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Jan Lee is a former news editor and award-winning editorial writer whose non-fiction and fiction have been published in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K. and Australia. Her articles and posts can be found on TriplePundit, JustMeans, and her blog, The Multicultural Jew, as well as other publications. She currently splits her residence between the city of Vancouver, British Columbia and the rural farmlands of Idaho.

Bridgestone Tires Issues New Sustainability Goals for 2050

Bridgestone says it’s committed to meeting new sustainability goals by 2050. While it isn’t the first tire company to issue new sustainability goals, it’s a sign that more pressure is being exerted on rubber producers to reduce deforestation in Southeast Asia and other rubber-producing areas of the world.

Richmond Sues Its Hometown Oil Refinery for Global Warming Impacts

Richmond California has joined the fight against Big Oil. It’s now the 10 location to sue oil, gas and coal companies, alleging that their products are causing global warming and affecting the environment. And there’s an odd distinction about this particular suit: It’s being launched against Richmond’s largest and wealthiest employer, Chevron, which owns the city’s hometown oil refinery.

Popular Sugar Replacement is the Culprit in Intestinal ‘Explosion’

Food manufacturers are always looking for a cheaper, better way to sweeten our favorite foods. But the recent uptick in hospital c. difficile infections are making researchers rethink the use of one sugar that is actually a byproduct of starch. Will this be a setback for food production when it comes to using technology to sweeten our menu?

Michigan 2-1-1: State-of-the-Art Planning Keeps Residents Warm

Michigan 2-1-1 is more than an information database. It provides an essential web of services that help state residents stay connected when need arises. We talk with the agency’s Executive Director Tom Page to find out how the a coalition of more than 7,000 organizations and programs ensures the power stays on for Michiganders, even during difficult financial times.

ExxonMobil Plans to Sue Climate-Impacted Communities

ExxonMobil has petitioned a Texas county court for the ability to challenge 16 city, county and state officials about their involvement in an effort to coordinate lawsuits against the oil and gas giant. Meanwhile, New York City has jumped on board with a suit against Big Oil, the latest effort to attribute responsibility for climate change impacts.

World Leaders Ban Arctic Fishing in Favor of More Environmental Research

The recent agreement by countries to place the Arctic Ocean off-limits to commercial fishing is being touted as a major environmental accomplishment. It puts environmental research ahead commercial fishing development in an area that has for thousands of years been simply inaccessible due to polar ice. But it also gives some countries more time to hone their Arctic expertise, which could lead to increased fishing down the line.

New Supply Chain Map Targets Chinese Suppliers of Big Apparel

China’s manufacturing sector reaches markets all across the world. Not surprisingly, it is critical source for supplies that U.S. consumers buy from. The Natural Resources Defense Council and the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs have set out to map that relationship. With a bit of sunlight, environmental initiatives get a lot easier. Gap, Puma, Espirit, New Balance, Inditex and Target have agreed to have their sourcing featured.

5 Key Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies in 2017

What is the best way to combat the effects of climate change? Researchers discovered this year that there is no one answer. Improving biodiversity, building smart housing and multipurpose green spaces and making conservation education fun are among the big takeaways for 2017.

The 3 Disruptors Reshaping the Food Industry

Pea protein isolates and recombinant proteins were once unheard of. Now they are part of a booming industry. Food disruptors are vying for a lucrative part of the vegan food, while restaurants are standing by.