Green VC Money Meets Clean Tech at GoingGreen

There’s nothing like Green to attract Green. In this case, the just concluded AlwaysOn Going Green 2008 Conference attracted a slew of VC and Biz Dev money looking to invest their portfolios in green tech. The summit as a whole brought together serious money looking for innovative ideas but to say that all the ideas … Continued

Green Festival 2007 – The San Francisco Version

From Keith Rockmael at We felt a little guilty strolling through the San Francisco stop on Green Festival tour while others removed black gold from various wildlife that an Exxon Valdez-like tanker recently dumped into San Francisco Bay. At least a good percentage of the environmentalists, vegan hipsters, LOHAS types and simple non Green … Continued

Green Zebra Spreads its Stripes

Like a fine bottle of organic wine, the Green Zebra guide seems to get better with age. Okay, this 2008 version represents only the second San Francisco edition but it marks an improvement over numero uno. We must not be the only ones into this whole Green money saving coupon thing as the Zebra spread … Continued

BSR Conference Thoughts from Keith Rockmael of Greenerati

Those of you who think we have it bad with the tap water here in San Francisco might think twice after attending one of the more thought provoking sessions at the 2007 BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) Conference here in San Francisco. The panel of John Frazier, Director of Considered Chemistry and Environment for Nike; … Continued

ECO Metroguide Sets a Standard for Green Publishing

It’s that time of year when we all start seeing the 2008 calendars, and other dated material so, of course, our eyes caught a green glimpse of the 2008 EcoMetro Guide. The East Bay guide follows the recent trend of not only supporting local community shops, restaurants and vendors but doing the very American thing … Continued

West Coast Green Review (Guest Post)

It’s not like Organic Architect Eric Corey Freed needs more publicity but we feel obligated to dole out some props. As one of the West Coast Green noted speakers his “An extremely unusual look at Green building” certainly caused a stir during day one. We knew that we were in for a Freed special when … Continued

San Francisco’s Green Building Center Opens (Guest Post)

It could be considered the country’s (or at least San Francisco’s) first Green mini mall or mini Green department store. Over on Polk Street, near a lot of mass transit and foot traffic, the recently opened Green Home Center had eco-sexuals checking out not only the shops but the interior as well. Talk about making … Continued