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It seems like just yeterday that Gap and Nike were the pariahs of the ethical trading community. They’ve since been welcomed back into it, with Gap now being a member of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative). Nike, since revealing all of its global suppliers last month, is considering membership. While it would be nice to … Continued

IdleAir Saves Truckers Money and Cuts Pollution

A new truck stop innovation is reducing both noise and air pollution, while saving truckers money. It’s also saving them sleep, as the sound of chugging diesel motors surrounding the trucker’s cab during sleep time is greatly reduced. The invention is called IdleAir. It replaces the need to to leave big rigs running while stationed … Continued

Helping El Salvador’s Forests with Coffee

With an estimated 400 billion cups consumed annually, coffee beans are one of the most coveted agricultural commodities. Unfortunately, deforestation and loss of habitat are often associated with this market staple. The BBC reports that some growers in El Salvador are using a method of cultivation which uses tall trees to provide shade. Up to … Continued

Ford: Admitting Past Mypoia for the Better?

As reported by “Clean Edge”, Ford may be taking a more formidable approach to hybrid technology than ever before. Mary Ann Wright, Ford’s first director of sustainable mobility technologies, admits: “I’m not going to hide behind the line that [the large SUV] ‘is what our customers want.’ We have to balance that with our environmental … Continued

PV Panels Potency Increasing

A $300 million agreement has been reached between a semi-conductor corporation and SOLON AG, Germany’s largest photvoltaic module manufacturer. The product being supplied by SOLON AG is for their new “SOLON-Mover,” a system designed for deployment in multi-megawatt power plants. The system’s panels rotate and tilt automatically during the day, so that they directly face … Continued

On the Up and Up

Forgive us while we toot our own horn for a minute – Presidio World College, offering an innovative and accredited MBA program in Sustainable Management, will be receiving the 2005 Acterra Business Environmental Award for Environmental and Sustainability Education. The award will be given at Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, CA. The Presidio MBA program … Continued

Whichever Way the Wind Blows

The May 2005 MIT Technolgy Review reports that up to 25% of additional energy added to Europe’s grid may come from wind. A multitude of factors must be considered when evaluating how to maximize this energy output, and contradicting theories exist among industry leaders. For instance, some feel that harnessing as much power as possible … Continued

Reinventing the Wind

Although, alternative technology needs not incoporate breakthrough principles into its design, new wind turbines are proving that innovation can indeed revolutionize the past. Spanish researchers are designing windmills with efficiency far greater than any horizontal axis windmill of old. One of the key advantages of this design is that the blades are located in the … Continued

Liabilities to Assets

An Engligh program called Changing Places, involving 500,000 volunteers and £57 million of investment, has been extended to complete its ambitious schemes. Already, some of Britain’s worst wastelands, derelict collieries, former chemical dumps, old quarries and industrial areas have been transformed into parks, wildlife areas, gardens and sports facilities. Rags to riches, one of the … Continued

A Realistic Perspective on Gas Prices

With gas prices skyrocketing, economic conversations often turn into furious complaint sessions pertaining to these rising costs. What is rarely considered is how ridiculously cheap gasoline actually is. Upon comparison to a relatively simple commodity such as Coca Cola whose supply is seemningly limitless, the tremendous impact government subsidies have on one of our most … Continued

Electric Cars Running out of Juice

Electric cars, once the most promising automotive option for drivers wanting to get out from under the thumb of oil companies, are all but extinct. In fact, instead of offering former lessees the option of buying these cars, American automotive companies have refused to do so, with GM opting to take its EV1s out to … Continued

Suspending Time to Save Oil

The U.S. Transporation Department estimates a whopping 10,000 barrels of oil a day could be saved by extending daylight savings time by two months. The savings would come due to a decrease in electrical demands during daylit hours. In an attempt to offset skyrocketing energy costs, an ammendment stipulating this extension has already been approved … Continued

Hydrogen Becoming More than a Celebrity Hobby

The Department of Energy has come to an agreement with GM and DaimlerChrysler to develop hydrogen powered vehicles. The 4-state deal says that over the next five years, consumers will report back on the vehicle’s performance. In conjunction with the agreement, the DOE will provide $44 million for the project. One thing I can say … Continued

From the Florida Orange to the Fuel Cell

Today’s Forbes reports that Energy 1 Inc. is working on a Florida hydrogen initiative to convert orange peels to hydrogen. Orange peels, which comprise a significant portion of Florida’s solid waste, release the hydrogen-rich gas methanol. The project involves harvesting this methanol and using it for energy at a model interstate rest stop. It’s a … Continued

Redefining Reality from the Ground Up

One never knows for certain how the world of tomorrow will shape itself. The closest we seemingly can come is peeking into the cutting edge technology of today. “Transmaterial” is a 186 page compendium of some of the most incredible designs in existence. Best of all, it’s available as a series of free PDF downloads.