The Financial Proposals At Poznan

Poznan’s all about finance. A roundup of some of the proposals that have generated an interest.

How a Local Firewood Cooperative Can Lower a Nation’s Carbon Footprint

It’s one of the biggest issues currently being addressed in Poznan: How can we stop the burning of forests as poor people burn firewood to make a living? Wood is also increasingly popular as a biomass fuel. So what’s the deal? Can we burn wood and not impact the environment? The quick answer is that … Continued

COP14 Begins – What Can We Expect?

The two-week COP14 climate talks which start today in Poznan Poland, are the halfway mark in a two year negotiation effort by no less than 190 countries on a replacement for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. The new concept is way more ambitious than Kyoto which was signed by only 37 industrialized countries who committed to … Continued

CleanTech Goes Through The Roof

CleanTech is rapidly becoming a popular asset class. The launch of hefty investment funds in recent days proves this.

Holy Solar – Vatican Installs 2,400 Panels

The Pope has switched to solar energy. The Vatican might in the near future embark on a more ambitious project to become an alternative energy producer which transports energy back to the grid.

Pepsi Ready To Switch To Plant Based Sweeteners

The FDA is expected to okay applications by Coke and Pepsi to start using the Stevia plant as a zero calorie sweetener by the end of next week. Once they’ve got thumbs up from the food watchdog, both beverage companies are expected to roll out zero calorie products immediately, industry insiders say.