Carly has a BA from Stanford and recently finished her MBA in sustainable management at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. Her interests revolve around sustainable food production, sports, renewable energy, finance, and sustainable business consulting. She lives in Oakland where she spends her spare time cycling, home brewing, gardening, cooking, and surfing (when she can make it over the bridge).

Scraper Bike Culture Provides Lessons for Sustainable Businesses

Oakland resident Tyrone “Baby Champ” Stevenson, inventor of the “scraper bike,” may not have known how big his idea would become when he rolled out his first prototype. Or perhaps he did. His creativity led to a scraper bike movement that is not only gaining momentum in the Bay Area, but is quickly becoming a … Continued

What Does the Catholic Church Have to do with Carbon Offsets?

The Catholic Church more or less invented offsets in the Middle Ages when it put a price tag on sin and sold forgiveness in the form of “indulgences.”  While the practice was condemned by many Christians and helped fuel the Protestant revolution, we find ourselves, once again, trying to buy our way out of our … Continued

Bollocks! The Green 2010 FIFA World Cup Is Half Empty

The World Cup is the planet’s largest sporting event, more popular than the Olympics and the Superbowl…. combined.  It’s a celebration of the world’s favorite game and an opportunity for people to express their national pride.  But as we lurch towards a more globalized sense of community, expressing the collective direction of our species is … Continued

Quantifying Progress: Whole Foods vs. Milton Friedman

Five years ago, 3p founder Nick Aster covered the exchange between Milton Friedman and John Mackey featured on On one side of the ring was Friedman, swinging away on behalf of profit at all social and environmental costs, echoing his infamous assertion that the only “social responsibility of business is to increase its profits.”  … Continued

B9’s Carbon Free Cargo Ships: Wind and Biofuel Powered Shipping

While many of us greenies espouse the virtues of supporting local economies, occasionally we (ehem, I) want that Piemonte Barolo or a block of Basque blue cheese. And with China leading the global charge in production of renewable infrastructure and equipment, it’s looking like going green will far from diminish the need for international commerce. … Continued

The Skinny On Whole Foods’ Anti-Fat Policy

Some people just don’t like carrots, but nobody likes a stick.  This is what John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and notorious health care blow hard, doesn’t seem to get.  In an attempt to reduce the cost of health care for its employees, Whole Foods created a new policy to offer deeper discounts on food … Continued

Power to Your Pedals: Bike Powered Cell Phone Chargers in Kenya

Two electrical engineering students at Nairobi University, 24 year old Jeremiah Murimi and 22 year old Pascal Katana, have developed an innovation to literally bring power to more people in Kenya.  Using salvaged parts from old televisions and radios, the duo retrofitted the dynamo attached to all bikes sold in Kenya so that cyclists can … Continued

Top Five Reasons to Like Rickshaw Bagworks

Mark Dwight, former CEO of Timbuk2, has taken his vision of sustainability and experience in messenger bag industry and spun it into San Francisco’s newest bag company- Rickshaw Bagworks.  Rickshaw is a relatively new company, and operates out of a two year old factory situated in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood.  Rickshaw comes after a long … Continued

US Chamber Will See Yes Men In Court

If you are a fan of the Yes Men, you probably ought to go see their newly released movie, The Yes Men Fix The World.  Multiple times.  With all of your friends and family.  The Yes Men will need all of the backing they can get, financial and otherwise, to fight a lawsuit filed by … Continued

Smart Choice Label Fails Industry, Consumers, FDA

On Friday, the highly controversial Smart Choice food labeling program announced it will voluntarily “postpone active operations” three days after the FDA unveiled its plans to review any health claims displayed on the front of food packaging. While this means there will temporarily be no new processed junk food added to the list of “smart … Continued

Reflecting on No Impact Week: Economic Growth and Sustainability

Ever considered going on a weeklong carbon cleanse?  On October 18th, in partnership with the Huffington Post, the No Impact Project launched No Impact Week, a seven-day guided experiment in sustainable living.  Each day focuses on a different topic:  Consumption, Trash, Transportation, Food, Energy, Water, and Giving Back.  The goal is to help the average … Continued

Friends Might Start Letting Friends Drink Starbucks

Coffee accounts for 80 percent of all Fair Trade certified products sold in the US, and with 40 million pounds of Fair Trade coffee purchases in 2009, Starbucks is by far the largest buyer of Fair Trade coffee on the planet. Starbucks’ commitment to Fair Trade is commendable, and in fact seems exceptional, in a … Continued

The Cost of McDonald’s Free Burger Giveaway

During the month of September, a McDonald’s promotion gave away free Angus beef burgers and paid the fares for public transportation users in six US cities– Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and Washington DC. Such news elicited an emotional cocktail of optimism and skepticism.  With Nike, Apple, and PG&E recently forfeiting their membership to the … Continued

Coke’s UK Recycling Bins Will Offset the Company’s Carbon

Coca Cola is rolling out a new consumer focused recycling program in the UK in an attempt to address the company’s carbon emissions.  Along with the Southampton city council, the company will jointly fund a citywide recycling program that entails placing branded recycling bins in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.  This will be the country’s … Continued