Emerging Solar Technologies Flex Their Market Strength

By Paul Detering Technology development in the solar industry continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate. Over $3 billion was invested in new companies and technologies in 2008 alone, and investments in solar have doubled every year for the last five years. Manufacturers of traditional photovoltaic (PV) panels continue to drive improved efficiencies, inverter manufacturers … Continued

Paul Detering: Change Is Coming to the Solar Industry

Since my last post from the Solar Power International 2008 conference in San Diego, large amounts of the bailout bill have been distributed, Obama has taken office, and the automakers have their bailout as well. “Change” is coming in many forms. In San Diego, we experienced a surge of exuberance around the passing of the … Continued

Solar Power International 2008 in Review

Solar Energy experienced huge growth in 2008 and that was clearly reflected in the attendance at Solar Power International 2008. The number of manufactures, installers, and investors in attendance doubled from 2007, to 20,000. This rise in attendance and growth in the solar power industry was coupled with a high level of optimism, despite current … Continued

The New Solar Bottleneck: Labor Shortage

The Solar Power International 2008 exhibit hall has a tradition of showcasing new product launches and the latest in solar technology, and this year was no exception. The hardware represented this year, as well as conversations in the halls and conference sessions, highlighted one notable theme absent from past solar industry conference tradeshows I’ve attended … Continued

Paul Detering: Solar Stays Hot in San Diego, Despite Market Meltdown

Detering is CEO of Tioga Energy. He is a veteran entrepreneur with 20 years experience in clean technology. Right now I’m in San Diego, which has become the Mecca of Solar, literally overnight. Solar Power International 2008 has drawn thousands of people from around the world to talk shop and deals. And where I feel … Continued