Chris is interested in how private enterprise can lead in creating social and environmental value alongside economic value. He has broad experience and interest in waste solutions, reverse logistics, energy efficiency, and the valuation of ecosystem services. Chris holds an MBA/MS with high distinction from the University of Michigan, including a focus on cleantech strategy and finance along with natural resource economics and management.

Genomics, Next Gen Fuel Cells, Water: Parting thoughts from ECO:nomics

  The Wall Street Journal’s third annual ECO:nomics conference: Creating Environmental Capital wrapped up last week and I’m pleased to report that it delivered on the promise of frank, highly strategic, executive-level discussions. The conference will return next year; here’s hoping that we have some new energy and carbon legislation in place by then and … Continued

Energy Secretary Chu Fields Questions at ECO:nomics

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, fresh from the inaugural ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, was the final and perhaps most anticipated speaker at last week’s ECO:nomics conference. Throughout the conference, regulatory uncertainty had been the greatest complaint of energy execs and venture capitalists alike. In comparison, the recession had up to this point been addressed rather … Continued

Betting on RecycleBank: The Next Big Thing?

In the CleanTech space, solar may be hot, the future of the smart grid may be bright, but Ron Gonen, CEO of RecycleBank, is proving that recycling can be sexy too. At its ECO:nomics conference, the Wall Street Journal announced its first ranking of the Top 10 venture-backed, clean technology companies. The survey “seeks to … Continued

A Day of Energy at ECO:nomics

Allan Murray, Deputy Managing Editor of the Wall Street Journal, suggests that the Journal started its ECO:nomics conference several years ago largely because of the near certainty of federal carbon legislation. At the third annual ECO:nomics conference this week, prospects for such legislation (e.g., a price on carbon) are murkier. This uncertainty was one of … Continued

Reputation as Growth Driver: Disney and “Generation Green”

With kids as one of its core demographics, The Walt Disney Company is obviously quite interested in what kids care about. Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s ECO:nomics conference, Disney President and CEO Robert Iger discussed how kids as young as five are becoming increasingly concerned about environmental issues. It doesn’t stop with this “generation … Continued

Corporate-NGO Partnerships: A Conversation With EDF’s Gwen Ruta

It is a testament to how far the sustainable business conversation has come that new partnerships between large corporations and environmental NGOs are meeting with less and less surprise and skepticism from both the business and environmental camps. Certainly, some actions are still capable of raising eyebrows, such as the Environmental Defense Fund opening an … Continued

WSJ’s ECO:nomics Conference Kicks Off This Week

The Wall Street Journal’s Environmental Capital blog may have closed up shop earlier this year but the name lives on in the Journal’s third annual ECO:nomics conference: Creating Environmental Capital. The event, focusing on the “most urgent issues in business and the environment,” continues to draw a host of prominent executives, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, policymakers, … Continued

Creativity + Sustainability: Top-down or Bottom-up?

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, WWF’s Living Planet Report, and countless other publications testify to the massive and urgent need for change. However, human society has great inertia: even getting people to recognize a problem, let alone agree on a course of action, can be an excruciating process (see the debate over climate change). Although some … Continued