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3P SoundBite: Andrew Smith of ATDynamics

Over 80% of all communities in the United States rely on the trucking industry to deliver fuel, medicine and other consumer goods. Consultant-turned-trucking entrepreneur Andrew Smith talks about how his company, ATDynamics, is pushing the envelope on sustainability in an diesel-fuel powered industry.

3P SoundBite: Olivier Pinçon of Stanford University

Clean energy R&D is a huge part of making technologies that can be sold and moved to the masses. A Stanford student talks about his master’s thesis in concentrated solar thermal power–the solar equivalent of current power plants.

US and China Collaborate at Green Energy Conference

Despite the various challenges that both Chinese and American panelists discussed, these crises represent a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and the VCs that back them to solve global problems in the long term.

3P SoundBite: It’s not just libraries and hospitals any more

3P SoundBite is a new series of short interviews to be featured here on Triple Pundit and written by Clara Kuo. Enjoy… Who: Sean Stannard-Stockton, principal and director, Ensemble Capital: “I’ve always been fascinated by finance and by social change and philanthropy. I noticed that those two areas didn’t really mix…it’s been fun seeing that … Continued