Twitter Chat Recap: Bridging the STEM Gap

tweet-jam-SAP-1-2015-1-300x300Today, TriplePundit, SAP and our esteemed panelists participated in a special Twitter chat about STEM Inclusion at #SAPYouthChat. 

During this hour-long Twitter chat, SAP and four leading female innovators shared their expertise on empowering youth and developing the future IT workforce through STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). We explored why a diverse workforce is critical to building a sustainable business strategy, and we heard from a young hacker who created her own professional path while paving the way for others.


  • The #SAPYouthChat conversation sparked numerous debatable issues such as the two faces of the STEM skills gap: corporate hiring and the education pipeline.
  • We focused on the benefits of a diverse workforce, and talked about the structure of organizations that are leading the charge to close the gap.
  • Finally, participants discussed how mentorship programs may introduce youth to STEM career paths, which may impact the trajectory of our global workforce.



  • Nick Aster (@NickAster) — TriplePundit Founder and Publisher
  • Marissa Rosen (@MarissaR1) — TriplePundit Director of Social Media
  • Jen Boynton (@JenBoynton) — TriplePundit Editor-In-Chief



This was the first in a series of four Twitter chats that TriplePundit and SAP will host in 2015 to open the dialogue around empowering youth. Each chat will feature an SAP spokesperson, an external influencer, an SAP partner and a youth influencer. Stay tuned for upcoming chats on youth innovation, sports and healthcare, as well as meaningful work for millennials.

Marissa Rosen

Marissa is the Owner of Climate Social, LLC. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications from Mizzou and a master's in environmental studies from UPenn. Connect with her to discuss TriplePundit's popular Twitter Chats or anything else sustainability + digital marketing!