As a veteran financial advisor, economist and Certified Financial Planner, Greg is considered a thought leader in his field of sustainable and responsible investing. Greg is head of the west coast office and Senior Wealth Advisor with StakeHolders Capital, a boutique registered investment advisory firm specializing in Socially Responsible Wealth Management. Greg is a contributor to the book "Creating Good Work - The World's Leading Social Entrepreneurs Show How to Build a Healthy Economy" and he is a Greg is a member of the California Financial Opportunities Roundtable, a select group of experts convened by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the USDA Economic Development to address the financial needs of communities in California. As a strategic advisor, he helps startups with strategic planning, market development and partnerships.

Catalyzing the Connection Economy

Somewhere along the line our culture lost contact with the recognition of oneness of all life, the connectedness to each other. Our institutions – government, economy, religion are all built on a false premise of separation. Simply spoken, in Economics 101 we learned that everything around a business other than what is termed “business as … Continued

Economics Built on Beauty and Community

Right before I boarded a plane recently, I noticed a Body Shop in the terminal next to the gate. The Body Shop has been a leading business that incorporates social and environmental values into its operations. It was founded by the late Anita Roddick, one of the emergent leaders in the expanding and evolving “green” … Continued

Why Having More Won’t Make Us Happy

As a financial adviser, I regularly meet the “haves and have-mores.” One thing I have learned for sure: Having more does not necessarily mean having more happiness. Barbara Walters interviewed billionaire media mogul David Geffen in a conversation published in More Than Money magazine: “She said, ‘O.K., David, now that you’re a billionaire, are you … Continued

Failure and Opportunity For the Green Movement

Last night I had drinks with a very successful NY Investment Banker who is a vegan, a philosopher, and has a rather liberal point of view. Ironically, he is an analyst and expert in the field of the fossil fuel industry. We discussed much about our common concerns, interests, etc. And our interest in meeting … Continued

Mountaintop Coal Removal = Bad Math!

It is has been widely recognized by thinking people around the nation that Mountain Top Removal mining for dirty coal is bad. Scott Badenoch, CEO and Co-Founder of Creative Citizen recently wrote in his article for MNN: “Mr. President, it is your duty as a citizen of this planet to put an immediate and irrevocable … Continued

The Gospel of Consumption

Most of us are unaware that we are religious fundamentalists – market fundamentalists… in the “religion” of traditional economics. The values of the current economic system are rarely in question of us operating in the global economic system. Many of us rarely consider whether or not concepts of limitless growth, ruthless competition, more stuff and … Continued