Sustainability as an Imperative in Public Policy

Complaining about government waste is almost a cliche. From the excessive use of Police ATVs patrolling our completely safe beaches, to the general inefficiency at all levels, governments seem to be avoiding the environmental crisis in their day to day operations. At very least, sustainability does not seem to be on their checklist of mandatory … Continued

Green Fatigue Already?

As a proponent of changing individual lifestyles to reduce environmental waste, I encourage sustainable living to more than just my close circle of friends and family. Lately, almost every social gathering I go to, be it a night in Hollywood or a family get together, my involvement in sustainability comes to be a topic of … Continued

Taco Bell Taking a Step into Sustainability

Taco Bell recently announced their plans to install new “Grill-To-Order” cooking machines in all of their locations. The company is making this step to not only reduce water and energy usage, but also improve cost efficiency. Each installation is estimated to save $5,900 a year in electricity cost per store. System-wide Taco Bell expects to … Continued