How Viral Does Green Marketing Get?

Viral and Green, not comfy bedfellows. Green is just not funny but wait until you get to the inept jokes. Or wisdom sharing. Passing of knowledge. We’re all geeks at heart when push comes to shove.

A Lesson In Changing Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are on their way out in many countries around the world. Most countries will officially impose a ban on them by 2010, the US follows in 2012.

Report Reveals That Company Bosses Want To Evade A “Carbon Crunch”

A report by the Carbon Disclosure Project reveals optimism among business leaders in tackling global climate change. The economic recession isn’t going to be an obstacle but rather businesses are looking to find new ideas to combat the credit crunch in the environment.

Designers Create Cardboard Box House

If your future is as bleak as the planet’s, you will have had visions of a cardboard box existence. Lighten up, cardboard boxes can be fun! If they come blessed with a designer’s touch, that is.

Greening Nano Technology

Greening nano technology? Take your cue from nature itself! Check out how green gold particles are made.

The Promise Of Green Jobs In Hard Numbers

The UNEP got a few global worker associations together and commissioned an in depth study into the real promise of the green jobs sector. If you want a clear insight into what’s happening where, check out this study.

The Next Bull’s Green

Now that Wall Street is a heavily sick patient and in need of a trillion dollar bailout, would it make sense to talk about the next bull market? The answer might be positive, considering the fact that the next money spinner might be colored bright green.