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Free Range Studios Offers Grants to One Lucky Business and Non-Profit

Jonah Sachs, and his long-time friend Louis Fox, started Free Range Studios 10 years ago as a creative agency with a conscience. Sachs, named one of the “The Thirty People Cleaning up the Earth” by Shift magazine in 2001, first realized the tranformative power of media as the editor of his college newspaper. He recalled, … Continued

Cisco Pays Employees Not to Work at Cisco

How the Computer Networking Giant Encourages Non-Profit Service A few years back, the Financial Times told the story of Peter Santis, a regional sales manager for computer networking giant, Cisco Systems. When he was let go, according to the article (links to articles dating before 2004 aren’t available on, Santis was presented with a … Continued

Fall’s New Fashion Trend: Plastic Bottles

Anvil Knitwear Launches New T-Shirt Made From Recycled PET Bottles Yesterday, Anvil Knitwear announced the launch of its newest line of eco-friendly apparel: A t-shirt made from plastic bottles. No, this is not some misguided homage to Zoolander’s Dereliqute campaign, but rather an interesting attempt to promote plastic recycling and the conversion to industrial organic … Continued

Consumers Backlash Against Ban on Incandescent Light Bulbs

A monumental ban on incandescent bulbs went into effect today throughout the European Union, marking a significant milestone in policy regarding consumer habits as a way to combat our collective impact on climate change. It’s been long understood that compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are significantly more energy efficient, and while there will be a roughly … Continued

Greenpeace Faux Pas Raises Debate About Sensationalizing Climate Change

Last week, a lede in the Guardian UK’s environment blog read: “Greenpeace’s sea ice ‘mistake’ delights climate change sceptics (sic).” Apparently, in a recent interview on BBC, a Greenpeace expert went on air and said that the Arctic is looking at ice free summers as early as 2030. He, in fact, meant to say sea … Continued

Tappening: Bottled Water Made from Melted Ice Caps and Polar Bear Tears

More articles on the controversy surrounding bottled water can be found here! Founded in 2007, Tappening is an educational campaign designed to encourage the public to drink tap water whenever possible, and to send a message to the bottled water industry about its unnecessary and extreme waste of fossil fuels and resultant pollution of the … Continued

Taking Cues from Birds to Green the Airline Industry

Stanford University research group takes biomimicry to whole new heights At this summer’s Airbus “Fly Your Ideas” competition, an international call for sustainability innovation in the airline industry, one Australian team of graduate students walked away with the first place cash prize of 30,000 euros for a green passenger cabin concept. Derived from castor oil, … Continued

Safety-Kleen Auto Parts: “Save the Planet. Just Change Your Oil.”

In 2008, according to its website, Safety-Kleen collected more than 225 million gallons of used oil. In the same year, Safety-Kleen recycled approximately 145 million of it into base oil products for re-use in the marketplace. This morning, Safety-Kleen announced a partnership with a Massachusetts-based service center to exclusively feature their “green” oil in all … Continued

Forged Letters Sent to Congressman to Undermine Climate Legislation

When considering how he’d vote on the Waxman-Markety bill last month, Charlottesville, Virginia Representative, Tom Perriello, did what any legislator should. He listened to his constituents. Among the thousands of emails, letters, and faxes he received, a handful in particular stood out. One was written by Creciendo Juntos, a nonprofit network that works with Charlottesville’s … Continued

Bottled Water Offered on AirTran Flights Touted as Green

AirTran is a budget airline that you’re most likely familiar with for popping up on all the flight promo aggregators online. Today, they made an interesting announcement. They will feature the world’s first Carbon Neutral water. Carbon Neutral water you say? Yes, starting today, passengers on AirTran flights will get treated to bottles of Icelandic … Continued

How Logistics Are Making Cleantech Blow in the Wind

The challenges facing the wind industry and the opportunities they create. Ever since T. Boone Pickens announced his plan to sell off 667 turbines, effectively decimating plans for the largest wind farm in the world, the wind industry has come under increased scrutiny and criticism. Kate Galbraith, a blogger for NY Times’ Green Inc., has … Continued

A Mad Scientist on the Future of Food: Moto Restaurant’s Homaro Cantu

Seven years ago, long before NPR and Fast Company and the New York Times chronicled Homaro Cantu’s shocking reworkings of the dining experience at Moto Restaurant, in Chicago, he and his team began developing a project with what he calls game-changing technology in food delivery. “First we have action, then we have reaction,” Cantu remarked … Continued

Cooking for the Community at San Francisco’s La Cocina

In La Cocina’s large, commercial kitchen, three women joke with each other, their laughter amplified by the room’s high ceilings and brushed steel fixtures. They carefully dust powdered sugar on a fresh batch of alfajores, pastry-style cookies filled with dulce de leche, a caramel-like filling made from heated milk. Preparing for an upcoming local farmer’s … Continued

Nissan Unveils All New Plug-Free Electric Car

Imagine your electric toothbrush, the one that’s supposed to come the closest to a dentist cleaning at home. According to an article in the Guardian this morning, the people at Nissan created an EV based on that technology. No, the new Nissan Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) will not get those hard to reach places or … Continued