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Alphabet Energy is the New Clean Tech Millionaire

Berkeley-based Alphabet Energy has been around for just a year now, a seemingly short time. On Tuesday the company announced $1 million in seed money to develop prototype devices of their proprietary thermoelectric technology.

The technology harnesses excess heat and turns it into electricity. The incremental add in electric volume has enormous potential to create additional energy on a large scale. While the science is nothing new — it’s a recognized idea in science that creating electricity produces excess heat — Alphabet Energy claims that their technology has the “possibility of offsetting as much as 500 million metric tons of carbon per year.”

Will Farmer Janes Lead the Local Food Revolution in Your Neighborhood?

America today is still run by a fast food culture: about 31% of the food that we eat is most likely to be processed foods, and about 20% of children in the US struggle with
childhood obesity. These are concerning statistics, but there is also some evidence to suggest that women could be the spark for a more mainstream “local” food economy. A review of Temra Costa’s new book, Farmer Jane.

Clearly, we’ve come a long way since the 1940s. In the new millennium, women are principal decision makers in the home, and they are the fastest growing minority group to run or own farms, as the national total of farms declines, according to the National Agriculture Statistics Service. So, there’s really powerful story about women in the agricultural industry.

Opinion: Why we need social and environmental entrepreneurship

If there are two problems that I can’t stand, it is the environmental crisis and human crisis that many are facing worldwide on so many complex levels. It affects everyone spanning North America, South America to Asia. That is why we as individuals and businesses are more responsible as ever for doing what we can … Continued

West Coast Green: IDEO’s Approach to the Demand Side of Sustainability

Where does innovation take us now that words like green, organic, recyclable, locally-sourced are flying around? Is it enough for businesses to simply cut costs to improve efficiency? IDEO says it’s not enough and companies need to look at how to improve demand for innovative products by looking at individuals to understand their needs better … Continued

West Coast Green: Greenwashing and the Business of Branding

It is both good news and bad news for green building businesses that more people are entering the marketplace. The growth of the sustainable or green building industry leaves many questions for business owners, namely, “How can we differentiate ourselves from one another?” and “How can we distinguish ourselves from the hype and greenwashing?”

Get Ready for West Coast Green

Get ready! We’re gearing up for West Coast Green, the residential green building expo–happening on September 25 to 27–and we’ll be posting live on various keynotes, seminars and exhibits throughout the event.

PG&E strikes new solar deals; Sunpower closes at 17.8% high

PG&E strikes two solar deals today, which underlines a growing commitment to meet energy demand in California. On July 22 of this year, PG&E announced a plan to enhance existing energy efficiency plans and ensure ensure reliable supply of power, according to this press release. Following through on its promise, PG&E’s deal with Optisolar and … Continued

Lululemon’s competitor Horny Toad acquires Nau assets

There’s no better time to buy sustainable clothing than Nau. The stringent fashion line that appeals to sports enthusiasts to fashionistas alike was close to shutting down until Horny Toad, entrepreneurial adventure clothing company in Santa Barbara decided to take up Nau’s assets, as was announced in WendMag today.

3P SoundBite: Clark Wilson CEO of Green Builders Inc.

Clark Wilson, a longtime builder for 30-plus years saw a market opportunity during his retirement to revitalize the Austin, Texas area by offering a suite of green homes. Readers, if you have ever been house hunting, prepare to feel a tinge of nostalgia when you view pictures of model homes onGreen Builders, Inc.’s website.
Could this really be a green home? If it doesn’t have vines growing off the walls or look like a scene from Star Wars, then it can’t be green, can it?

3P SoundBite: Emily Utter of ChicoBags

Ever heard of a anti-plastic bag lobbyist? You haven’t until you meet Emily Utter, brand evangelist of ChicoBags in Chico, Calif. She knows her politics and readily points out that San Francisco was the first city to ban plastic bags in grocery stores. Formerly an employee at the San Francisco
Department of the Environment, Emily worked with the city of San Francisco to
propose grocery bag fees.
Today, Emily asks TriplePundit to reach out to the community to aid her in her cause. Read inside to find out how you can help!

3P SoundBite: Tim O’Shea of CleanFish

Inspired by the initiatives taken by Niman Ranch where small family farms did not have to sell out their farms, in 2004, Tim O’Shea of CleanFish started intensive conversations with a seafood distributor to initiate a grassroots, guerilla marketing approach to change the fishing industry’s mass producing attitude towards fish. While the news continued to broadcast the problems with farm salmon and wild fisheries. Tim felt that both the media and environmental groups were sending out the wrong message of “Farm bad, wild good.”

3P SoundBite: Kandy Kidd of Real Estate Brokerage, Studley, Inc.

This week, we went to Green Drinks in Palo Alto, Calif. to find out what’s new with people in sustainability.
The concept of the “integrated triple bottom line” means that businesses need to change their approach and influence stakeholders, no matter which industry.
Kandy Kidd is a relative newcomer to the sustainability approach: she is now one of three real estate brokers in the US that holds a LEED Professional Accreditation status as of this year.