Ecological Elevators: New Green Tech from Spain

Just when you thought the stairs were your only option for arriving sustainably to your office chair, it’s time to think again. A Spanish company, MP Ascensores, has released its preliminary plans for the MP-E3 elevator that will operate using an integrated approach to green technology. These ecological elevators will bring a new element to … Continued

Cultivating Change: Slow Money in Practice

The Slow Money movement calls for the creation of new capital markets–markets that channel the flow of investment to small enterprises to bring about sustainable growth in local economies. This grand vision strives to support “tens of thousands of independent, local-first enterprises at the base of the restorative economy.” And now, towards the middle of … Continued

Giving Plants Instead of Flowers

Flowers show people that you care about them, but in doing so we show neglect for wider environmental and social issues related to the cut flower industry. Giving Plants, an online plant delivery service, offers customers the chance to give a long-lasting gift to loved ones in a more sustainable and socially responsible way. The … Continued

SustainLane Launches Green Collar Jobs Board

The online media company SustainLane has recently launched a Green Collar Jobs Board, offering a tool to help you navigate your way down the path of a green career. The site shows us the kind of opportunities that are emerging in today’s job climate and, usefully, how we can be best prepared to position ourselves … Continued

Lifecrete: Genuine Eco-Masonry for Your Home and Office

Gone are the days that we have to use toxic ingredients to build our homes and work-spaces. Lifecrete offers a new alternative for construction materials, one that ticks the boxes on the sustainability front for both a product and business model. But what does Lifecrete offer to make this choice attractive for builders and consumers? … Continued

Bringing Farm Flavors to the City: Mission Pie, San Francisco

This caf√© offers it all: great food in a sustainable business context with a friendly atmosphere to enjoy it all in. Whether it’s the apple, walnut, or banana cream pie you’re treating yourself to, you can feel assured that your efforts are benefitting a sustainable business, with an emphasis on city-rural relationships and youth development … Continued

Renewable Energy Program Stimulates Growth & Sustainable Business Activity in Peru

Renewable energy programs are blossoming throughout Latin America as the continent strives to meet basic living standards for many remotely located communities. One such project is last year’s winner of the United Nations Environment Program Sasakawa Prize: a hydro-power program in Peru, which is not only bringing clean power to the eastern slopes of the Peruvian Andes, but also creating jobs and industry in an area that has been secluded for generations.

Is Clorox’ Green Works Range as Green as They Claim?

Household cleaning is turning more and more into an arena where product choice is an environmental decision. The Clorox Green Works product range is one of the largest and most affordable in the natural cleaning market, but is it a genuinely “environmental” product range or has it been greenwashed? If it is the real deal, … Continued

World Social Forum 2009 Makes “Another World Possible” Amidst Economic Crisis

As the world strives to comprehend and adjust to a plunging economy, a debate with a positive spin is emerging around the framework of socially responsible development models. From the World Social Forum (WSF) last month, attended by both Presidents and the penniless, a strong movement has materialized to recognize today’s global economic crisis as … Continued

The French Condom Company Redefines the “Ethics” of Sex

We all know what it means to have safe sex. But what does it mean to have responsible sex? Be it during moments of intimacy or not, it could be safe to assume that very few of us think of how the average prophylactic was produced, where it came from, and its environmental impact. Since … Continued

Business and Government Tackle Pollution Together in Mexico

Mexico City is one of the largest urban agglomerates in the World and as such suffers from extreme atmospheric contamination. It contributes 1.5% of the worlds total greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, conditions are so bad that around 4,000 people die every year as a direct result of air contamination and last year the Human … Continued

Carbon -The Largest Commodity Market?

Carbon may become the world’s largest commodity market, according to recent investigations. The Financial Times reported late last week reported that the carbon market could “outstrip the conventional commodities markets” and other estimates of more than $3 trillion in 2020 have been cast, by Point Carbon for example, dependent on US participation. Bart Chilton, commissioner … Continued

Great Wines and Sustainable Farming in the Central Coast

The Central Coast Vineyard Team is at the forefront of green viticulture, comprising an active network of local farmers committed to best practice wine-making. For nearly 15 years the Team has been developing and promoting sustainable methods of farming within the region. But even better, they have a profitable business model that produces flavorsome wine … Continued

Paul Polak on Poverty Alleviation

Paul Polak, founder of International Development Enterprises (IDE), has released an enriching addition to the poverty debate. ‘Out of Poverty’ clearly elucidates some of the great myths of traditional development approaches and, best of all, will have you thinking optimistically about solutions. Polak’s work provides an innovative and well grounded approach to addressing poverty; a … Continued