David Lewbin

Lost and Found in the American Carbon World

The Navigating the American Carbon World Conference, a three-day event (April 16-18th, 2013) in San Francisco, was jam-packed with workshops, meetings, offset credit offer info sessions, keynotes, plenaries, breakouts, and an exhibition hall featuring consulting services.

SSV West: Head in the Eco-Cloud

Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) recently held their second Annual Water Summit titled SSV WEST (Water Energy Smart Technology) at Stanford University.  The event was jam packed with interesting panels and various Bay Area and California water luminaries from academia, business, and the public sector. Best of all, the EcoCloud project was unveiled. Highlights included: Buzz … Continued

ImagineH20 Water Prize Hits Liquid Gold

ImagineH20 held its inaugural Water Innovators Showcase two weeks ago, a swanky, well-attended event that introduced and celebrated the winners of its Water Prize Competition for Water Efficiency.  Imagine H20 is a nonprofit based in San Francisco whose mission is to, “inspire and empower people to solve water problems.”  Its vision is to “turn water … Continued

A Human Right to Water and the Corporate Community

At this year’s Corporate Water FootPrinting Conference, held in San Francisco December 2-3, the ongoing conversation about the human right to water received front and center billing. This spotlight was in stark contrast to last year’s event, where the subject was largely absent from the agenda and discussion. At that conference, the “water as a … Continued

Water Cap And Trade? Coming Soon To A Watershed Near You

One of the most innovative initiatives I learned about at last week’s Corporate Water Footprinting Conference (Dec. 2-3, 2009) was the Water Restoration Certificates (WRC’s) mechanism created by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. At this point, it is the nation’s first voluntary water restoration marketplace.  So how does it work? The clearest description comes straight from … Continued

No Water No Beer: Big Issues in Beverage Companies’ Water Footprints

At the 2nd Corporate Footprinting Conference, which took place this week in San Francisco, big brands in the beverage industry were front and center, presenting sophisticated “bleeding edge” strategies for addressing their water footprints. Water, for obvious reasons, is critical to these players, and they sent executive directors to report on their progress, challenges, and … Continued

Diving In: The Corporate Water Footprinting Conference

The second Corporate Water Footprinting Conference splashes down in San Francisco this December 2-3 and I’ll be there to report on how companies such as Patagonia, Pepsi, BC Hydro, Raisio, and Intel are addressing water risks and opportunities in their operations and to their brands. The other two primary H2O stakeholder groups; government agencies and … Continued