Omaha Beach Revisited: “Attitudes need to change”

According to Costa Christ, director the Bar Harbor, Maine Chamber of Commerce and expert in international travel, tourism currently represents 83% of worldwide export trade. To put this figure in a meaningful context, he adds that tourism is the largest non-military service sector in the world. Travel and tourism spending exceeded $6 trillion globally in … Continued

GM Moving into Hybrid Territory

Despite initially dismissing hybrids as a fad, GM has decided to get in on this automobile sector whose market share is expected to grow three and a half times its current level over the next six years, according to J.D. Power and Associates. At this year’s North American International Auto Show, GM will be introducing … Continued

When Going Green Means Gaining Greenbacks

As testified to in one of yesterday’s postings, alternative energy investments can offer the best ROI yields on the market today . It is well worth exploring this Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy website. Take a peek and see if this might be the time for you to go green…both environmentally as well … Continued

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Sun Beam

Wanna go green and get rich at the same time? State and Federal Incentives make solar infrastructure among the most lucrative and risk free investments that can be made. Take the following example: Here in my home town of Chicago, I am one of three owners living in a residential three flat building. Our monthly … Continued

Romantic Organics

In the 1920s, the Society of American Florists coined the term “say it with flowers”. Americans have consistently been doing so for an increasing number of special occasions ever since. Consumers now have the chance to say it with sustainable flowers. Gerald Prolman’s web-based flower business, Organic Bouquet, affords online shoppers the opportunity to remain … Continued

Biofuel Hits the Big Stage

What do you get when you combine the legendary country singer Willie Nelson and biofuel? “BioWillie”, the newfangled fuel of Texas truckers. Biodiesel, which is derived from vegetable oil, animal fats, and sometimes in used form from the frying pans of restaurants, recently enjoyed a new federal subsidy which has reduced its price. This created … Continued

The G8 tackles Global Warming

The G8, which stands for the “Group of Eight,” will meet this week in Gleneagles, Scotland. Together, these eight industrialized nations comprise 60% of the world’s GDP. At the top of their agenda for this meeting is global climate change. The Economist reports that 24 of the world’s biggest companies petitioned the G8 to develop … Continued

Mercedes Mimics Nature

Daimler Benz has taken German automotive engineering to the next level of emissions efficiency by engaging in a process called biomimicry, “the conscious copying of mechanisms from natural organisms and ecologies.” In this instance, Mercedes looked for naturally occurring examples of safety, comfort and aerodynamic efficiency. The specie best embodying these qualities for Mercedes’ purposes … Continued

Buying Green Draws Lender Incentives

Fannie Mae has launched an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) program, which enables borrowers to qualify for larger loans than they would for non energy efficient homes. While this program promotes the design, construction and purchase of energy efficient dwellings, the incentive for Fannie Mae to offer such incentives is motivated by a pure bottom line … Continued

Wind Energy Finds Congressional Resistance

As reported by Clean Edge, the wind industry recently had a “shot fired across the industry’s bow” on the eve of the American Wind Energy Association’s largest ever convention. The culprits: Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and John Warner of Virginia. They are the two driving forces behind the Environmetnally Responsible Wind Power Act of … Continued

BeeWare – A Cautionary Look at Globalization

About 60% of all food consumed in the U.S. has a relationship with the bee through pollination. The services these oft feared insects provide is beyond measure. In fiscal terms, America would lose an estimated $20 billion in crops without the pollination bees provide. Lately however, their numbers are declining fast due to the varroa … Continued

Can Ranchers Save the Rainforest?

Clear cutting of the rain forest for the purpose of cattle grazing is seen by many as the number one enemy of the Amazon. Ironically, it may be that those doing the cutting are the future saviours of this vast expanse of land often dubbed the “lungs of the earth”. Through an incentive program similar … Continued

China’s Wind Energy Conversion – Too Little Too Late?

Estimates are that over 3/4 of all energy produced in China last year came from coal. Not only is China the world’s most populated country (1.25 billion people) but it is also the world’s fastest growing economy (9.5% increase in GDP for 2004). Put these two together, and that is a lot of coal being … Continued

Effects of Gulf Stream Slowdown on Business? Use Your Imagination

Britain, which resides on the same latitude as Siberia, would be much colder, were it not for the Gulf Stream. This current transports an estimated 27,000 times more heat to England’s shores than all the power supplies in Britain could provide, warming the country by 5-8C. Researchers have detected the first signs of a slowdown … Continued