Jonathan Mariano is an MBA candidate with the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, CA. His interests include the convergence between lean & green and pursuing free-market based sustainable solutions.

In Defense of Increasing Profits as the Social Responsibility of Business

The social responsibility of business is to increase profits by meeting the wants and needs of individuals in society, without the initiation of force. The only way a business can increase profit is if a business, small, medium, or large is providing something of value to other individuals.

Chick-fil-A: Stewards of the Environment?

Sustainability advocates also tend to favor gay marriage, and may even be in protest against Cathy and Chick-fil-A. But what if that same religious conviction inspired action towards environmental sustainability? How would that change not only what we think of, but we do or do not buy from Chick-fil-A?

George Brown College: Creating Collaboration for Health Care

This framework focuses on patient-centered team-based care, as opposed to discipline-centered, isolated treatment. “Faculty had to learn to work together. They all taught about health assessment, but talked as if they were the only game in town,” says Shekter-Wolfson. The goal is to have a more systemic approach to patient treatment.

Evergreen Brick Works: Past and Present Working Together for A Greener Future

When I first heard the name Evergreen Brick Works, I thought I was going to be touring a brick factory that happened to be going green. Although in the past, the site was manufacturing plant for bricks, at present that is no longer case. Granted, in one way, Evergreen Brick Works is continuing the legacy of its predecessors, creating building blocks. But instead of physical brick and mortar, Evergreen Brick Worksseeks to be a convergence zone for innovative ideas, i.e. creating building blocks for a sustainable future.

Cleanwell: Partnering with Nature to Clean

Cleanwell was incubated at IDEO utilizing human centered design, beginning with a hand sanitizing product that you can easily carry with you in your pocket or your purpose. You might think that hand sanitizers are a dime a dozen, but the key differentiator is Cleanwell’s active cleaning ingredient.

How Can Ethernet Empower Innovation?

While you might think ethernet is just for transmitting internet access, it can actually transfer energy for lighting.

Cisco: Connecting for Sustainability

A deeper look may show that Cisco may play a pivotal role in moving sustainability forward, not only for business, but for communities around the world. We’ve covered a few of their sustainability initiatives in the past. How is Cisco embedding its core competencies with sustainability for building smart and connected communities now and in the future?

Appropriate Engagement: A Strategy for Personal Sustainability

To become appropriately engaged, Allen suggests, “If you do not pay attention to what has your attention you will give it more attention than it deserves.” A key lesson is to have the ability to shift in and out of the tasks we are doing. In other words, we need to be able to change and refocus where we place our attention and engagement.

Brewing Beer Sustainably with Mushrooms and Algae

If Brandon Pitcher of 5 Kingdoms Development can make his vision a reality, mushrooms and algae, alongside many other biological organisms, may just become part of the sustainable beer brewing process.

Paul Hawken: Be Bold and Fail

There are a ton of sustainable business ideas out there. Some of these ideas build gradually build upon prior technology. Other ideas catapult us beyond our imaginations. So what should an entrepreneur do? If we ask environmentalist and entrepreneur, Paul Hawken, he suggests to be bold and fail.

Should CSR Stand for Chefs’ Social Responsibility?

You have probably all heard of CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. We’ve covered many Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the past. But does this sort of social responsibility also apply to chefs, especially world renowned chefs? Do chefs have a responsibility to incorporate sustainability practices, environmental or social, into their discipline? Or should a chef focus solely on their culinary artistry?

Lights, Camera… Waste Diversion

EcoSet held it’s “Giving Back” event, inviting several local non-profits to their warehouse. These non-profits would receive donated goods, all of which came from Target commercial shoots. Imagine all this good stuff going to the trash? Now it is being diverted.

Local Governments Start Recycling, Environmentalists Halt

In a tragic twist of unbridled proportions, Conservatives have started recycling, but Environmentalists have ceased recycling actions. What stimulated this sudden role reversal? What effect does this have on not only the environment, but the economy?

Jet Fuel from Pine Trees

Two companies may have found a solution, creating drop-in jet fuel from biomass. Not only have the companies created the jet fuel, but the fuel has also passed rigorous military testing.