Joyce Coffee

Joyce Coffee, LEED AP, is founder and President of Climate Resilience Consulting, a Certified B Corp. She is an accomplished organizational strategist and visionary leader with over 25 years of domestic and international experience in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors implementing resilience and sustainability strategies, management systems, performance measurement, partnerships, benchmarking and reporting.

Resilient Golden Arches – Structurally and Sustainably

Recently Joyce Coffee sat down with Keith Kenny, McDonald’s Global Vice President of Sustainability to learn about the company’s resilience story. Kenny asserted that climate resilience is both an environmental and economic imperative for the fast food company.

Weathering the Storm: Real Estate Resilience to Climate Change (Finally) Gets Attention

As Hurricane Florence continues its destruction in the Carolinas, we’re reminded the real estate industry has been slow in turning its attention to the impact of climate change on real assets, even though climate resistance has become an investment imperative in a sector where such investments often are held for a decade or longer.

Is TCFD Guidance Exacerbating Social Inequity?

One critical issue key to resilience that is not discussed enough is how the financial sector manages assets to ensure the most vulnerable do not become even more helpless due to the physical risks of climate change.

6 Steps for Building a “Sweet Spot” Where Social and Financial Equity Meet

Equity means quite different things to two stakeholders I work with the most: Investors who deal in debt and equity and seek to benefit from the risk and opportunity that climate change creates. Urban planners and nonprofits dealing in social equity and cohesion and eager to prevent harm based on risk and opportunity created by … Continued

Real Estate Investors Finally Consider Climate Risks

$35 trillion in real estate assets will be at risk in 2070 if we make no changes to our current carbon emission trajectory. That figure represents about half of today’s global assets under management in any industry sector.

Time to Raise Water Rates

While hurricanes Harvey and Irma deluge floods of biblical proportions, 21.7 million Americans – 11 percent of the country – were living under drought conditions on August 1.  And drought conditions are expected to worsen.

Hurricane Harvey – a Tragic Yet Teachable Moment

The devastation from Hurricane Harvey is of biblical proportions, and we mourn the loss of lives and livelihoods that it has caused. Still, there are valuable takeaways from it, and here are 10 that we should take to our city departments and city councils immediately: