Jen Boynton

Jen Boynton is the former Editor-in-Chief of TriplePundit. She has an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio Graduate School and has helped organizations including SAP, PwC and Fair Trade USA with their sustainability communications messaging. She is based in San Diego, California.When she's not at work, she volunteers as a CASA (court appointed special advocate) for children in the foster care system. She enjoys losing fights with toddlers and eating toast scraps. She lives with her family in sunny San Diego.

My Favorite Midwestern Spice Chain, Quietly Fighting Fascism

Penzeys’ clientele are cooks and bakers. While its customers would be considered traditional and politically-neutral by most marketing firms hasn’t stopped the spice retailer from going balls-to-the-walls on politics. And sales are booming. 

Hamburgers Go Climate Positive

The iconic beef hamburger doesn’t have to be a source of environmental guilt, Max Burgers explains

Why a Tobacco Company Made the 2018 100 Best Corporate Citizens List

In the months since 3BL Media launched this year’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens list, I’ve been asked one question more than any others: why is Altria in the top ten? Don’t their products kill people?
Yes—and the company still earned its place as “one of the best corporate citizens.” How is this possible?

PG&E Corp. CEO Breaks Down Barriers, Shores Up Clean Energy for California

Geisha Williams, the first Latina CEO of a Fortune 500 company, is on a mission to deep clean electricity. Given that electricity is responsible for 28 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and PG&E is the 5th largest utility in the U.S. based on market value, these are not table stakes.

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Woes Could Have Been Avoided

While Facebook has led the IT pack with renewables and data center efficiency, its sustainability program is not very robust. If it were — the risks associated with user privacy and advertising overreach would have been flagged years ago.

Get Ready for First-Time Sustainability Reporting  

At yesterday’s 2018 GRI Reporters’ North America Summit, participants geeked out on all the best ways to improve their sustainability reporting with increased materiality, stakeholder engagement and communications. But the conference also served newer reporters, sharing tips and tools for those who are just getting started with reporting. 

Rogue U.S. Delegation Makes Huge Splash at COP23

Last Saturday, the U.S. Climate Action Center at COP23 hosted a report launch with Michael R. Bloomberg and California Governor Jerry Brown to reaffirm a commitment to aggressive climate action, with or without the American federal government.

What the Future Holds for Workers

The increased flexibility of work presents great opportunities for those with in-demand skillsets and the ability to engender trust and communication with distance employers. However, the rise of the gig economy presents huge challenges too. Lower wage employees who work in the gig economy lack many of the protections of traditional employment like healthcare, workers comp, job training and the job security of yore. And as of yet, the public sector hasn’t stepped in to bridge the gap. On the 25th anniversary of its first conference, BSR tackled this thorny subject in a session entitled The 21st-Century Social Contract.

Baby Food for the 1%

It was really only a matter of time before the cold-pressed, cold-packed, hand-selected direct-to-your-door meal movement made its way to baby food. But is this start-up from Jennifer Garner and the former CEO of Annie’s Homegrown solving a real problem?