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Prince Charles: CSR Must “Future Proof” Business

Prince Charles’ think-tank, A4S or “The Prince’s Accounting For Sustainability Project”, recently published an insightful new report called “Future Proofed Decision Making” critiquing the state of CSR. The report surveyed “board members and senior management”.

Forget the Fiscal Cliff – Will the Climate Cause the Next Recession?

With the exception of a limited number of funds, the financial sector has not accounted for the risk associated with climate change. This is a scary situation because it means that at some point, when climate change becomes irrefutably obvious or regulations force recognition

Whole Foods + Etsy = Abe’s Market

Abe’s Market is a natural goods store using smart strategies to overcome green retail’s pricing problem through social media.

CSR: How Investor Proxy Votes Win

Shareholder resolutions and proxy votes haven’t been that successful in the past, but recent initiatives by As You Sow on coal show they’re picking up speed.

Where the Ladies At? In Search of the Female Entrepreneur

In the same way ecosystems with high biodiversity have higher survival rates, businesses with high personnel diversity also fare better than those with one variety of employee. Increased diversity of employees results in a wider variety of thinking, more robust solutions to problems, etc.  In the same way, it’s not surprising that evidence has emerged … Continued

Are You Ready for Peak Sushi?

Over dinner a couple years ago, one of the foremost coastal attorneys in the nation ordered poke at a Hawaiian restaurant. “Eat up!” he told me. “Consumable fish will be gone in fifty years.” The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)–an agency housed within the (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)–confirmed as much in its sixth … Continued

How to Write Mission Statements That Keep You Out of Court

Mission statements can be painful exercises for entrepreneurs that have yet to truly define their business–or for people who just hate writing. But they are an important part of your planning, and writing a meaningful one can be a cathartic step in business development. Besides, getting it wrong can land you in court. Infuse mission … Continued

United Prosperity’s Powerful Upgrade to the Microfinance Model

Microfinance is feel-good. It’s win-win-win for investors without demanding return requirements. It’s low risk. It helps the poor and empowers an escape from subsistence living. Microfinance is finance we can live with, far from Wall Street’s psychotic derivatives and Madoff-styled sociopaths. Microfinance is lending and investing that’s so ideal that it’s almost cutesy. However, it’s … Continued