Goodwill and Dell Extend Reconnect Program to New York State

Computer recycling has never been convenient. While just about every major manufacturer offers an end-of-life take back program, finding and printing the right labels, weighing materials, and shipping the package off isn’t always easy. Even then, some manufacturers will only collect their brand materials meaning you have to do the same process all over again … Continued

Texas Enacts E-Waste Recycling Program

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ) has officially implemented the Computer Equipment Recycling Program for their state. The program will expand free electronic recycling options for consumers. The wording in the program shows that the commission means business. Manufacturer’s must offer a take back program for their products in order to sell them. Similarly, … Continued

HP Selling Notebook in its Own Messenger Bag

How do you reduce packaging when selling a laptop? Ship it in a messenger bag made of 100% recycled materials with all the accessories included. For its Pavilion dv6929, HP has reduced 97% of the cardboard and plastic traditionally used in packaging by doing just that. With the laptop, HP won Walmart’s Home Entertainment Design … Continued

Dell Receives EPEAT Gold on New Hybrid Line

In its race for the green tech gold medal (sorry, I’m not supposed to use Olympics references anymore), Dell has just received the EPEAT Gold standard for its new Studio Hybrid line. The Hybrid is the first consumer level desktop to meet the gold standard. The computers are 80% smaller than standard desktops, ENERGY STAR … Continued

Are Solid State Drives an Eco-Friendly Option?

Despite the amount of technological barriers to overcome, leaps in reliability and battery life make them a better environmental option for computer storage, if only slightly. The question comes with the news that Dell is now offering the storage drives in their consumer level M1330 and M1530 laptops. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are an alternative to … Continued

LCD Chemical Found to Have 17,000 Times the Climate Impact of CO2.

Dubbed the “missing greenhouse gas,” nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) was found by a recent study to have a global climate impact 17,000 times greater than carbon dioxide. The chemical is found in the LCD panels of cell phones, televisions, and computer monitors, as well as in semiconductors and synthetic diamonds. The chemical is not one of … Continued

Dell first to offer 80 PLUS Gold power supply, the highest in energy efficiency

Dell wants to be the “greenest” tech company out there. With commitment to industry standards like EPEAT and ENERGY STAR in addition to their recycling initiatives and WEEE compliance, you might say they are well on their way. This week brings an industry first for the company: an 80PLUS Gold power supply for servers. 80PLUS … Continued

ACNielsen Reports Organic Sales on the Rise Despite Economy

According to an ACNielsen and Natural Marketing Institute study (PDF), green consumers are willing to pay more for organic, natural or environmentally-friendly products compared to “non-green” consumers. The section of consumers termed “lifestyles of health and sustainability” or “LOHAS” spend the most on consumer packaged goods such as cereal, jelly, pasta, produce, soup and ready-to-serve … Continued

Intel’s Atom Processor: What Does It Mean When Your Next Computer Costs $250

Intel further detailed plans for its Atom processor at this year’s Computex. The company is expecting the processor to create a whole new set of computers dubbed “netbooks” and “nettops,” low-power systems that are primarily used for internet and other basic functions such as listening to music and word processing. “Netbooks” will be much smaller … Continued

IBM’s offers software to green IT.

You might think updating hardware would be the best option for reducing energy consumption when it comes to computers, but software can play a large part as well. At IBM’s PULSE 08 conference, the company said it was pushing IT clients to adopt their energy-saving software. IBM’s Tivoli software, a systems management tool, is reported … Continued

Green PC: Corsair Greens its Power Supply Line

Corsair is one of the leading providers of gaming-grade, high performance memory and power supplies. They offer products like a 1000W power supply fit to power three video cards, and the DOMINATOR line of memory built for processor overclocking, a power-hungry process of maximizing computer performance. As you may have guessed, computer gaming has never … Continued

Google ends eco-search engine support

Sydney-based Ecocho founder Tim Macdonald had an idea; build a search engine based on Google and Yahoo technology and use the ad revenue to plant two trees for every 1,000 searches, offsetting tons of carbon dioxide. However, the practice of “compensating users for viewing ads or performing searches, or promise compensation to a third party … Continued

Green Electronics Made Not So Easy: How Companies Are Marketing EPEAT

EPEAT, the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, is like LEED certification for electronics; it monitors the environmental impact of electronics much like LEED monitors buildings. Products are ranked either bronze, silver, or gold, depending on how many of the 51 criteria they meet. Criteria include recycling programs for products, the labeling of plastic parts for … Continued