Op Ed: K Street Hinders the Sustainability Movement in America

If corporations are threatened to be taxed or regulated by the government in ways that may reduce their profits, they use their riches to invest on K Street, (otherwise known as “Lobbyist Boulevard”) in Washington. Currently, there are over 34,000 lobbyists in the U.S. According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the Citizens … Continued

Getting to the Holdouts

The Climate Change awareness tipping point approaches, shoved to the precipice of rational understanding by four things: outspoken scientists, anecdotal observations of private citizens who see for themselves that climate is changing, the US release of “An Inconvenient Truth”, and the looming prospect of intensified storm damage. Being optimistic at root, Americans should have no … Continued

Toward A Brand & Technology Neutral Gas Saving Tax Incentive

Forget sending everyone a check for $100. What might Congress do that could benefit anyone, be flexible, and reduce per capita gasoline consumption year after year? By now most people have figured out that the only hybrid car that makes economic sense to own and is widely available is the Toyota Prius. A tax code … Continued

The Hot War: In Business At The Front Line

The “Cold War” pitted developed nations against each other for a half-century, sustained by a small number of corporate surrogates who designed and supplied defenses. The “Hot War” era now emerging is driven by serious and immediate resource shortages and climate change at a global scale: things indivdual governments are very poorly positioned to control. … Continued

Paradoxes on Climate Change and Energy Production

What happens when climate change policy intersects with the war on terror? Here is a sampling of what we’ve been saying to the world. ‘The Kyoto Convention is fundamentally flawed because developing nations don’t have to do their part’. ‘Developing nations can’t be trusted to enrich uranium to produce their own carbon free energy. They … Continued

Climate Futures: A Buyer’s Guide

No…the title is not about “green tags” or stock picks. It’s about figuring out how the majority of US citizens who simply “don’t buy it”…”it” being the risk posed by climate change to personal health, to all of earth’s living systems, and to our children’s future…will sit up and pay attention to the management of … Continued