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Can We Put a Price on Solving Climate Change?

Earlier this week, Lisa Zelljadt from Point Carbon wrote of her company’s new “Carbon 2010” report, which is a worthy attempt at covering the complex set of variables involved in creating and sustaining markets for carbon allowances. The report quantifies the responses from their proprietary data and marketing survey of approximately 1,500 carbon professionals who … Continued

GDP vs. “Happiness”: Economics Are Getting Smarter

Five years ago, 3p reported that GDP does not correlate with happiness, and that another, more holisitic metric—GPI, or Gross Progress Indicator—would be more apt. Now, in 2010, some say this is still true. This finding has been repeated and reported almost constantly in the last five years, which begs two points. First, that happiness is … Continued

Why a National Renewable Energy Standard *Is* a Jobs Bill

While we’re stoked that jobs bill passed, Congress must stop ignoring another major source of jobs- a national renewable energy standard. AWEA and Navigant Consulting report up 274,000 potential green jobs …

Brace for Impact: the West Coast Anticipates Electric Vehicles

It’s hard not to see the flurry of activity preceding Dec 2010’s slated electric vehicle launches as an expression of joyous excitement. A range of stakeholders are taking action, and coordinating to prepare for widespread electric vehicle ownership. But are they in fact preparing for a new Golden Age in transportation, for the most significant … Continued

Three Keys to Understanding Sustainability Rankings

David Letterman isn’t the only one crazy for top ten lists; corporate sustainability rankings have become one way companies prove their green laurels to consumers. For example the Corporate Knights, a research group that also produces a magazine about sustainability, published a list of top sustainable companies that looks a lot different than 3p’s own … Continued

Takeaways From Toyota: Choosing to Break Growth

Toyota shares a compromising, cliche business story with many other firms: explosive growth at the expense of consumer protection. What can we do to break this pattern in the future? The solution is about remembering that CSR minimally means producing products that benefit consumers, a principle typically lost in deploying aggressive growth strategy. Hasty expansion … Continued

Why Electric Vehicles Worry California Power Regulators

Though historically high gas prices provide a strong market demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in California, it is the state with an electric grid that is the least able to support these cars. With automakers set to launch at least a dozen EV models by 2012, California’s electricity regulators are scrambling to respond to the … Continued