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The Sustainability Management Maturity Model: Version 2.0

As Geoff Barneby noted in his earlier post Doing the Right Thing in Business: Are You Doing it Right?, several critical questions must be considered before launching a strategic sustainability program, including: What is your corporate vision for sustainability? Do you have clear and measurable sustainability goals? Who will sponsor and lead your sustainability initiative? … Continued

Your Fantastic Sustainability Business Plan: Four Areas of Focus

Today, many companies acknowledge that they can play a significant role in addressing climate change and sustainability in general.  Some have even begun proactively beating a path to transform their businesses, reaching for lofty goals such as zero waste, carbon neutrality, or even restoration of degraded ecosystems.  Most, however, are only just starting to figure … Continued

Building an Organizational Culture of Sustainability: Employee Engagement

These days, we hear more and more that a company’s stance on social and environmental issues plays a significant role in choice of employer. A recent survey found that over 50% of American workers report being inclined to work for “green” companies.  Women and Generation Y in particular want their company’s mission to go beyond … Continued

Building Sustainability Into Your Operations: The Importance of Governance

Driving sustainability into the operations of a company is an oft-stated goal for sustainability departments. How many times have you heard (or said!): “My vision is that one day our department will go away…and sustainability will be just part of everyday business, and the sustainability department will be out of a job.”  But how do … Continued

Social Networking: a Key Part of Your Sustainability Communications Strategy

Effective sustainability strategies depend on many moving parts. Sustainability change experts reading this blog will tend to have more than a little experience with most of them! However, there’s one tool that we’ve seen chronically underutilized: social networking. These tools aren’t just for connected teenagers anymore – effective use of social networking can make all … Continued

Building an Organizational Culture of Sustainability: Compliance to Commitment

“Have To” vs “Want To” We all know individuals who are committed to living sustainably, conscious of the impact their daily lives have on the environment. They may take public transport, bike, or walk wherever they can, rather than drive. Perhaps they recycled their bottles long before it became popular, or used their kitchen and … Continued

Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Last month, Geoffrey Barneby wrote about FairRidge’s Sustainability Management Maturity Model (SM3), a tool to help businesses assess their readiness to address sustainability challenges and opportunities. Five management components were reviewed — Strategy, Organization, Process, Measurement, and People – which all relate to an inside-out perspective of the business. As we’ve continued to evolve the … Continued

How Sustainable Is My Plumber? … And Why You Should Care

You’re probably already familiar with the ongoing debates over greenwashing, and the various sustainability standards that enable companies to credibly avoid this label. We discussed these issues in the recent post “How green is my product?” But what about services? Do they matter, and do we need to care? After all, isn’t sustainability just concerned … Continued

Energy Efficiency: Can You Save Money Without Spending Money?

In today’s economy, energy efficiency is a top priority for both public and private institutions. It promises to reduce energy expenditures, lower GHG emissions, and – of course! – to save a pile of money. While there’s been talk of energy efficiency since the 1970s, excitement has grown recently due to oil price fluctuations and … Continued

Sustainability Management Infrastructure: What It Is and Why You Should Care

As individuals, we want to do the right thing – but as businesses, we are challenged by the need to be profitable. The goal of sustainability is to accomplish both: to improve profitability today, while not compromising the environmental and social constraints of the future. As discussed in a previous post, Doing the right thing … Continued

How Green Is My Product?

Or: How I stopped worrying about greenwashing and learned to love EPDs You have a product and you want to tell the world how great it is. But what if you want to make claims that it’s better than the competition? How can you do so without being slammed for greenwashing? Even in these early … Continued

Executive Sponsorship: Why It Matters and What It Takes

Why should sustainability change agents care about executive sponsorship? Because as sustainable business matures, those of us working in sustainability will find that after eco-efficiency, the next great step will come by leveraging sustainability on a strategic level to truly transform our businesses. Just like the Internet before it, sustainability will grow beyond its roots … Continued

Management Motivation 101: Benchmarking

Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” There’s a lot of truth in that statement, particularly as it relates to sustainability: unless you have a good idea of what a sustainable version of your organization might look like, you may have some trouble getting … Continued

Doing the Right Thing in Business: Are You Doing it Right?

There is a mounting consensus that while business has created serious environmental problems, developing sustainable practices to address these issues can result in bottom line benefits. So why hasn’t sustainable business taken off like those metal Klean Kanteen water bottles? The reason may surprise you: although most businesses acknowledge the efficiency benefits that sustainability can … Continued