Duke Stump has worked as a brand builder for more than 20 years, most recently for Seventh Generation and Nike. He is now principal and chief architect of the NorthStar Manifesto, a brand-consulting studio.

Top 10 Reflections From a First Time TEDster

Last week 3p’s resident brand builder, Duke Stump, previously of Nike and Seventh Generation, attended TED for the first time. Below are his top ten reflections: 1. DATA IS MY NEW FRIEND – For years I rebelled against statistics. Perhaps it was because I got a D+ in Stats 101 at college or the fact … Continued

The Hard Time Is the Right Time – Retooling Our Future

I admit it. I love to live life in a way that there is no middle ground. It’s about going to the edge to see what’s on the other side. Along the way, you either thrive or fall flat on your face. I’ve done both, and surprisingly, they both provide a spiritual gift in a … Continued