Climate Asylum

The United States has a long tradition of sheltering those in need of political asylum; especially when such individuals possess coveted skills. Will we mirror such generosity if and when it comes time to harbor those displaced by a changing climate? In the most recent edition of Nature, Byravan and Rajan ascertain it is the … Continued

UK Bank Cashing in on Green Building

Often times, banks are fearful of extending loans to home builders whose designs are “out of the ordinary.” Green building is often deemed a part of this category. Yet times are changing…..The UK’s Ecology Building Society is offering home loans for those looking to redesign their homes along sustainable principles. (Via Treehugger)

A Novel Approach to CO2 Reduction

There are many concerned environmentalists who feel it was wise for the U.S. to reject the Kyoto Protocol. Their reasoning is that, given its rapid rise in GDP since 1990, the U.S. would be unfairly impacted. The protocol mandates each member state lower their CO2 emissions to 1990 levels. Traditionally, increased pollution accompanies an expanding … Continued

Ethanol Futures Wash Over America’s Third Coast

The Chicago Board of Trade, in collaboration with the ethanol industry, has developed a corn-based Ethanol futures contract, further indicating America is eager to lessen its fossil-fuel dependance. CBOT is a natural fit for Ethanol futures, as the exchange has, for more than 125 years, offered the world’s largest market for corn futures. As products … Continued

Ending America’s Dietary Downslide

It has long been recongnized that the food provided by America’s schools lacks basic nutritional requirements. With child obesity on the rise, parents, administrators, and students alike are demanding dietary change. Stonyfield Farm’s Healthy Vending Machine Program is looking to satisfy this growing demand. Currently, more than 800 schools are on the waiting list.

CSR meets Renewables

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is donating one million kilowatt hours of power to “help needy households pay their energy bills.” The donation comes in the form of renewables, by purchasing green tags from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to subsidize the non-renewable energy they are giving away. The free power comes in honor of their one-millionth … Continued

What will 1.3 billion People Drive?

In a country where the demand for oil is outpacing rises in its price, China may become the next hub of the hybrid. With 200,000 alternative fuel vehicles currently in service, China is already among the world’s leaders in non-petrloeum powered vehicles. Combine a 76% rise in the Chinese auto market with an economy that … Continued

Sun Shines on African Solar Design

South Africa has launched its first ever sustainable solar community. The development was one of fifteen projects chosen for the Global Warming Conference in Kyoto, Japan to exemplify how nations can grow and prosper while minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases at no additional cost. With the Kyoto Protocol placing increased global attention on sustainability, sun … Continued

Canadian Auto Makers to Reduce Emissions by 25%

Albeit with a twist of irony, Canada has succesfully struck a voluntary agreement with the “Big Three” U.S. auto manufacturers to reduce emissions by 25% from 1995 levels by the year 2010. The irony: This is essentially a carbon copy of the California emissions reduction law passed last year, which is now so mired by … Continued

Green Car Rentals Grow

Leaving the big boys behind, numerous small independant car rental companies are sprining up to take advatnage of the growing demand for “green” cars, like the Toyota Prius. Bio-Beetle of Maui is one example recentely highlighted in the NY Times. High gas prices are another reason why renting green is an attractive option. These days, … Continued

Cognitive Economics

Classic economic theory is being seen as increasingly incompatible with sustainability. Ideas integral to it, such as Increased individual happiness being directly correlated with increased consumption, are subject to ever increasing scrutiny. Cognitive economics sees the processes of individual and collective fiscal reasoning as a far less linear process, and incorporates a myriad of methods … Continued

Business Schools Gone Bad?

While the number of newly graduated MBA students finding succesful employment is on an upward trajectory for the first time in four years, the academic ccurriculum is facing increased scrutiny. The credibilty of American business programs is under attack, largely due to the number of scandals that have arisen in recent years. “Students have been … Continued

Africa’s Solar Potential

Although government officials in Africa have expressed a keen interest in solar technology, the high costs associated with this technology remain an obstacle to sustainable energy in Africa. Africa has a number of advantages over other regions with regards to this renewable energy source. The most obvious of these is its abundance of sun. From … Continued