Jimmy Kimmel Schools Sarah Palin On Global Warming

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Jimmy Kimmel — yes, of girls-jumping-on-trampolines fame — used his platform for good this week. Sarah Palin is back in the public eye and not just to promote her Judge Judy knockoff. She’s stumping for the climate denial film “Climate Hustle,” which explains how climate change is a hoaxHer logic, as usual, is impeccable:

“I want people to feel empowered to ask questions about what is being fed them from the scientist community that something’s not making a whole lot of sense when it comes to inconsistent data that is being produced and being fed especially to our children when it comes to global warming or climate change or whatever people are calling it today.”

She continues: “It’s perpetuated, it’s repeated so often that too many people believe that, ‘Oh, well if 97 percent of all scientists believe that man’s activities are creating changes in the weather, who am I to question that?'”

Exactly, Kimmel deadpans. Exactly.


Kimmel goes on to explain that climate change is not a political issue; it’s pure science, and the politicians who are perpetuating confusion are reaping big money from oil companies for doing so. He concludes with a panel of PhDs who promise that they are not f**king with us. If they were, in fact f**king with us, getting a PhD in climate science is *really* playing the long game on a joke without a great punchline.

Kudos to Kimmel for making climate denial the butt of a joke it deserves to be.

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