Carbon Tax Versus Cap-and-Trade

On a practical level the advanges of a Carbon Tax appear way more attractive than a cap-and-trade model.

Battery Manufacturing Is Coming Back to the US

US car industry hopes to replicate semiconductor success and sets up a coalition. Sharing facilities to make ultra modern batteries will be worth it, says the coalition.

The True Cost of a Home: How Green Trends Might Save the Housing Market

There’s a paradigm shift going on in the US real estate sector. Yet will home owners justify paying extra for green building if the economic situation continues to deteriorate? The US homeowner population has been silently suffering for years now. Numbers from the Center for Housing Policy show that between 1996 and 2006, homeowners have … Continued

Datacenters That Heat Swimming Pools, Residences, Hotels

Datacenters, not exactly hot on energy conservation yet, have massive potential to jump on the green bandwagon by figuring out a way to re-use the heat from their servers sustainably. IBM, Intel and Microsoft are in on the game.

Datacenters Are Running Out Of Energy, Fast.

Datacenters are running out of energy. Fast. That means they’re faced with a limit to their capacity. Yet few are focusing on energy savings. Learn why this is.