Audrey is a freelance copywriter. She has worked with every kind of company, helping them to communicate their message of sustainability. Careful to never greenwash, Audrey believes that transparency in marketing is just as important as branding. And that doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive. When she's not blogging, marketing sustainability or writing radio commercials for Chinese food, you can find Audrey rock-climbing, riding her bike around San Francisco, or looking for work (she's available for hire, call now!)

Surprise! Sigg Bottles Did Contain BPA After All.

More articles on the controversy surrounding bottled water can be found here! A bottle full of BPA-laden tears. That’s what I’ve cried for you, Sigg. You have let me down. To think, you were my proud symbol of healthy environmentalism. You represented anti-plastic bottled water as I filled and refilled you every day at the … Continued

Is There Such a Thing As Green Pesticide? EcoSMART Says Yes

Finally, a pesticide that can rid your house of all those pesky children and animals. Oh no wait, scratch that. It’s SAFE for children and animals. That packaging had me confused. EcoSMART claims to be the only 100% safe insecticide that is proven to work. Their products are based on the essential oils from plants … Continued

Double the Pleasure: Recycle Your Old Sex Toys

Stop filling up your garbage can with cheaply made vibrators. No more broken dildos piling up in landfill. Now you can recycle your old sex toys! Yes, that’s recycle, not reuse, which is where my mind initially jumped. According to “”: “Finally, there’s an environmentally friendly way to dispose of used or broken vibrators, dildos, … Continued

Naturally Gorgeous? Sephora Has Their Own Definition

A recent trip to Sephora to replace my favorite (and highly toxic) lip gloss sparked a question: What is “natural” beauty? I would define it as something unchanged by human hands, as in a sunset, a wild flower, or a good-looking person with no make up. Sephora defines it as make up containing “natural” ingredients. … Continued

Pee in the Shower: Save the Rainforest.

SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation, a Brazilian non-profit organization, is currently running a TV campaign encouraging viewers to save the Atlantic rainforest by peeing in the shower. Their kid-oriented commercial shows recognizable silhouettes, from King Kong to what appears to be Gandhi (really?), reducing their water usage by, uh, making some “rain” of their own in … Continued

Clean Coal: The Battle of the Marketers

With every great greenwashing campaign comes an equally fascinating anti-greenwashing campaign. I have to credit the person who came up with the label “clean coal” because (while as of yet it’s a complete oxymoron) it says it all in the name, right? It’s coal, BUT it’s clean. As the Coen brothers explain in their fake … Continued

Does Evian’s New Campaign Go Too Far?

I’ll admit it, I’m already pretty biased against all bottled water companies. Anyone that takes a product that flows freely in most cities, puts in a plastic bottle, ships it thousands of miles and sells it for money is crossing quite a few environmental lines. But calling anything about that process “natural” is even more … Continued

Less Plastic? Really, SanDisk?

It’s time for SanDisk to rethink its packaging. Oh wait, it already has. Really, SanDisk? Is that much really plastic really necessary? I don’t mean to pick on this company specifically. Many electronic companies need to come up with better solutions to packaging, and some are working on it. However, they need to come up … Continued

Organic Odor Eraser from Poo-Pourri

At last, an organic way to eliminate odors before taking a crap. I’m so sick of all those harsh chemicals I usually use to spray the toilet before going number two. Oh no, wait a minute, I never spray the toilet with anything, because, frankly, pooping is about as natural as you can get. But … Continued

Electronic Cigarettes. Safer? Greener? Or Just Weirder?

They look like cigarettes, act like cigarettes, give smokers their nicotine fix. And yet, they’re not cigarettes. They’re electronic cigarettes, or “E-cigs.” According to this CNN report, sales of e-cigs have been increasing over several years in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden and Brazil. The claimed benefits? Instead of inhaling smoke, “e-smokers” (I just made … Continued

New 1% Rule Proposed for Reporting On Energy-Savings

We have certifications for organic claims, guides for green marketing, why not impose a new rule of thumb for news articles about energy-saving products or projects? David MacKay of The Guardian proposes a rule that a device or project can only be reported in the public arena if it leads to energy savings of at … Continued

FTC Ensures Truthfulness of Environmental Marketing Claims

“Best tasting.” “Preferred by doctors.” “Will change your life forever.” When it comes to advertising, brands are obviously not allowed to say anything they feel like. And yet when it comes to environmental claims, many still seem to think that they can. Sadly, they often get away with it. Look at 7-Up with their “100% … Continued

Walmart Releases 2009 Sustainability Report

It’s no secret that the very existence of “big box” stores that plant themselves in giant parking lots to bring cheaply manufactured goods from third-world countries to America (and around the world) is unsustainable. However, with its almost 8,000 stores, 2 million associates, over 100,000 suppliers and 200 million customers, any step in the right … Continued

McDonald’s Reports its Global Best of Green

The sustainability movement touches every company, incluing the folks that wrap factory-farmed beef products and feed them to the poor, obese masses. That’s right, the 2009 “Best of Green” innovations have come to McDonald’s. But it gets better, you can vote on them here! This list of best practices highlights local innovations to be shared … Continued

SF To Build California’s Largest Solar Plant (Despite the Fog)

If there’s one thing I know about being a longtime resident of San Francisco, it’s that it’s always hot and sunny here. Oh wait, did I say hot and sunny? I mean cold and ridiculously foggy. And the foggiest part of the city is, ironically, call the Sunset. Maybe it’s the name that threw them … Continued