Waxman Ousts Dingell – Another Key Barrier to Climate & Energy Progress Removed

This is fantastic news – and another sign that the stars are aligning for some serious sustainability-oriented policy changes to take place in Washington… Automakers’ closest friend kicked out of chairmanship It’s the end of an era — Michigan Democrat John Dingell has been officially toppled from his post as head of the House Energy … Continued

Planning the First 100 Days: Green IS the Recession Solution!

Since the credit crisis began, many experts have called for ‚ÄòA Green New Deal’ to rescue us. But how will green solutions be our savior, and why – at the end of the age of oil and a time of increasingly dangerous human-caused climatic instability – is this type of policy package so crucial for President Obama to implement during his first 100 Days?

Exposing Diverse Audiences to Green – Mos Def, Backed By 30-Piece Orchestra, to Headline FREE Green Music Festival in S.F.

On Saturday, October 18th, Grammy-nominated artist, Mos Def, joined by a 30-piece orchestra and special guests, will headline the first annual Band Shell Music Summit, in Golden Gate Park’s (S.F.) Band Shell Music Concourse. Mos Def’s performance will cap a FREE day-long sustainability-themed music festival – presented by Meadowlands Entertainment Group and Conservation Value Institute – that aims to connect diverse audiences with green solutions.

The Future of America’s Major Media Outlets – Fixing the Fourth Estate After Failures On Drilling and Iraq

A new study documents how by repeatedly reporting the false claims of drilling proponents, while giving little or no attention to the available facts from the U.S. Department of Energy, the most important news media helped to convince the public of something that is not true – that drilling is a viable solution for bringing down gas prices – and thereby influenced the entire political climate around this issue.