John Howell

John Howell is a co-founder and the Editorial Director for 3BL Media. He oversees all original content procurement and creation. He is also the principal of Greenland Inc., which advises on media strategy and communications, new media, and branding and marketing for new campaigns, products, and multi-platform media initiatives. As a publisher-editor-writer, John has worked extensively with a variety of popular magazines and is a frequent contributing writer and blogger. He is an avid reader and music lover and is currently helping to guide the Delta Blues Museum through a re-branding initiative. John lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

December 7th: A Day of Understanding

For CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, a coalition of over 500 CEOS supporting such programs in the workplace, this December 7th is the first “Day of Understanding.”

Waking Up to Unconscious Bias

Learn about a $10 million “bias bus” currently on a 100-stop tour to workplaces, universities, and communities across the U.S., with a goal of reaching 1 million people in person and online.

Google Employees Step Forward in the Brands Taking Stands Movement

Earlier this month, 20,000 Google employees walked off their jobs to protest revelations that the company fired three senior executives over sexual misconduct, paying one of them a $90 million severance package. This is just the latest example of top companies and their stakeholders taking stands on key social issues.


Looking Back, Moving Forward at #BrandsTakingStands

This year’s “Brands Taking Stands: The Long View” event, wrapping up its second day today, October 24, in National Harbor, MD, doubles down on this theme, exploring the latest developments in those companies taking positions on the key social and political issues of today.

Morality Play: Taking Stands in the Saudi Crisis

This year’s Future Investment Initiative might have to be re-branded as “Davos Deserted,” as many executives, corporations and media companies are cancelling their RSVPs for a return visit. A “Who’s Who” in global business, media, and influencers are staying home as questions persist about the apparent assassination of Jamal khashoggi in Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

States Take Stands Like Brands

We are witnessing a new development in the Brands Taking Stands movement. States, led by California, are defining themselves as “brands” by adopting definitive positions on social and political issues that are intertwined with business issues such as corporate governance.

Principles and Politics Collide Over Tariffs

The collision of principle and policy in current affairs has just ratcheted up several notches in intensity. The reason? The latest round of tariffs on Chinese goods imported into the U.S. that takes direct aim at profits at a number of the largest multinationals.

Investing for the Long View: ESG Looks to SDGs for Future Payoffs

The socially responsible investment industry is exploding. By any measure, the growth is exponential, and increasing rapidly. The reasons are straightforward -sustainable investing is increasingly seen as a superior methodology to manage risk and drive returns.

Business Leadership as a Calling

Behind the unending stream of headlines about executive malfeasance, there’s a lot of thought and action going on in progressive quarters about how to improve leadership training so that business can perform better.

What is the Social Responsibility of Social Media?

Critics argue that like publishers, tech “distributors” are responsible for the content they carry. Companies argue that it is not their right or duty to censor third-party content.