Jim Witkin is a writer based in Silicon Valley and London focused on business, technology and the environment. His work has been featured in the New York Times and Guardian newspapers. He holds an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio Graduate School. Contact him at jameswitkin@gmail.com

Powering Down Coal Worldwide Isn’t Occurring Fast Enough

To meet the 2015 Paris Agreement’s goals – as in keeping global warming below 2°C – one coal unit will need to close each day, or 100 GW a year, until 2040. Carbon Tracker says the world is no where near that goal.

A LEED Perspective on Best Window and Shade Selection for Your Home

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 25%-30% of energy wasted in the home is due to inefficient windows. So clearly, when buying a new home or upgrading your current home, selecting the ideal set of windows is an important part of the decision.

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How Saipem’s Initiatives on Human Rights and Ethical Supply Chain Create a Healthy, Vibrant Business

For any company that relies on a network of suppliers and subcontractors, maintaining an ethical supply chain — one that protects human rights and promotes fair labor practices and a safe work environment — is hard work. But the challenge is multiplied when you work globally in over 60 countries across five continents, like Saipem, the Italian energy services giant.

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Taking a Bite Out of Student Loan Debt

To get a good job and earn a good salary: stay in school, go to college, and get a degree. So goes the conventional wisdom, and the research bears this out. But the numbers also show that for many, the degree comes with a mountain of student loan debt that will take a good portion of their careers to pay off.

Häagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees

This series of articles features organizations that will be speaking at Sustainable Brands Vancouver. Click here for more.  If you’ve ever wanted a bee’s-eye view of what life is like for the planet’s hardest working pollinators, then check out the new virtual reality video experience “The Extraordinary Honey Bee“ developed for Nestlé’s Häagen-Dazs brand. The award-winning five-minute video follows … Continued

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How to Engage on the Education SDGs

Companies in alignment with the UN’s SDGs can revitalize their own sustainability efforts while demonstrating how they’re contributing to global and national development priorities. This challenge is especially critical when it comes to education. How do you move beyond the rhetoric, roll your sleeves up and engage with these goals – which clearly are important for our future?


How General Mills Celebrates Honey Bees

National honey bee day is this Saturday. In honor of America’s hardest workers, General Mills teamed up with the USDA to fund the Xerces Society the world’s oldest pollinator conservation nonprofit.