Chicago Company Launches Tree Free Paper

Tree free paper. Who would have thought it is so easy to create it? A Chicago company is selling paper made from limestone/calcium with a bit of high density polyethylene. No water is used for its production.

Top 5 Green Marketing Events

Top Five green marketing events. If you´re a seasoned green marketing professional and would like to meet up with other pros, check out this top five of green marketing events around the globe.

Political Conventions And Their Green Track Records

Review of a Greenbiz article about the Democrat and Republican Conventions – the greenest ever. What are the consequences of holding such conventions on a day to day level?

Texas Company Patents Biomass Biofuel Technology

A Texas company says it has developed the technology to create biofuel that is ‘the holy grail’ of all biofuel. Costs per gallon are between $1.70-$2.00.