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Esurance: Creating Innovation with a Paper-Less Model and a Cartoon Character

Esurance was founded in 1999 during the peak of the dot com boom. It was the first auto insurer to offer its services exclusively online, from quotes to purchasing to communications to policy documents. As the company capitalized on a technological revolution, it helped create an innovative new business model, one that is inherently greener … Continued

Greenwash Alert: Lucky Supermarkets Announce Indoor Farmers Markets

As I listened to the radio yesterday evening, enjoying the warm summer evening in my suburban Bay Area neighborhood, an interest commercial came on, nestled somewhere in between the ad for the cell phone carriers and the dating website. Lucky Supermarkets, a Northern California entity of the Save Mart chain, will now feature indoor farmers … Continued

How a 12-Second Video Can Help the Environment this Summer earlier this year announced a cool project. The Summer of Social Good, as they call it, is a way to capitalize on the immense power and capability of social media to bring about change. According to organizers, the goal is to use the power of “Social Influence” via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs and other … Continued

Zipcar Launches First All-Electric Car-Sharing Pod

Zipcar, the innovative car-sharing service, today announced its first Electric Vehicle Pod, which will come equipped with an all-electric Citroen c1 (pictured above) and a plug-in Toyota Prius. “Our proprietary car sharing technology platform allows us to manage a variety of cutting-edge vehicles, serving hundreds of thousands of Zipsters who benefit from convenience, cost savings, … Continued

How Wimbledon Uses Mass Appeal for Philanthropy

Photo Source: Fotosports / R. Parker As hoards of tennis fans queued in line for hours today, hoping to get a glimpse of Andy Roddick or Roger Federer on Centre Court, the organizers of the world’s premiere tennis event offered a concession to those unlucky enough not to get in this morning: Resales. While Wimbledon … Continued

Bodum Coffee: “Make Taste, Not Waste”

“In itself, there is sustainability in good design,” said Thomas Perez in a recent interview, the accent of the Danish-born president of BODUM USA adding a poetic flare to the sentiment. And by the majority of international critics, the Swiss-based BODUM’s coffee presses are just that: products of good design. For many of us, coffee … Continued

EPA Approves California Pollution Regulation

The EPA is granting California’s waiver request that allows the state to enforce its own greenhouse gas emissions standards for new motor vehicles, according to an announcement made by the agency early this morning. With this decision, the EPA is returning to its traditional legal interpretation of the Clean Air Act from nearly 40 years … Continued

Waxman-Markey Climate Bill Would Cut Gas Expenses

By 2020, Americans will save over $17 billion by driving more efficient vehicles that will lower household transportation costs, according to the NRDC. The American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act allocates funding to produce the next generation of clean, fuel-efficient vehicles in the United States, and when combined with clean vehicle performance standards adopted … Continued

Responding to Iran, Thomas Friedman’s Controversial “Freedom Tax” on Oil

“Launching a real Green Revolution in America would be the best way to support the ‚ÄòGreen Revolution’ in Iran.” Thomas Friedman had an interesting idea in his op-ed yesterday morning: The US should impose an immediate “Freedom Tax” of $1 per gallon on all gasoline. By putting economic pressure on oil producing regions, the US … Continued

Dell Earth: Greening IT with Smarter PCs and Engaged Employees

When Tod Arbogast, Dell’s Director of Sustainability, was interviewing for his current position, he posed a question to Michael Dell, the iconic namesake of the PC giant: “If I got this job, what would you expect of me first and foremost?” Dell replied, simply and profoundly: “Courage.” Arbogast needed courage to carry forward issues that … Continued

San Francisco’s Mayor Newsom Signs Mandatory Recycling Law

Photo Source: Yesterday, Mayor Gavin Newsom signed one of the first legislations of its kind in the country: a mandatory law requiring residential and commercial building owners to recycle and compost. While several other cities require recycling service and participation, San Francisco is the first city to require the collection of food scraps and … Continued

Tesla to Receive Goverment Money to Build Electric Cars

If you thought that Tesla Motors hadn’t hit the big time, that it was just a fringe, even infant car company next to the big boys like Ford, GM, or Toyota, today’s bit of news might help change that notion. Like the major automakers, it too will now receive government funding. Dozens of auto companies, … Continued

Is Mainstream Media the Right Tool for Philanthropy?

There’s a show out there called, “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” Some of you may have heard of it, many others perhaps not. It’s a reality TV show on NBC that features B-list celebrities, like Lou Diamond Phillips, two Baldwin brothers, and America’s favorite power couple from MTV’s The Hills. It’s a … Continued

Living Machine System Cleans Wastewater, Removes Strain on “Sewage Grid”

Photo Source: Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren, Michigan, a suburb just outside of Detroit, says that our aging water infrastructure is a “a ticking time bomb that’s ready to go off.” A report by the EPA cites that repairing and renovating public water systems will require $334.8 billion over two decades. And as … Continued