Boyd Cohen is the CEO of CO2 IMPACT, a carbon origination company based in Vancouver, Canada and Bogota, Colombia. Boyd is also the co-author of Climate Capitalism: Capitalism in the Age of Climate Change.Twitter: boydcohen

Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: B Corps and Beyond

Post-capitalist entrepreneurship (PCE) is about changing the underlying logic of entrepreneurial organizing, governance models, legal structures, approach to intellectual property, perception of consumption and production and of course the ultimate objectives and metrics of success.

Smart Grids Could Reduce Impact of Hurricanes Like Irene

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., Co-Author, Climate Capitalism Writing this last Saturday afternoon, the nation and the world are warily observing the path and wrath of Hurricane Irene.  There have already been documented losses of life as well as reports that more than a million Americans have been left without power so far. Given that the changing … Continued

We Must Put a Price on Carbon: EU to the Rescue Again?

Boyd Cohen, Co-author, Climate Capitalism Many public policy gurus and economists will tell you that if we truly want to decarbonize our economy we need to actually put a price on carbon.  Just last week I conducted a book launch for Climate Capitalism in Portland with the support of Sustainable Business Oregon, Net Impact and … Continued

Why the U.S. Debt Crisis is Just the Tip of the Melting Iceberg

Boyd Cohen, Climate Strategist As many of this column’s readers know, I am from the U.S. and have lived in Europe and most recently Canada for the 10 years since getting my Ph.D. at the University of Colorado.  While I am no economist (my Ph.D. is in business), I believe that the recent U.S. debt … Continued

Tea Party Opposes ICLEI and Sustainable Development in Cities

Today, ICLEI has more than 1200 local government members from 70 countries representing nearly 600 million people around the globe.  Members of ICLEI are committed to sustainable local development.

With such a mission, it’s not a huge surprise that the organization has come under fire from the Tea Party.

Global Ranking of Top 10 Resilient Cities

By Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CO2 IMPACT and Co-Author, Climate Capitalism Resilient cities, those that are working to transition towards a low-carbon economy while also preparing to avert the worst of climate change, are gaining interest and attention from policy makers, city councils and others worldwide. In fact, today, leaders from the public and private sector, … Continued

Low-Carbon Cities of the Future: Resilient Cities

Lately I have been profiling cities and politicians who are leading the way towards a low-carbon future.  As many of the readers of this column know, I recently published a book with Hunter Lovins entitled Climate Capitalism Capitalism.  Hunter and I were disappointed by the lack of progress on climate action in North America largely … Continued

Why I Would Vote for Mitt Romney Instead of Obama

UPDATE: Boyd Cohen has recanted this position. For other perspectives on the candidates, check out these posts: Five Problems with the Romney-Ryan Budget Romney Energy Plan a Massive Pipeline Dream On Taxes, More Than 47% Will Question Why Vote For Mitt Romney Why Vote for Mitt Romney? Not the Economy! Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CEO, CO2 … Continued

Top 10 Climate-Ready Cities in the U.S.

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CO2 IMPACT Cities are now home to a majority of the world’s population and are on the front line in the battle against climate change.  While action at the federal level in the U.S. has been painfully slow, cities in the U.S. are starting to lead by example at a local level. … Continued

Canada Votes in First Green MP

By Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Elizabeth May, Canada’s Leader of the Green Party, won an historic election on May 2nd.  She is the first ever elected Member of Parliament in Canada for the Green Party.  Despite an overwhelming victory for the Conservative party in Canada’s national elections on Monday, Elizabeth May made history. The Greens … Continued

Birther Debate dead, Could Climate Change Debate be Next?

By Boyd Cohen, CO2 IMPACT Good old Donald Trump.  We all know there is no way he will ever be President of the U.S. and I think he knows it too. But that doesn’t mean he can’t use his media smarts to grow his brand.  Mr. Trump managed to briefly make a media storm out … Continued

Why Shale Gas and Fracking May Be Part of Our Clean Energy Future

I must admit that I have been heavily focused on renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro and biofuels as the medium-long-term path towards meeting our growing energy needs while minimizing our impacts on the climate and the environment.  And recently I spoke out against nuclear’s role in the long-term energy mix. I am … Continued

Does Earth Day Matter? Taking Stock of Where We Are in 2011

By Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CO2 IMPACT Well, here we are again, Earth Day 2011.  Some of the readers of this weekly series on Climate Capitalism are well aware of my general dissatisfaction with the role that events like Earth Hour and even actually have in moving the needle on massive issues like climate change. … Continued