Brian Thurston is a sustainability consultant working on research, strategy and policy development. Brian is interested in building awareness and unique relationships within and between corporate, government, and NGO partners. He holds a BA in Literature from University of Southern California, and a MS in Environmental Policy from The Johns Hopkins University.

Green Books Campaign: Strategy for Sustainability, A Business Manifesto

This review is part of the Green Books campaign.Today 200 bloggers take a stand to support books printed in an eco-friendly manner by simultaneously publishing reviews of 200 books printed on recycled or FSC-certified paper. By turning a spotlight on books printed using eco- friendly paper, we hope to raise the awareness of book buyers … Continued

The Story of Cap & Trade (Discussion Follows)

They’re at it again – the creative team who brought you the wildly popular Story of Stuff are following up with “The Story of Cap and Trade: Why You Can’t Solve a Problem With the Thinking That Created It.” Building on the momentum of The Story of Stuff (over 8 million views to date) Annie … Continued

Maldives Underwater Meeting Catches Media Attention

Few people appear better positioned for Blog Action Day 2009 than Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed – and it’s been a busy year since he took office. Faced with growing threats of sea level rise, President Nasheed has made some bold claims since his election last November. From his statement earlier this year that his government … Continued

Scaling Back En Route to Copenhagen

About 53 days until COP15, and the word compromise is surfacing more and more in discussions around reaching an agreement in December. There is also worry that the U.S. will not have passed any sort of significant climate bill by then, thus hampering their ability to make any real CO2 emissions pledge. In a joint … Continued

Harrah’s Entertainment Bets On Green

Environmental stewardship and casinos don’t seem to sit well together in the same sentence. Just step foot into one and you are bombarded with that amusement park feeling of bright lights and the sounds of cascading coins – a hotbed of excess, but not exactly the poster child of sustainability, right? Maybe, maybe not – … Continued

A Rainforest SOS To The World

Yesterday The Prince’s Rainforest Project launched a global campaign to raise awareness for deforestation. The public campaign was originally launched back in May, garnering over 4 million views of their campaign frog videos and a long line of celebrity and corporate endorsements. The Prince’s Rainforest Project dates back to 2007 as a reaction to reports … Continued

This Is Not Walmart’s Index

Last week Joel Makower of hosted a webinar with Rand Waddoups, Senior Director of Strategy/Sustainability from Walmart, to help put some structure to the Sustainability Index Walmart announced about ten weeks ago. Realizing that the demands of the customer are changing, Walmart is focusing on “innovation and supply chain transparency.” Citing programs like Patagonia’s … Continued

Your Spongy Laptop Sleeve Giving You a Headache?

Or maybe that wetsuit sitting in the trunk of your car, or hanging in your closet, is smelling kind of toxic? Well, guess what – you’re right on. Those products, and thousands of others, are made of a material called neoprene – and albeit revolutionary and incredibly versatile in its applications, it is a toxic … Continued

Want To Make An Impact?

Ever thought of starting your own business? I’m sure many of you have, but did you consider, in your business plan, to have no ownership and give away all of your profits? Yeah, I said it: a for-profit company that gives away all of its profits. Sound crazy? Sound good? Well it does to Michael … Continued

The City of Brotherly Love Goes Green

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter announced today their comprehensive Greenworks Philadelphia plan – which highlights their environmental efforts and strategy towards sustainability – with the goal to make Philadelphia “The Greenest City in America” by 2015. Greenworks Philadelphia is the culmination of 10 months of work with contributions from city employees, nonprofit organizations, civic and business … Continued

Dell vs. Apple vs. HP vs…. Who’s Really the Greenest?

As more companies are making a case for profits with more sustainable product offerings, who is rising to the forefront? And should we be applauding those going beyond compliance, while at the same time be concerned with their motives? Have you heard? In a heavily circulated press release last fall, research done by TDG showed … Continued