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Key Changes in Global Reporting Initiative’s G4

This is the final post in our series on the countdown to the G4. Previous iterations of the Global Reporting Initiative’s standards have been all-inclusive, encouraging reporters to report widely on their environmental, social and governance issues.  Some critics of the G3.1 and G3 standards complained that they rewarded breadth over depth by categorizing reports into three … Continued

GRI’s Alignment with the Integrated Reporting Standard

In the lead up to GRIs Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability & Transparency May 22-24, 2013, Nancy Mancilla takes a closer look at how GRI is approaching the Integrated Reporting Framework shepherded by the IIRC.

How the GRI Framework Improves Supply Chain Efficiencies

Supply chain activity has come to the forefront of decision making across all types of organizations. Socio-economic conditions, civil unrest and climate change risks are just a few issues that cause interconnected organizations to grapple with complex questions, particularly when revenue-generating sources are at risk.

Is GRI Losing Traction?

The tension between the array of voluntary standards, protocols and frameworks for sustainability along with the uneasiness stemming from the unknown changes of the GRI G4 Framework, makes us question whether GRI will still have the same muscle it has had in recent years.

GRI Reporting in Public Agencies

Nancy Mancilla of the ISOS Group tells the stories of different organizations that employed the GRI framework for sustainability reporting.

Quality vs Fluff: Building Blocks for GRI Report Assessments

As a continuation of last week’s posting, “Using GRI to Compare Apples to Apples in Sustainability Reporting”, we intend to describe the approach demonstrated during the ISOS Group GRI Certified Sustainability Reporting courses to distinguishing quality reports from those that would probably be best served as marketing pieces.

Using GRI to Compare Apples to Apples in Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reports are as different as each of us. They vary in format, material issues selected, boundary and scope, and cultural orientation which makes it very difficult to judge performance based on a common set of indicators.

How Balanced Are CSR Reports?

By Nancy Mancilla & Alexandru Georgescu of ISOS Group As GRI’s Certified Training Partners in the U.S., we have become connoisseurs of fine reporting and somewhat critical of lavish attempts to build credibility by what we feel is blatant greenwashing. Through all the reports we have read, we have rarely found that » all the … Continued