Audrey is a freelance copywriter. She has worked with every kind of company, helping them to communicate their message of sustainability. Careful to never greenwash, Audrey believes that transparency in marketing is just as important as branding. And that doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive. When she's not blogging, marketing sustainability or writing radio commercials for Chinese food, you can find Audrey rock-climbing, riding her bike around San Francisco, or looking for work (she's available for hire, call now!)

AussieBum’s New Undies Made From Bananas

Is that a banana in your underwear, or are you just excited by eco-fashion? The answer is both. AussieBum has recently announced its release of a new eco-friendly line of men’s underwear made with 27% banana fiber. This is a world-first, according to the company. So much for Fruit of the Loom’s dancing men dressed … Continued

Saul’s Deli Bridges the Gap Between Traditional and Sustainable

Et tu, Saul’s Deli? I’ve somehow always managed to compartmentalize comfort food and sustainable/healthy food. The latter is what I eat on a regular basis—quinoa from the organic grocery, locally grown kale from the farmers’ market—that’s my regular diet. But sometimes I want to break away from all that healthiness and enjoy a greasy, meaty … Continued

Ben & Jerry’s Plans to go 100% Fair Trade

Fair labor conditions never tasted so good. Ben & Jerry’s announced last week that they will be 100% fair trade by 2013.  That means that all of their “global flavor portfolio” will be composed of Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients, such as cocoa, vanilla, fruits, nuts, etc. The successful ice cream company was the first to … Continued

Detroit’s Schools Offer New Class: Working at Walmart

“When I grow up, I want to work at Walmart.” A phrase I would expect to be uncommon coming from high school students. However, in a city with a 50% unemployment rate and public schools struggling to stay open, the education system has joined with Walmart to help our country’s future generations learn to, well, … Continued

New Leaf Paper Launches Online Eco Audit Calculator

According to the Environmental Paper Network, choices about paper use and selection are the most significant decisions one can make to impact the planet. Printing double-sided, or, better yet, not printing at all, can hugely reduce environmental footprint. But until the world decides to go 100 percent digital, paper is a necessity. When it comes … Continued

McDonald’s Gets Green…In Its Logo

McDonald’s is doing things a little backwards. Usually, how it works is: companies go green, and then change their logo to reflect these new, sustainable practices. But McDonald’s Europe has decided to go ahead and make that logo switch first. An Associated Press article reports that European McDonald’s is exchanging its traditional red color for … Continued

Campaign against Sustainable Forestry Initiative Escalates

ForestEthics versus SFI. The green industry is overwhelmed by trustmarks and certification organizatons. As a result, consumers don’t know whom to believe anymore. As it turns out SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) is funded and managed primarily by large logging companies, whereas ForestEthics is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to protecting endangered forests. (And then there’s the … Continued

7-Eleven Wrapping Nature’s Naturally Wrapped Fruit

There are so many great things about bananas. In addition to being an important source of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, they’re naturally wrapped, so companies that sell them don’t have to worry about packaging. That is, unless that company is 7-Eleven. Last month, 7-Eleven tested a new plastic wrap to keep single bananas yellow … Continued

Give more, Useless

Believe me, USELESS, I get it. I get the point you’re trying to make. Your anti-consumerism, “Use less, give more” message is not a new one. However, following it with a list of products to purchase definitely is. I understand that you mean to be somewhat ironic. And I get how handy it is that … Continued

3rdSpaces Helps SF Venues with New Mandatory Waste Ordinance 

With San Francisco’s mandatory waste ordinance in effect as of Wednesday, the city’s businesses and residences are now required by law to compost their food waste. This is a big shift for the city’s over 4000 restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that will now have to divert a huge section of their waste to their green … Continued

Southwest Announces New “Green Plane”

Truly sustainable planes with alternative fuel or higher efficiency may still be many, many miles away, but Southwest seems to be have introduced a quick layover with yesterday’s debut of their “Green Plane.” The greening of the plane is based mostly on eco-friendly interior materials, from InterfaceFLOR carpeting to new lightweight, leather-like leather alternatives for … Continued

Formula Companies Pushing Products in Third-World Countries

New innovations are being created constantly to make everyday activities more sustainable. And yet at the same time, baby formula companies are pushing products that make life’s most sustainable activity (in every meaning of the word) less sustainable. In addition to the huge benefit that breastfeeding has on health (including significantly reducing infant mortality), breasts … Continued

Fashionistas, Ad Execs and Environmentalists Descend on NYC

This time in September marks a convergence of three big New York City events: Fashion Week, Advertising Week and Climate Week NYC. Three of today’s most influential industries that both support each other and battle each other for public attention. On one hand, consumerism is the opposite of sustainability. Though at the same time, phenomena … Continued

Have a Branded Sweet & Solar Wedding

Share your special day with 19 other couples and an “all-natural, low-calorie sweetener.” In a somewhat misguided brand launch, SUN CRYSTALS® is sponsoring a solar-powered New York City wedding for 20 lucky couples. How is marriage related to sweetener or to the environment? Because it’s the “first all-natural, low-calorie sweetener that marries stevia and sugar … Continued

Plants Need CO2, Therefore It Doesn’t Cause Global Warming?

I’m sure the Internet has its fair share of wackos trying to prove that global warming is not human-made nor dangerous. But I’m going to focus on this one, because he’s just so adorable. His reasoning: Plants Need Co2. Therefore, how could CO2 be a pollutant? In fact, he’s so emphatic about this that he … Continued