuscation.

        8. nothing intelligent, i provide quotes from the bible, where it promotes slavery and you compare it to employment, please

        9. Bobie, have you learned to spell yet?
          Didn’t think so…
          Go to your other account now as I can’t play today.

        10. And this coming from someone who can’t spell obstetrician.
          Sorry about your luck boobie.
          Should I mention your belief that a person should be allowed to snuff out the life of a child if they are full term, but struggling to breathe when they are born?
          You know, that “they’re not human until they take a breath on their own” stance?

        11. and where exactly did i say i approved of abortions, hm, tell me that, oh you poor thing, i never said that anywhere by the way, keep drinking that right wing koolaide

        12. oh and if a slave owner in the bible beat a slave and they didn’t die immediately no punishment since they were property

        13. When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property. (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)

          Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ. (Ephesians 6:5 NLT)

          Christians who are slaves should give their masters full respect so that the name of God and his teaching will not be shamed. If your master is a Christian, that is no excuse for being disrespectful. You should work all the harder because you are helping another believer by your efforts. Teach these truths, Timothy, and encourage everyone to obey them. (1 Timothy 6:1-2 NLT)

  23. Granting corporations the same rights as individuals? Think about this: most individuals in society who behave like many of these corporations are evaluated as sociopaths and psychopaths. Should sociopaths and psychopaths be allowed to conduct business?

      1. Again? Really? The only ignorance displayed is yours. If you were not such a zealot I’d swear you were a Communist. Get off the cross and let God do his own work.

  24. If it were men who had to carry a baby to full term you can be certain abortion would never be an issue is this country. Dr’s are happy to lop off a woman’s breast due to cancer, but do you think for one minute they would lop off their penises if they were cancerous, they would find a cure so quick it would make your head spin.

      1. You are moron of titanic proportions Patrick, where do you live in some backwoods hillbilly state where everyone like you is inbred with cousins, sisters and brothers? Mind you own business. If you are so concerned with the precious unborn go and adopt 10 or 20 crack babies. 1 in 4 children in this country live at, or just below the poverty line.

    1. I assure you, a cancerous penis has and will be “lopped off” if treatment fails, and the patient wants to live. Cancer is non-discriminatory, and breasts are not the only “sex characteristics” that cancer surgeons will remove, in order to extend a patient’s life.

      1. Really you just went there? WOW… So because I have an opinion I am emotional. Typical ignorant response from a male who is commenting about something that will affect him.

      2. Really you just went there? WOW… So because I have an opinion I am emotional. Typical ignorant response from a male who is commenting about something that will never affect him. You are just showing you stupidity with all of your comments.

        1. You got me there. That was a well thought out response. Oh who am I kidding, logic and thought can’t make it past that layer of irrational emotion and willful ignorance your heart pours out every time you speak. If we all start boycotting every business that doesn’t toe the line of our political ideology there would be a rash of bankrupt companies and unemployment would go through the roof.

  25. It is ironic. Many who support Pro-Choice [which is all well and good] seem to apply this philosophy selectively. If one supports Pro-Choice? Should not this same world-view apply to what one chooses with regard to their insurance coverage either as an individual or a company? No one in this debate is suggesting one can not purchase contraceptive insurance for both female and male. The question here is: who pays for it?

    Though the debate has focused on “religion”? The boarder issue is freedom. In a truly free society people should not be forced to pay for something they find morally objectionable via others enlisting the coercive power of government to force others to do so.

    If a company wishes not to subsidize this coverage – whatever the legitimate reason – should be free to do so. Just as an individual should be free to do so. When this is the case? The law should provide that the insurer is obligated to offer this coverage to those who desire such coverage, [as a group plan for them], without a subsidy from the company, the insurance provider or the government. And, those employees who do not desire coverage? Are free to opt out. The insurance industry has estimated the premium for such coverage to be $20-25.00 a month. Very reasonable. This is authentic freedom and genuine choice.

    The fear that not enough will participate to make this economical is not an excuse to steamroll the authentic freedom of others. And, the demographics point out that millions upon millions of adults – and most corporations – are willing to pay for this coverage voluntarily. This fear is based on lack of knowledge – not reason.

  26. Totalitarians on the left don’t understand that they are completely and totally the biggest threat to liberty and freedom in this country. If they deem themselves to be right, they will destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

  27. Time for a nationwide boycott of ALL these religious BIGOT owned companies! The women of American WILL NOT be dragged backwards into the 1950’s!

    1. You were drug back with doublespeak a long time ago, and just don’t know it.
      Take birth control, so a man won’t be saddled with you and the kid.
      Take birth control, so you can keep looking good for a man.
      Take birth control, cause you know if you get pregnant, he isn’t going to pay for the child’s upbringing.
      Take birth control, cause you need to advance your career, because no guy wants a loser who wants to stay at home and care for the kids, and he certainly isn’t going to do it.
      Yep. You are an object.

      1. I’ve got a hot flash for you, idiot–all over America, every day, men are doing what they are wired to do, depositing their sperm and LEAVING! I LOVE how you woman bashers NEVER hold the damn MEN responsible for reproduction–like those sperm somehow just FLEW UP INTO THE WOMB ON THEIR OWN, completely UNATTACHED TO THE MAN’S JUNK! Join the damn 21st century, you gender traitor BITCH!

        1. Then start making the courts hold the men accountable.
          How many women do you know are raising their kid (s) as a single mom because dad took off when he was done with her? And how many times do the courts REALLY go after the guy for support?
          I know of one guy with 11 kids. 11. He’s not taking care of any of them.
          I know another guy who owes child support going back several years, he isn’t paying, and the courts aren’t making him.
          I would be awfully wary of a man who wanted me to take birth control. 1) it would tell me he has no long term plans with me, and thus it’s just a ‘pleasure’ trip. and 2) he’s likely to jump ship if the bc fails.
          Tell me, how is that respect for a woman?

        2. Seriously? Do you just hate sex or what? Birth control allows women to CONTROL when or IF they have children–AND have a healthy and NORMAL sex life! I just don’t get that attitude at all–and neither do most YOUNG women, who have been trying to be responsible about their sexuality for decades now–and the reduced birth rates in this and all OTHER developed nations, prove this. Our world population is approaching 9 BILLION! It has nearly TRIPLED since I was born in 1953! Do you think that there will be infinite resources to feed, clothe and house this enormous population–the largest in HUMAN RECORDED HISTORY–in the future? Women DO need to respect themselves–and taking control of their reproductive lives AND having a satisfying sex life, are part of treating THEMSELVES with respect!

        3. how does a woman paying her premiums mean you are paying for it, my premiums pay for your viagra

        4. Well, it would be interesting if they would approve Viagra for me as I’m a female, but then again, maybe there could be some obscure medical reason.  And the government doesn’t pay for Viagra…it isn’t covered by Medicare at least.
          Good night.  I’m out of here.

        5. yes it is along with penis pumps, that is a fact Medicare Advantage Plans with Prescription Drug Coverage (MA-PD’s) provide value added benefits which include Viagra

        6. yes it is actually, Medicare Advantage Plans with Prescription Drug Coverage (MA-PD’s) provide value added benefits which include Viagra

        7. If that’s what you think, more power to you.
          Just don’t force others to pay for your sex.

        8. Hi, that comment was in reply to the individual who was verbally abusive to you.  (My computer  for some reason won’t let me re-load the comments, so I can’t tell you her name, but I can tell you she was over-wrought.)

        9. Yeah, I got that. Just wanted to make my stance clear since my comments could be taken in a similar tone.
          Have a good night.

        10. ewwww, you’re very angry it seems.
          I am telling you like it is, if you don’t like it, that’s your CHOICE.
          Men use women for sex, and women on bc are objects.
          Sex becomes nothing more than glorified masturbation if it isn’t unitive, or pro-creative.
          The women who allow themselves to be used in such a way are the women who are NOT holding the men accountable.
          THEY are the ones saying ‘use me’, then leave, cause you won’t have to commit to me. I’m on bc.

    2. you should take a trip to the middle east and tell us about how women are being drug backwards to the 1950″s. I’m sure birth control is the least of their worries.

      1. HA! Typical right wing tactic–when you have nothing meaningful to say-QUICK–CHANGE THE SUBJECT! Interesting–my previous posts and the others I was responding to, have mysteriously DISAPPEARED!

        1. They haven’t disappeared entirely.
          I keep pretty accurate records of my internet activity, and you are one of those I’ve replied to.
          Want me to refresh what you said?

        2. Maybe because you don’t seem capable of having a civil discussion with someone. You attack, name call and are generally vile. Look at what you write and how you say it.

        3. No–it’s because someone removed them–notice how many other people agree with you–as opposed to how many agree with me. I am sick to death of lying right wing trolls! I will block this site!

  28. The post below me outlines two religious freedoms. One of the employers and the employees. Only one of these two groups is required to take an action against his/her beliefs. That is to either contribute money toward, or take other ACTION, that is in direct opposite of what they choose to believe. Keep in mind that that action that they are forced to take cannot be deemed Necessary for our country. Necessary actions are those actions taken to keep someone from immediate death- the defense of the country etc etc. Birth control does not fall under these categories. For all of you people eager to tread on the rights of others to get what you want for free….shame on you.

  29. Just vote a strong leader in. One that is not hell bent on passing action that is soo divisive and that infringes on others beliefs. Please. Focus on job growth for all and I doubt we would be arguing over birth control. in the words of Allen Iverson:
    Birth control?
    We coming out of a recession and you worried about birth control?
    Birth control?
    Birth control?
    Birth control?
    You trying to destroy the constitution over Birth control?
    Birth control?
    Birth control?
    People are dying our soldiers are dying and you worried about birth control?

    silly sheeple.

    1. As a military wife, yes I am worried about BC. Both because it is something my female relatives require to live normal lives, and reduce the risk of death, and because it opens the door to other issues. What if a persons religion has a prohibition against a person cutting their body, and they employ people and offer medical insurance but refuse to cover surgeries? What if their religion states that a woman is unclean during her menstruation, and refuses to let her work during that period? I know people who belong to religions were these are tenets of faith.

        1. What the heck do you mean?

          “TruGhost OfBo t. kerce • 20 minutes ago

          What if the dog hadn’t stopped to take a dump, does that mean it would have caught the rabbit???? •Reply•Share ›” <- this makes no sense and has nothing to do with the issues at hand.

        2. ” you worried about birth control?”

          1. As a military wife, yes I am worried about BC.
          This is a direct response to the above question.

          2. Both because it(birth control) is something my female relatives require to live normal lives, and reduce the risk of death, and because it opens the door to other issues.
          My personal reasoning for worrying about Birth Control.

          3. What if a persons religion has a prohibition against a person cutting their body, and they employ people and offer medical insurance but refuse to cover surgeries? What if their religion states that a woman is unclean during her menstruation, and refuses to let her work during that period? I know people who belong to religions were these are tenets of faith.

          My academic reason for worrying about Birth control.

        3. My sisters, mother and niece all have the same condition as me, so yes I do have reasons. I am the only military dependent, all my relatives that have insurance get it through their employer. My niece, once she is of age, might get her’s through an employer.

          As for purely academic, I made the argument when the HL decision was handed down that others might use this to remove birth control entirely from their employee insurance. This is exactly what has happened here.

        4. The decision was that “closely held companies” can ignore the law, however passed it is still a law till it is repealed, based on religious beliefs.

        5. Don’t know if you read the decision or not Either way, Hobby Lobby is abiding by the law.. SCOTUS says so..

        6. Closely helds are only petitioning for the same waivers that big unions got, froorm the Obungler………………

        7. that is not the language of the SCOTUS decision. So know we know you didn’t read the decision.

        8. oh but you forget they covered those 20 types before aca, and get the majority of their products from china, the leading nation in abortions

        9. they want their cake and eat it too, they want the tax break they would get if did what was required without actually doing it, they are hypocrites, hide behind their bible yet don’t practice what they preach

        1. you really are clueless aren’t you, many states will not allow it if you have less than a certain number of children, my state you have to have two, oh and by the way they aren’t cheap either

        2. Well, I certainly think her doc would make sure she got the ligation, in order to save her life…………..what with the fabulous military medical and all…………………Bob.

    2. As a military man that fought through two conflicts and one war…yess by the very tender age of 34…. I have to say that there are far more important things in the world. Your argument becomes moot as the court has already addressed it. You cannot infringe on anthers beliefs except in instances where you have proved that there is no other method and you have demonstrated necessity. Immediate death. Lets take immediate death. Lets take menstrual periods. Women need to work. No court in the land will rule that ones religion can keep women from working through their nasty periods as the ability to work and provide for ones self is deemed necessary. No one is going to deny surgery to anyone because it also falls under these above stated principles of necessity. Jeesh. But keep spreading the propaganda that these new found freedoms will some how infringe on others health care. It will not. You will not be able to get free plastic surgery because I am sure that it is against someones religion but other wise you will be able to thrive and be a productive American citizen.

  30. “What’s surprising is that no one has raised the fact that birth control is often prescribed for medical reasons other than contraception, and that some women would be at risk if they became pregnant. Does this mean that religious values trump the value of a human life? And what does a woman – or an employee whose wife requires birth control – do if the employer has the right to exercise his or her religious values at work over the health concerns at home?”
    No one is DENYING it to these women. They can still get any form of birth control they want…if they PAY FOR IT YOURSELVES!!! What part of this issue don’t people who ask stupid questions like this understand??

    1. With that logic, why should insurance pay for any preventive medication, after all a person can pay for it themselves? Also the employee pays for their insurance via monthly premiums, deductibles and co-pays so they are paying for it.
      I am prescribed BC to manage a hormone imbalance, my BC would cost me out of pocket $130 a month according to my doctor. I am fortunate my husband’s medical insurance covers BC. Got to love military insurance.

      1. The business pays for the majority of the premium, not the employee. Your pills would still be covered by Hobby Lobby and Eden despite the court ruling. The ruling applies to abortifacients.

        1. um, hate to tell you but iud’s are not and never have been abortifacients, oh and by the way hl covered them before aca

  31. I try to buy organic, and am very conservative. The people who frequent my local organic store are clearly leftists, but I shop there anyway. Eden Foods has an online store; I’ll be buying what I can from them.

  32. Obama & Co. are pushing birth control and abortion as an environmental measure, not women’s rights. If you are or ever were on Obamacare, you got a scary letter detailing all of the women’s health “services” that ins companies i.e. taxpayers will now have to pay for, including 100% coverage sterilization. This is not about women’s rights – are you kidding me? I don’t get how people can be so blind and dumb. Obama grew up in Asia where population control is a way of life. I guess with this population, it is a necessity. I just can’t support how sneakily they’re going about it.

      1. So you are against abortion until the fetus grows up and turns into an adult you don’t like and then we should get rid of them. That is just great logic. Please tell me how that works?

      2. you need to retake simple high school biology, since you think that a fertilized egg is alive and that it is an abortion for it not to implant even though the majority don’t anyways

  33. The first statement in the second paragraph of this “news” article is a complete fabrication. If Eden wants to not pay for insurance for all contraceptive methods, I think they must be a most fundamentalist group. The Hobby decision did not, by any stretch of the imagination, suggest that businesses were exempt from paying for insurance for all kinds of contraception. They just don’t happen to believe in pulling a baby’s head out of the mother and scrambling its brains so it dies, or leaving it to die of neglect ’cause an abortion failed. You call it a right to choose, I call it infanticide.

      1. um, a fertilized egg isn’t alive, you do know that right or are you actually clueless to how that works, especially considering an iud mimics a pregnancy, or the fact that over 75 percent of all fertilized eggs do not implant for natural reasons

        1. yet they do business with china, oh and let’s not forget invest in the companies that make them, and covered them prior to aca, they want the tax break without the requirements, and their article of incorporation should be revoked the whole reason being they signed them to separate themselves from their company for liability reasons

        2. they get a tax break for providing the whole comprehensive coverage if not they get fined, they want the tax break without doing what they are required to, oh and lets not forget doing business with a country that forces abortions, over 300 million in a decade along with forced sterilizations

        3. Seems that “they” will get the tax break, since SCOTUS has ruled in their favor. Where else is BC made???

        4. oh jeeze read it again since, they buy their products from china, you know the abortion and forced sterilization capital of the world

        5. Yes, I get that you are worked up over the abortions and sterlizations in China, while here in the US, it(abortion) is fine with you as long as the incubator is on board with the killing…………….forgetting, conveniently, that baby doesn’t get to vote, in EITHER case………………

        6. What you don’t get, apparently, is that HL objects to its insurance company providing birth control methods that it considers (inaccurately) to be abortion, yet does not object to doing business with a country that mandates abortions. HL also profits from its 401k portfolio that includes stocks in those same birth control methods that it refuses to allow for its employees. Companies that buy their products from China, but don’t profess that their religious beliefs oppose abortion, are not behaving hypocritically. HL is. Apparently there is a line that they will cross when it comes to their bottom line.

        7. I do “get ” all of your points, and they are valid; which co’s do you think do not buy from China??

        8. really and i bet you are more than happy to decide to force a rape victim or incest victim to carry aren’t you, since according to you they are not the important ones, and i bet you think that they should be thrilled with the gift from god

        9. oh jeeze read it again, they buy pretty much all of their products from china, jeeze

        10. I know of no companies that don’t get much of their finished goods from China. Our own FDA has approved US chicken to be sent there, processed, and the returned to US. ( I will not be buying this chicken).

        11. funny they can use their religion to bypass law, yet could care less about where they get their products from, if they were as religious as they claim they wouldn’t

        12. and in fact it is not until implantation, and if they actually followed the bible it even states they are not alive until their first breath

        13. IUD’s work by killing sperm, not by “mimicking” pregnancy. I would also argue that a fertilized egg is “alive”. As for the 75 percenters, that is no more relevant than cum stains on a sheet-still leaves 25% being murdered, in HL’s stance.

        14. really so are the egg and sperm before fertilization, oh and the 25 percent being murdered huh, oh they are relevant really, yet you just said the ones who don’t implant aren’t all the while arguing that a fertilized egg is alive and by the way what do think happens when a pregnant woman has sex, oh wait, i bet you think she can get pregnant while pregnant, an iud is an object placed inside of the uterus, maybe you need to actually know how that works

        15. you just killed you iud argument by admitting that they don’t even allow an egg to be fertilized

  34. The day that the Supreme Court said that corporations are people is the day Americans lost their freedom. Eden Foods and just about any company can and will use these ruling to save money at their employees expense. The bottom line is the company’s goal and not the welfare or care of the employee. In the old days, slavery was the most profitable form of employment and it looks like corporate America wants the good old days back.

      1. I lost none. What was lost, the legal separation between person and corporation. A smart lawyer is going to use to sue a shareholder’s personal assets because they have asserted personal beliefs are part of the corporation.

    1. Did I miss something? What did you lose? Can you still go to a pharmacy and purchase your contraception? Can you still go to planned parenthood for your contraception? Can you still get a DR. to prescribe your contraception? When your denied contraception at these place then let us know…..until take personal responsibility and pay for it yourself.

      1. actually if you would pay attention, their are now states that allow pharmacists to deny it to women, and guess what, they are republican states

        1. oh wow, now you assume that i have had one, none actually, i have one child and can not have any others without putting my life at risk, but according to you who cares right, i should just die right